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Tulsa Co I.T. (OK)
Broken Arrow Ledger
Tulsa Democrat
Indian Republican

Muskogee Co I.T.
Ft. Gibson Post

McIntosh Co I.T.
Indian Journal

Wagoner Co I.T.
Wagoner Record

Marion Co AR
Mt. Echo

Washington Co NC
Roanoke Beacon

OK Newspapers
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Abstracts of Newspapers

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Dividing Line

Out of all the records a family historian searches the local newspaper is the one that is the hardest to locate yet offers the greatest opportunity to find information on our ancestors that can be found no where else.

These small local newspapers were usually published once a week and were a combination of National, State and Local News with the emphasize being on Local News and Gossip. It is in these weekly papers that we often find mention of marriages, deaths, and births that sometimes can not be found anywhere else. It is through reading these old local newspapers that we begin to gain an understanding of the day to day lives of our ancestors - what effected them, what they were interested in and what the area they lived in was like.

Many of these old weekly newspapers listed marriages, births and deaths from all over, not just the local area or state.

Since I have microfilm of several different newspapers, I abstract/transcribe from one for awhile and then move to another one. In doing so I'm trying to make information available to the widest range of visitors. The abstracts/transcriptions are indexed by a site search engine - Google Search on the main page.

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