Roanoke Beacon Newspaper

Washington County, N. C.

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June 28, 1889 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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State Government.
Governor, Daniel G. Fowle, of Wake
Lieutenant Governor, Thos. M. Holt, of <...>
Secretary of State, Wm. L. Saunders, of Wake
Treasurer, Donald W. Blain, of Wake
Auditor, Geo. W. Sanderlio, of Wayne
Superintendent of Public Instruction, Sidney M. Finger, of Catawba
Attorney General, Theo. F. Davidson, of Buncombe
County Government.
Sheriff, John B. Chesson
Deputy Sheriff, J. H. Truett
Treasurer, L. H. Hornthal
Superior Court Clerk, Thos. J. Marriner
Register of Deeds, J. P. Hilliard
Commissioners, H. J. Starr, A. M. Johnston, Levi Blount, Dempsy Spruill and W. R. Chesson
Board of Education, T. S. Armstead, Sam'l Johnston and Julius Howell
Superintendent of Public Instruction, Rev. Luther Eborne
Mayor and Clerk, E. R. Latham
Treasure, W. H. Hampton
Police, Joseph Tucker
Councilmen: J. W. Piercy, James Davenport, John Willoughby, J. H. Smith, John Wiggins and Joseph Mitchel
Church Services.
Methodist - Rev. C. W. Robinson, pastor. Services every Sunday at 11 a.m., and 8 p.m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday night at 8. Sunday School at 9 a.m., J. P. Norman, superintendent. Young Men's Prayer meeting every Monday night at 8.
Baptist - Rev. C. L. Dowell, pastor. Services every 3rd Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School at 9 a.m. Capt. James Swift, superintendent.
Episcopal - Rev. Luther Eborne, rector. Services every 2nd Sunday at 7:30 p.m. and every 3rd Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School at 3:30 p.m. L I Fagan, superintendent.

Page 3, column 2


Read our Directory.

Our lawyers are busy.

Read our marine report.

Support your county paper.

Petroleum banishes mosquitoes.

Next Thursday is the 4th of July.

The nights are cool and delightful.

County Commissioners meet Monday.

Plymouth was a "wet" town this week.

Notice the new advertisements in this issue.

For pure and reliable drugs go to Murray's Drug Store.

Mr. James Walters, of Jamesville, was in town yesterday.

Hon. L. C. Latham, of Greenville was in the city this week.

The town has been filled with lawyers for the past few days.

J. E. Moore, Esq., of Williamston, was visiting in town this week.

It is said that one of our society gents will have a new "Hat(t)" ere long.

Mr. Chas. Bell, U S Pension Agent, was in town on legal business this week.

For a delightful drink of Soda Water and Milk Shake go to Murray's Drug Store.

Eugine says Mr. Duke has a fine goat. No use telling it, he speaks for himself.

Seersucker, straw hats and low-cut shoes were out of season the first of the week.

Don't forget the 4th of July, ye citizens of Plymouth, but let us have a grand time.

Mr. John Day left per Schooner Janet for a pleasure trip to Baltimore on Tuesday last.

Miss Jennie Ayers, of Washington, is the guest of Mrs. W. C. Ayers, on Union Ave.

The Roanoke Beacon is delivered at the doors of city subscribers for only 12c a month.

Mr. Jas. C. H. Benjamin, with J. B. Collier & Co., of Baltimore, gave us a call this week.

There was no services at the M.E. Church on Wednesday night owing to the illness of the pastor.

It is well said that no town of its size can boast of more pretty girls than "Fair Plymouth on the Roanoke."

The sweet girl graduate is now at home and in all probability is swinging on the front gate flirting with a dude.

Police Tucker has had a gang of hands at work this week cutting down the weeds on the streets and vacant lots.

Mr. J. P. Cooper, who has been spending some time in Baltimore and Washington, returned home on Tuesday.

Mr. Lewis Owens while driving a young horse on Monday created right much excitement as they could not agree.

When in the city call to see us; we will give you a hearty welcome, an easy chair and all the papers you want to read.

We hear that the cotton and corn crops in this county are looking fine and there is the promise of a good yield this year.

The beautiful little steamer, Wm. H. Armitage, Capt. John Woodward, made an excursion to Windsor on Sunday last.

If you are in need of a good job of work call on Nurney & Jackson, chief Architects of North Carolina. Plymouth, N.C.

Mr. E. Ludford has made quite an improvement on his new house, on Washington St., by applying the paint brushes.

Our subscription list is daily increasing. We hope soon to have every man in this Eastern section and elsewhere on our list.

Sweetest pears of all; Over the garden wall - Just opposite the Beacon office.

[the left side of the rest of this column is missing, but since this is City news I'll transcribe what's there]

Mrs. Edmund Alexander returned to her home at Washington on Friday last, after <...> stay of ten days with her parents <...> city.

<...> C. D. Loane has moved his family <...> the residence of N. B. Yager on <...>ngton street to the residence of Mrs. <...> Goelett on Main Street.

<...> N. D. Norman, of the firm of Nor- <...> Everett, commission merchants of <...>ore, is the guest of is brother Mr. <...> Norman, on Main street.

<...> friends throughout the country will <...> a favor by furnishing us with any <...> of local or general interest that may <...> in their respective neighborhoods.

<...>ou want a good team for a long drive <...> or one for a short drive you should <...> the "Kentucky Stables." Sammie <...> the horse to suit the most fastidious.

<...> A. M. Walker of the firm of Wal- <...> Myers, commission merchants, of <...>ore, is in the city attending to the <...> of the mill owned by them at this <...>

<...> Sam'l Baynor has added to the rear <...> "Kentucky Stables" several new <...> not having room enough in the <...> building for the immense stock kept ....

Henry Walker, of Columbia, and <...>llie Rodgerson, of this city, came <...> Columbia with the bride and <...>Mr. H. S. Owens and wife, on <...>

<...>E. E. Murry left Monday morning <...> and the N. C. Dental Association <...> at Greensboro this week. He <...>turn to day, better prepared to pull <...>

<...>viting our friends to see us we do <...>get to extend the invitation to the <...> as well as gentlemen. We offer <...> the courtisic<...> we command as a <...> of the quill.

<...> paper is published "for revenue <...> Gold, not glory, is what we are <...> for. We say this for the benefit <...>ose who think a newspaper is pub- <...> simply for the fun of the thing.

<...> J. D. Swindell, of Pantego, passed <...> Plymouth on Tuesday accompanied <...> bride. Mr. Swindell was married <...> of <...> fair daughters of Portsmouth, <...> on Monday night. May they live <...> happy is the wishes of the <...>

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