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If this is your first encounter with the records of NC please be aware that the clerks spelled names in any and all ways, even within the same document. You will not be able to use the "find" key in these abstracts. You need to look at each name.

Please Note: I am NOT researching the Ikard Name in NC. I was helping an Ikard Researcher who is no longer active in genealogy.

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The following Marriage Bonds were abstracted from a book: Tyron & Lincoln County NC Marriages LDS Call # 975,678 V25b while I was in Salt Lake City at the LDS Library in Feb 1988. I did not write down the name of the author to this book and have yet to finish what I started. This was the last thing I looked at before leaving for the airport and I ran out of time to transcribe the information found on everyone. At the bottom of the list you will find only the names of the bride and groom. The author of this book wrote a wonderful and clear explanation of the formation of Lincoln County and Marriage Bonds.

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"Marriage Bonds were first required in NC by the Act of Apr 4, 1741. This Act provided that "every clergyman of the Church of England or for want of such, any lawful Magistrate, within this Government shall .... join together in the holy estate of matrimony, such persons who may lawfully enter into such a relation, and have complied with the directions, herein after contained .... No Minister or Justice of the Peace .. shall celebrate the rites of matrimony .. without license .. or thrice publication of the banns as prescribed by the rubrick in Book of Common Prayer." License must be issued by the Clerk of the County Court of the county were the feme shall have her usual residence. The prospective groom, in order to obtain this license, must make a bond with sufficient security in the sum of fifty pounds proclamation money, with the condition that there is no lawful cause to obstruct the marriage; if either of the persons should be under the age of twenty one years, consent of the parent or guardian must be had."

The author goes on to describe the changes to this original proclamation and notes that if the banns were published, as proscribed in this Act, then there is no marriage bond nor license found in the county records. This probably accounts for the many marriages that are known to have taken place that cannot be located in the records.

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The bonds herein abstracted are all that are on file in the Court House in Lincolnton. There are more than 6000. As the bonds are many of them crumbling with age, it is earnestly urged that they not be taken from the files, unless the handwriting is important for some reason.

EXPLANATION of abstract: Names are spelled precisely as they are spelled in the bond, if the writing is legible. The spelling given first is that of the signature if any and if legible. If the signature is omitted or is illegible the Clerk's spelling is given. Variant spellings in the bond are shown in parentheses, The bride did not sign the bond therefore all brides names are the spelling of the clerk.

In abstracting the bonds it should also be noted the following letters are frequently indistinguishable in the bonds .. e,i,c ... s,r . . u,n,ie,or . . t,l . . m,mn,en,in ... and the capital letters S,L,T,F,J,L, so it strongly urged that all possible and, seemly impossible, variations be checked

Abstracts are arranged and punctuated as follows:

Groom; Bride; Surety or Sureties; Date of Bond; Witness or Witnesses; Other information

HAAS John; CLAY Barbara; David HASS (Haas); 28 Jul 1829; Luther M McBee

HAASE (HAUSE) David; SHEREMAN Ann; Ezekiel Sullivan 7 Feb 1831; V McBee

HASS Peter (Ger same); HOUSER Liddy; John Havener (Havner); 14 Sep 1818; James T. Alexander

HASS Robert M; KILLIAN Luiza S; Solomon Sumerow (Sumerow); 23 Jan 1854; J.A. Huss; M-26 Jan 1854 by J.R. Peterson (MG)

HAUS (HASS) John H; CLINE Fanny; Jesse Cline; 9 Dec 1842; Wm Herman JP

HAUSE (HAUSS) Andrew J; MULLENS, Mary; John E. Hoke; 26 Feb 1845

HAUSE Andrew J; RAMSEY, J.B.; J.L. Wilkie (Wikley); 16 Mar 1887; M 17 Mar 1867 by S. Larder

HAUSE David (x); TROUT Nelly; William Trout; 29 Mar 1809; Maxi Chambers

HAUSE (HAUS) David; CLAY Elizabeth; Jacob HAUSE (HAUS); 10 (or 13) Oct 1842; A.J. Cansler

HAUSE Henry (Ger Hennrich HASS); PLUNK Catherine; John Weaver; 4 Dec 1810; H.Y. Webb

HAUSE (HAUS) Jacob; CLAY Eliza; Franklin Taylor; 18 Nov 1846; R. Williamson

HAUSE (HAUS) John F; JINKS Amanda S; Adam Whisnant (Whisenant); 4 Nov 1846

HAUSE Simon (x); BURNS (or BARNS) Anna; David HASS (HAUSE); 16 May 1833; V McBee

HAUSER Jacob (x); HAFNER Catharine; (Ger) Peter HAUSER; 18 Jan 1806; Js McEwin

HAUSER Jacob (Ger same); COOK Mary; Philip (x) Cook; 15 Jun 1813; SamI Wilson

WAUSER (HOUSER) John T; PHIFER Sarah L; VA McBee; 12 Oct 1836; Robt Williamson

HAUSER Joseph (x); SPANGLER Barbara; Frederick Spangler (Ger Friedrich Spengler); 14 Dec 1819; V MeBee

HAUSS Andrew; RAMSEY Mary N (V); MC Clay; 23 Nov 1861; M-24 Nov 1861 by GW Ivy (MG)

HAUSS (HORSE) David; HOLMON Sarah; Andrew (x) Dellinger; 8 May 1830; Peregrine Roberts

HAUSS JC; SMITH Malinda; Philip C Weaver; 10 Apr 1854; M-,. Apr 1854 by George Coon JP

HAUSS (HAUS) Jacob; SHELL Susan E; Joshua Roberts; 14 Aug 1847; Robt Williamson

HAUSS, John R; SULLIVAN Nancy M; MC (Caleb) Clay; 17 Oct 1857; WR Clark; M-18 Oct 1857 by FJ Jetton JP

HAUSS (HAUSE) Peter; HAUSER Barbara; Abram Hoswer; 14 Mar 1831; V MeBee

HAVNER John; HAUSE Catharine; Peter Houser (Ger HAUSER); 17 Feb 1814; V McBee

HORSE John (x); JAMES Elizabeth; David Shuford; 7 Jul 1801; Lwn Henderson

(Several HOUSERs Listed in bonds, have picked those that have the same first names as persons I'm trying to locate OR the date is very early when names seemed to be the most mixed up)

HOUSER Henry (Ger Henrich HAUSER); BULLINGER Susanah; Peter Houser (Ger Huser); 22 Oct 1823; V MoBee

HOUSER John (x); SEINE Caty; (Ger) Henrich Lang; 17 Jan 1809; DanI M Forney

(In Liberty (Warren Co) TN, John HAAS & Wife CATY were listed as members of Salem Bap Church in 1811. This is the only spelling of wife CATY found anywhere, besides this one)

HOUSER Joseph (x); SPANGLER Susanah; Frederick Spengler (Ger Frederich Spengler); 14 May 1817; V MeBee

HOUSER Peter (Ger Peter HAUSER); HAFNER Sarah; Jacob Aderholt; 7 Feb 1803; John Dickson

HOVER (HUVER) Philip; FITE Polley; Jacob Brem; 27 Jul 1812; Vardy McBee CC

HOVES (HOVIS) George (Jr); CLONINGER Eve; William Rankin; 3 Feb 1800

HOWSER John (x); ____ Elizabeth; Benjamin (x) Hull; 17 May 1840; M Hull JP

HOWSER (HAUSER) John; STAMEY Eliza; Isaac Reinhardt; 22 May 1847; Dan Siegel JP

IKERD Anthony; FINGER Anna; Silas Bost; 30 Dec 1835; MW Abernathy

IKERD Daniel (x); NAIL Barbara; John HED; 1 Dec 1820; V MoBee

IKERD David (x); BYSINGER Sarah; John Henry Bisener (Bysinger); 14 Dec 1812

IKERD George A; FINER Susannah; Jacob Seapaugh (Seaback); 8 Apr 1829; V McBee

IKERD (EIKERD) Henry; MILLER Elisabeth; Henry Yount; 19 Jul 1823; Mic Cline

IKERD (EIKERD) Phillip; LUTZ Susy; (ger) Jonnes Eigardt; 21 Nov 1809


Bride; Groom; Surety or Sureties; Date of Bond; Witness or Witnesses; Other information

HAIS Ann; MCLEAN Alexander

HAUS Anna; MAUNY Maxwill (Mauney); Samuel Block; 7 Jun 1845; R Williamson Jr

HAUS Martha; HAFNER (HAVNER) Frederick; Vardry A MoBee; 12 Jun 1847

HAUS Mary; HOUSER Joseph; William Robinson; 27 Sep 1830; Jno D Hoke

HAUS Mary Adaline; SULLIVAN George L (Logan); W Williamson; 24 Dec 1844

HAUS Susan; MILLER John T; Peter S or T or G Rush; 3 Aug 1846; R Williamson

HAUS Susannah; REEP Phillip (Reap); Jonas Reap; 19 Nov 1833; MW Abernathy

HAUSE Catharine; HAVENER John; Peter Houser (Ger Hauser); 17 Feb 1814; V MeBee

HAUSE Catherne; WILLIAMS William (x); Thornas Williams; 25 Mar 1823; V McBee

HAUSE Christina; BURNS John; Philip Rudisell (Rudisill) 20 Dec 1830; JT Alexander

HAUSE, Eliza S; HAYNES James H ; AP Cansler; 1 Sep 1855; M-13 Sep 1835 by WC Patterson (MG)

HAUSE, Elizabeth; MORE Alfred; Moses Moore; 15 Sep 1809; DanI M Forney

HAUSE Elizabeth; BLACKBURN Daniel; John (x) Waycaster; 14 Apr 1828; BJ Thompson

HAUSE Elizabeth; SHELL John (x); Phillip Reep; 6 Jan 1829; James T Alexander

(Running out of time - almost time to leave for airport - will copy only the names found in the index!)

HAUSE Sarah; SPRATT William

HAUSE Susannah; LINHARDT Joseph

HAUSER Barbara; HAUSS Peter

HAUSS Barbara; MORRISON Robert


HAUSS Catharine; HELMS Pinckney

HAUSS Clara Anna; SULLIVAN Ezekiel M


HAUSS Frances G; CURRY Elam AM



HAUSS Margaret; CLINE Jessa

HAUSS Mary; MANUY MAXVILLE (Maxwell); Valetine Mauny; 13 May 1837; MW Abernathy



HAVENER Barbara; MAUNEY Peter (x); John Eaker; 3 Dec 1810


HORSE Catharine; FOX Jacob; Joseph Morris; 8 May 1797

HORSE Elizabeth; WILLIAMS Joel; Henry Banick (Beanack) 8 Apr 1824; M Hull JP

HORSE Mary; DRUM Philip; John Drum; 29 Dec 1784; Joseph Steel

HOUSER Liddy; HASS Peter

HUES Fanny; SHOLL Charles

ICARD Barbara; OXFORD, William


IKERD Catherine; LUTZ David

IKERD Elizabeth; LOWRANCE Peter

IKERD Elizabeth; MANUEY John

IKERD Margaret; BOVEY Matthias


IKERD Sarah; PROPST Daniel

EAKER (AKER) Abraham bondsman for Noah Mauny (Mooney) & Cynthia Huggins 12 Jul 1833

WHlTTENBERG Henry (x); SHELL Barbara; John Wittenberg (Ger Johannes Wittenberg); 5 Nov 1808

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