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If this is your first encounter with the records of NC please be aware that the clerks spelled names in any and all ways, even within the same document. You will not be able to use the "find" key in these abstracts. You need to look at each name.

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LDS Book - call # 975.8845 P28s - COURT OF PLEAS & QTR SESSIONS CALDWELL CO NC 1841-1847

Pg 33 - Deed of Conveyance - Jan Term 1844 ANDREW HAAS to RH AUTON 340 acres 24 Jun 1842 on Oath HENRY BLAIR

Pg 79 - Deed of Conveyance - Wed Nov 4, 1848 Session, PETER HAAS to THOMAS ROBERTS 94 acres 2 Mar 1838 Oath ABRAHAM HAAS

Pg 48 - ANDREW HAAS, JACKSON HAAS, ELIZABETH HAAS, exempted from Double tax for 1844, July Term 1845

Pg 87 - Town Dist for 1842 - ANDREW HAAS, May Term 1848

Pg 75 - List of insolvent Pollls & removals returned for 1845 for Town District - ANDREW HAAS (July Term 1846)

Pg 91 - ELIZABETH HAAS to the use of ISAAC OXFORD vs WILLIMA ROBERTS (Jan Term 1843)

Pg 97 - No 26 GEORGE HAAS Jury in case of State vs ISAAC PRESNELL for A&B Verdict Not guilty (July Term 1844)

Pg 8 - July Term 1841 - Road built from Oxford's Ford to town of Lenoir overseer EDWIN BROWN from H. HASSES Creek to Down's Crossroads

Pg 26 - April Term 1843 - Road Overseer ELI TAYLOR from HAAS Creek to Downs Cross Path

Pg 43 - Jan Term 1845 - Overseer WM OXFORD from HAAS Creek to Downs Cross Path

Pg 66 - Apr Term 1846 - JACOB WHITE overseer for road from HAAS Creek to Downs Cross Path

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LDS Book Call # 975.6845 P2p (Salt Lake City Library) - CALDWELL CO NC WILL ABSTRACTS 1841-1910 (book has no page numbers, each entry is assigned a number)

# 47 - Will Book B pg 247 - 9 Oct 1876 Will of RICHARD BUSH dtr ABIGAIL HAAS

# 25 - ANDREW HAAS witnessed will of JAMES BLAIR 10 Oct 1868

#244 - 23 Dec 1871 - will of THOMAS ROBERTS Will Book B pg 33, MARGARET wife of ANDREW HAAS, probate states; MARGARET HAAS' heirs

#16 - 20 Jan 1855 will of JOHN BARLOW witnessed by C S HAAS

# 135 - Will of JOHN HAAS Will Bk A, # 168 - 18 Nov 1862 wife SARAH L. HAAS, only son COLUMBUS A. HAAS, father JACKSON HAAS, mother NANCY HAAS, Exc JH WEST, Wit; EPHRIAM ANDERSON & MORGAN BLAIR

# 116 - Will of ELIZABETH FLOWERS 7 July 1890, Exc: WM J HAAS

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LDS Film # 590,320 Index to Real Estate Caldwell Co NC: Grantees A-Z - The name Haas, Hass, Horse, Hauss, Hause, etc. are grouped together. Therefore there is no last name listed for the Grantee








State of NC #2362 (out of order)





Colbert Day





Robert H. Auton





Thomas Roberts





Thomas Roberts




Sheriff for Abraham

Jordon Lee





Alexander West




Sheriff for Andrew

Clinton Hartley




Andrew exec

George W. Haas




Peter exec

George W. Haas





James Blair etc (out of order)




George W

Jackson Haas





State of NC # 5654 (out of order)




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Catawba Cousins Newsletter (copy I received was not dated): Burke County Land Entries found on page 18.

The HOSE and HORSE name below is actually HAAS

# 16.. JOHN HOSE, SIMON HOSE and GEORGE HOSE Survey date: 29 Apr 1780, 618 acres lying on the East side of Clarkes Creek and on both sides of Bullingers Mill Creek and a branch that head up in Agners land called HOSE Branch..Bullingers line... white oak nigh the School House. Bullingers line.. Joseph Steeles corner.. to Bullinger Mill Creek... Steeles line.. to Popes Creek. Nicholas Fryes line.. to Bullinger Hill Creek.. Peter Eigerts (Ikera) line.. .to HOSE branch. Jacob Lutes corner.. Rudolph Conrad line.. CC: Peter Eigert, John Arndt

#14. HENRY BOLLINGER (BULLINGER) Survey date 2 Feb 1785, 310 acres. Entry date 11 Dec 1778. Bounded on the east by his own land in the south by HORSES (HASS) Land ... Horses ....... Horses line.. Horses and Steels corner

#15 for John King dated 25 Feb 1780 includes SIMON HOSE ..... crossing Agners Mill creek.. Hose Corner

#17 is Rudolph Conrad dated 22 Sep 1779 for 371 acres and notes SIMON HOSE line

#18 Jacob Lutes (Lutz) dated 23 Sep 1779 and notes Peter Elgerts (Ikards) corner and Simon Hose Corner

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Caldwell County Court Minutes April Term 1847... James Healan from Fulton's Branch to Mountain Creek with Clisby Cobb, GEORGE HAAS James Stanton, Franklin Stanton, John Porch, Robert Auton, Charles Teter, Thomas Williams, Joseph N. Goforth, Michael Hart William Roberts Jr & Chiles (Giles) Tolbert... Road overseers

Caldwell Court Minutes Thursday July 29, 1847... Caldwell Co NC Sheriff to bring orphans to be bound; three children of Rachel Smith living on Aury (?) Smith's land; also Elizabeth (Smith?) at mothers; also John and George Friddle on Mulberry at Harris's; also Margaret Ponder on Kings Creek; also George McGowan, also Sarah Wainscott, Kings Creek; also Daniel Webb living at Enoch Kirby's; also Stewart, Shuford, also Rachel & Eliza bastard children of Hannah Haas

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes Tuesday Jan 23, 1849 ... Overseer: Absolem Miller from Fullington's Branch to Mountain Creek with Hiram West, James Stanton, Franklin Stanton, John Roberts, Williams Roberts Jr, GEORGE HAAS, JACKSON HAAS, Giles B. Tolbert, Wash McCray, Robert Auton and BURGAN HAAS

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes, Tuesday Oct 15, 1850... Clerk authorized to amend tax duplicate in hand of sheriff to make JACKSON HAAS list of taxables compare with original, he being overcharged $.75

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes Tuesday Oct 28 1851.. Overseer of road Clinton McRary from corner of road in room of Morgan Blair from Statesville Road to Pilot Branch with Peter Watson, Elijah Reed, Uriah Stallings, John Blair, Joseph Hartley, Caleb Justice, George Palmer HOSEA HAAS, Henry Cox and Capt Deal's boy Dick

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes January Term 1852.. Overseer of Road: John Blair from Little River Gap above Alfred Hartley to the fork of Sherrill's Meeting road on top of ridge near Peter Watson's clearing with Joseph Hartley, Caleb Justice Hosea Haas, Henry Cox, James Jopling, Peter Watson, Elijah Reede, Wm Deal's hands, George Palmer, Joseph Cheek, Wesley Miller, David Miller, Henry Horn, Giles Tolbert, Waightstill Palmer, Cana Palmer, George C Palmer

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 Burke Co NC Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798, Pg 420. Oct 1796 Session Ordered by the court that the following be a jury to view, mark and lay off a road from Gun Powder Creek to Solver Creek part of the road from Lovelady Rd to Iredell court house, to wit, Joshua Perkins, Sr., Joshua Perkins Jr., Henry Horse, John Spencer, John Driffith, Jackob Dereberry, John Martin, Michael Hart, Joseph Hart, John White, William Spencer, & William Thornton

 Burke Co NC Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798, Pg 423. Oct 1796 A deed from James Fergay attorney for JACOB HAWS to Thomas Little for 100 acres of land, dated 28th day of Nov 1895 proved in open court by the oath of Robert Correthers.

 Burke Co NC Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798, Pg 424. Oct 1796. A deed from John Waters to JAMES HOUSE for 50 acres dated the 9th of Aug 1794 proved by the oath of William White

Burke Co Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798. Jan 1797 Session Pg 431 Ordered by the court that the following be a Jury to view and alter and amend road from Capt Austin's muster ground to Thomas Bradburns to wit, James Reed,Alexander West, Thomas Cot, George Hartly, Abner Smally, John Fincannon, John Horse Jacob Derreberry, Henry Haus Samuel Smith, Peter Fincannon, Michael Hart

William Pain, George Pain and report to our court

Burke Co Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798. April Session 1797 Pg 466... Will: Probate of the last will and Testament of Samuel Lowry was duly proved in open court by the oath of Peter Horse one of the subscribing witness thereto. Ordered to be record

Burke Co Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798. July 1798 session Pg 585.. Ordered by court that the clerk issue a warrant from Thomas Smiths entry books for one hundred acres of land, entered in the name of Conrod Burns, warrant to issue to JACOB HOUSE under act of assembly. Iss'd

Burke Co Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798. July 1798 session Pg 597... Ordered by court that the following persons be a jury to view and mark a road leading from the Polk berry road which passes from Wilks to Burke Court House from thence across the ridge to the road leading to the HORSE FORD or Beard's iron works, to wit; Thomas Hays, Jesse Boon, George Dowell Lin Estis, Rice Medearest, John Step, Nathan Smith, George Holloway, Wm Loving George Carter, John Dowell, JAMES HOUSE, Wm Fitzjerrell, Michael Wilson, Gabriel Loving or any twelve of them and due reports to our next court

Burke Co Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798. July 1798 session Pg 597.. Ordered by the court that the following persons be a Jury to view a road leading out of the road at Josiah Maisons up Applingtons Creek across to Mulberry at or near Thomas Colemons to wit; Geo D Tucker, Joseph Puett, Thomas Colemon, Reuben White, Wm White, Mich Wilson, Thomas White, John Dowell, Geo Olloway, JAMES HOUSE, Joshua Gilbert, John Gobble and report theron to our next court.

Burke Co Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Vol II 1795-1798. Oct Session 1798, pg 626... Josiah Mason to JAMES HOUSE for 12 acres of land dated (not given) day of Sept 1797 proved in open court by Thomas Colemon.

Rec'd copy from NC Archives records of PHILLIP HORSE Executor to JOHN HORSE Estate Settlement, Estate Records Burke Co NC 1810.... "August the 6th 1810 the Committee upon the estate of John Horse dec'd agreed upon the estate We find the hole amount to be 69.7.10 We find Phillip Horse account to be 58.12.9 We find Ballance Dew 10.15.1 (signed) Phillip Austin JP, Jal Moore Jp Conred Bost JP

Received copy from the NC Archives records of the Inventory of JOHN HORSE submitted by Phillip Horse Exec of estate dated Nov 10, 1801. Burke Co Estate Records 1801.. ..Noted on Inventory... .This Inventory returned by this court but not on oath.. .and also... "A Committee to settle the estate of JOHN HORSE dec'd vz; James Moore, Phillip Austin & Conrad Boss Esquires by the same.... "Nove 10 1801 an Inventory of the estate of John Haas the dec'd by Thomas Scott and Philip Haas Executors (NOTE!!! that the name written by the court clerk was HORSE but this inventory is in the handwritting of someone else... Philip? but any way the name is spelled HAAS and PHILIP is spelled with only one L) <Anyone interested in this inventory can write to me Linda>

Copy from NC Archives, Burke Co Estate Records of 1837 for Estate pf Peter Haas "An Inventory of the personal property of PETER HAAS Dec'd which came into the hands of Andrew Haas and Morgan Blair his executors"... "Inventory & Sale of Estate of Peter Hass dec'd... 1837.. .Sworn to in open court the 24th day of April 1837. Signed by Andrew Haas & Morgan Blair (In their own handwriting).. (Note.. .court clerk listed HASS, Andrew listed name as HAAS and signed HAAS) <Anyone interested in this inventory can write to me Linda>

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes, July Term 1841... Overseer of Roads: Ordered road built from Oxford's Ford to Town of Lenoir. Edwin Brown overseer from H. HASSES Creek to Down's Crossroads.

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes April term 1843.. Eli Taylor appointed overseer for road from HAAS CREEK to Downs Cross Path

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes, Jan Term 1844.. Deeds of Conveyance: Abraham Haas to R.H. Auton, 340 Acres, 24 June 1842 on Oath: Henry Blair

Caldwell Co NC Courty Court Minutes Jan Term 1845. .Overseer Wm Oxford from Haas Creek to Downs Cross Paths

Caldwell Co Court Minutes July term 1845..Travers Jurors: LEN HISE, Burton Reed, Jacob Sherrill, Wn Edmunson, Thos. Coffey, Jesse Brown, James Hood, Calvin Coffee, JW Dula, Mordicia William, Alx. West, Jas. C Estes, Robert Fleming

Caldwell Co Court Minutes July term 1845 Exemptions: Andrew Haas, Jackson Haas & Elizabeth Haas from double tax for 1844

Caldwell Co Court Minutes April Term 1846 NC. Overseer: Jacob White from HAAS Creek to Downs cross roads

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes May Term 1846.. Town District for 1841: Jesse Austin, Eli Baldwin, Elisha Briant, Elijah Cannon, Elijah Campbell, Horton Dockery, Lauson Deal, Lawson Ellis, Moses Fox, ANDREW HAAS, Peter Hufman, Jacob Hufman, George Hawlet, Wm Hopkins, James Jopling, Eli JUSTICE, Lewis Keller, Isaac Mathis, John Monday, Lewis Moody, Joel Nelson, FP Owens, FA Right, ER Powell, RO Sumpter, Isaac Smtih, Wm Stallings, John Stokes, WC Taylor, Nathan Bayly

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes July Term 1846. List of Insolvent Polls & Removals returned for 1845; Town District: John Baldwin, Lauson Deal, Lawson Ellis, Moses Fix, WB Moody, Daniel Messer, Wash McCrary, George Palmer, Henry Row, Eli Bradburn, Franklin Stanton & Andrew Haas

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes Wed Nov 4, 1846.. Deed of conveyance: Peter Haas to Thomas Roberts 94 acres 2 Mar 1836 on oath of Abram Haas

Caldwell Co Court Minuts Jan Term 1843.. Elizabeth Haas to the use of Isaac Oxford vs WM Roberts... Find issue in favor of def'd. Motion for a new trail granted

Caldwell Co NC Court Minutes July Term 1844... State vs J.H. Newland. A&B pleads not guilty. Jury: Azor Shell, Isaac Green, Daniel Presnell, Hiram MeCrary, Morgan Coffe, George Haas, Asel Day, Elcana Taylor, Lewis Harris, DH Bean, Austin Coffee, John Earnest. Verdict not guilty

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 Caldwell Co NC Death Certificates

Bk 2 - cert/reg 25 - Lenoir Twn, Margaret Hass Howel (b) 16 Mar 1838 77 yrs 8 mo 10 day (d) 26 Nov 1915 (b) Caldwell Co NC Father: Andy Hass (b) Caldwell NC. Mother: Margaret Roberts (b) Caldwell. Informant Victoria Howell Buried Colliers Church


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