Roanoke Beacon Newspaper

Washington County, N. C.

Vol. No. 1 - Issue No. 3

July 05, 1889 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 2, column 1

We appeal to every reader of The Roanoke Beacon, to aid us in making it an acceptable and profitable medium of news to our citizens. Let Plymouth people and the public know what is going on in Plymouth. Report to us all items of news - the arrival and departure of friends, social events, deaths, serious illness, accidents, new buildings, new enterprises and improvements of whatever character, changes in business - indeed anything and everything that would of interest to our people.

President Harrison's example has given a great boom to Sunday excursions.

The United States will not expend more than $6,400,000 in making the census in 1890.

Fred Douglas, the negro with a white wife, has been lately appointed by President Harrison to be Minister Resident and Consul General of the United States to Hayti.

The Danville Times says: "A white woman was seen in Washington, the other day, following H. P. Cheatam, the negro Congressman from North Carolina, who was trying to get an office for her. What a spectacle!"

At last "Eli gets there." Hon. Elihu A. White is appointed Collector of Internal Revenue for the Eastern District of North Carolina. We congratulate our Republican friends on Mr. White's appointment. He will doubtless fill the position well.

Plymouth, which is located at one of the best points along the Roanoke river, offers every inducement to men of capital to come in her borders, and locate. She has the most peacible citizens, and the best lock country, of any town in Eastern Carolina. The water is good, the climate pleasant, all year round. No fatal diseases have yet doomed the town, her people are social and law abiding, the shingle, fish <...> lumber trade is large and increases, <...> every year.

Page 2, column 2

     The Norfolk Virginian
has this to say: The first number of a very creditable weekly, the Roanoke Beacon, has been received. Our Plymouth friends will no doubt sustain with liberality the new enterprise, which promises to be so important a factor in their prosperity. North Carolina journalists are entitled to a large share of credit for the advanced position of the State in all that signifies prosperity. Mr. Thos. Huson is announced as the business manager of the Beacon.
     Edenton Fisherman and Farmer kindly speaks of us as follows: The Roanoke Beacon is on our table a bright, sprightly Democratic exchange published by the Roanoke Publishing Company, at Plymouth N. C. We congratulate our friends across the waters of the Albemarle upon having such a paper to circulate in their midst and hope they will show their appreciation by giving it undivided and unlimited support. A paper, rightly edited, adds to the business prosperity of any town and we feel persuaded that Plymouth will be quick in recognizing the truth of the statement, Mr. Thomas Huson, who, for a long time, was connected with our office, is its Business Manager. We can heartily commend him as a safe young man in all respects.
     We are pleased to place on our exchange list the Roanoke Beacon, a weekly Democratic newspaper published at Plymouth, N. C. It is a bright and newsy sheet. We hope it will meet with better success and a longer life than those which have been started since '84. Since that date four weekly journals have been started, the last one living but six weeks. Success to the new enterprise. - Windsor Ledger
     The Washington Progress
says: The Roanoke Beacon, a six column paper, patent outside, published in Plymouth, by the Roanoke Publishing Co., and is issued on Friday. It is Democratic. We hope that the birth of this democratic advocate will live long to do much good in the cause it has taken up.
     The "Roanoke Beacon" is a new newspaper venture at Plymouth. It is well filled with local news. - Carolinian.
     The Scotland Neck Democrat
says: The Roanoke Beacon, published at Plymouth by the Roanoke Publishing Co., is the latest candidate for journalistic support. Mr. Thos. Huson is business manager, and the initial number promises well. We wish it success.
     The first District does not lag in its enterprises. There is not so awfully much blow about in some sections, are loth to waft upon the breast, but the Old First gets there all the same. Last week brought out two new candidates for journalistic patronage. One is the Roanoke Beacon whose light has just been raised in the town of Plymouth by the Roanoke Publishing Co., with Thomas Huson manager. ...
[the article does not name the other paper, it uses * * * to skip that part] May both these ventures meet with success and not be subjected to disparaging waves of meagre patronage that so often founders the journalistic barque. - <...>ville Reflector

Page 2, column 3

DR. EUGENE GRISSOM. Special Charges Pre<....> Against Him, &c. - The trial of Dr. Eugene Grisson [large tear in paper] <..intendent of the State Insane A<...> which was commenced at Raleigh last <...> has created much excitement through the State.
     The following are some of the spe<...> charges preferred against him:
     First. That said Grissom, while superintendent of the North Carolina Insane Asylum, has been guilty of gross immorality with femal attendants and others of this institution. Under this charge it is alleged that in 1888 Dr. Grissom had illicit intercourse with Miss Nora Bunch, an attendant; that in the spring of 1887, he made immoral and lecherous advances and proposals to Mrs. Lily Perkison; that between Nov 1st, 1886 and April 1st, 1888 he made amorous proposals to Miss Ella Edwards, an attendant; that in 1887 he made insulting advances to Miss Delia F. Morris, an attendant; and in the same year to Miss Rosa Bryan.
     Second. .. mismanagement of and cruelty to patients under his charge ... Nov 1886 and April 1888, ... Mrs. Nancy Flood ... Miss Mary Foy ... Mrs. Overman ... Mrs. Whaley ... Mrs. W. T. Howle .. D. O. Smith ... W. P. Upchurch ... Henry Cone ... J. D. L. Smith ... James E. Harvey ... Jonathan Bass ... Rev. Elisha R. Britton ... Jno Nuti ...Zeb. Williams, Miss. K. Davis, Miss Lou Gaskins, Mrs. Whaley, Mrs. Oglesby, Mrs. Pordu.

Page 2, column 4-6


Page 3, column 1

[Directory - transcribed last issue- won't be transcribed again until something changes]


First Judicial District:
Spring - Judge Boykin
Fall - Judge Brown
Beaufort - Feb 18th, May 27th
Currituck - March 5th, Sept. 2nd
Camden - March 11th, Sept. 9th
Pasquotank - March 18th, June 18th, Sept. 16th
Perquimans - March 25th, Sept. 23
Chowan - April 1st, Sept. 30th
Gates - April 8th, Oct. 7th
Hertford - April 15th, June 17th, Oct. 14th
Washington - April 22nd, Oct. 21st
Tyrell - April 29th, Oct. 28th
Dare - May 6th, Nov. 4th
Hyde - May 13th, Nov. 11th
Pamlico - May 20th, Nov. 18th

[ads - these types of ads are called "Professional Cards" which are much like our business cards of today]

S. B. Spruill,; Attorney At Law; Practices in the State and Federal Courts; Office, Washington Street, Plymouth, N.C.

C. L. Pettigrew,; Attorney At Law; Practices in the State and Federal Courts; Office, Water Street, Plymouth, N.C.

D. O. Brinkley & Co.; Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Wines and; Liquors.; Choice Brands of Cigars.; A Full Line of Superior Canned; Goods always on hand.; Ice; for sale by wholesale or retail.; Plymouth, N. C.
Page 3, column 2

CITY NEWS. [print very faded]


Have you seen it? What <...> MUD

Mr. A. C. Lehman left on Wednesday for an extended trip north.

Mr. J. F. Yeager has accepted a position with Hornthal & Bro. as salesman.

Capt. S. L. Johnston opened the free school at Long Acre on Monday last.

Call and get a nice drink of Milk Shakes or Soda Water, at Murray's Drugstore.

Miss Florence Harliee, of Lewiston, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. E. R. Latham.

Use Copperas about the premises as a disinfective. For sale by J. W. Brysu [?]

We hear some of the oldest men in the county say they never saw such a wet time.

Miss Fannie Manning, who has been visiting relatives at Williamston, returned home yesterday.

Pleased to receive a call from our worthy county-man Mr. J. Wynne, of Mackey's Ferry, on Monday.

Prof. John Whaley, of Norfolk, was in the city this week, the guest of his father, Mr. S. M. Whaley.

Chief Engineer, W. W. Searboro, of the U. S. Snag Fleet was summoned home this week by the illness of his wife.

Miss Minnie Latham, who has been making an extensive visit to relatives at Washington will return home to-day.

"Gipsy Blair" beats her record. Call at "Kentucky Stables" and see her, one of the finest trotters in the Union.

Persons who intend leaving home for the summer and who desire the Beacon sent them, should send in their orders.

Owing to the inclement weather and the feebleness of the pastor there was no service at the M. E. Church on Sunday last.

Mr. Harry Burton, Lumber Inspector for the R. R. & L. Co., of Norfolk, Va., is in the city inspecting lumber for that company.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Read leave Saturday morning (to-morrow) for Read's Wharf and Cobbs' Island, Va., to spend a summer vacation.

Several of our fair daughters made the Beacon office a pleasant call a few days ago. Call again girls we are always glad to see you.

The Rev. Luther Eborne held services at the Episcopal Church on Saturday at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., also on Sunday morning and night.

Mrs. J. B. Hunter, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. F. Norman, for the past few days, returned to her home at Enfield on Wednesday.

Mrs. W. A. Hassell, wife of W. A. Hassell, Esq., of our town died early yesterday morning, 4th inst., after a brief illness of spinal menongetis.


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