Photos Old Haas Cemetery

Newton, Catawba Co, NC

Submitted by: Nancy Ramsey

Photos made approx January 2004

According to the stories circulated in NC about Simon Haas, here is how this cemetery got started.

" Simon Hass the pioneer was a good farmer and very successful. A few years before his death he found the body of Isaac Wise, hung on a limb, by the Tories, because he refused to join with them to fight in the Revolution against his own people. Simon took the body to his home and prepared it for burial with some of his wife's best linen sheets (as there were no sawmills in those days and no lumber for a coffin). He was buried on a hill, which afterward was made into the famous old Hass Graveyard. In 1779 Simon died and was buried beside the body of Isaac Wise. And a few years later his wife was placed there too. Simon died under peculiar circumstances, as he left home to visit a neighbor and when he did not return in due time, his son was sent to look for him, and found his body beside the branch, and his horse tied to a tree. It is presumed that he went to get a drink of water and died of a heart attack."

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Photo # 1 - Jonas Fry Headstone

Photo # 2 - Old Haas Cemetery

Photo # 3 - Old Haas Cemetery

Photo # 4 - Old Haas Cemetery

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