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LDS Film # D09199-024847, Warren Co TN Deed Bk A - 1806-1818, Abstracted by WPA

Pg 153 - John Looney - 14 Jun 1810 Deed between John Looney of Smith Cp TN and John Stinnitt of Warren Co TN $800.00 sold 200 acres on Collins River received by Warrent #1446 grant #1641 dated 27 Aug 1807. Signed Looney, witness John Miller and Jesse Dodson, Registered 14 Aug 1810

Pg 212 - John B Hogg - Land Grant, State of TN #3379, by virtue of Certificate #559 dated 17 Jun 1811 issued by Registar of West TN to John B Hogg entered 30 Aug 1811 by #6799 as an occupant claim there is granted by the State of TN to Sarah Elem assignee of John B Hogg 100 acres of land in Warren Co, District #1, South Branch of Main East Fork of Stones River, signed Willie Blont, Gov TN

Pg 173 & 174 & 175 - Wm Hays - 15 Nov 1810 - Deed between James Cain and Wm Hays both of Warren Co TN, $400.00 sold to Hays the 98 acres where Hays now lives, being part of grant #409 and a part of grant #1791. Witness F G Bailue & Wm Esth, signed James Cain

Pg 223 - John Hughes - Sold part of grant #1791, 135 acres to James Cain 28 Aug 1810. Signed John Hughes, witness Jno A Wilson & Wm Armstrong

Pg 266 - John Hem - State of TN #2370, in consideration of military service performed by John Hem to the state of NC warrent #171 dated 9 Dec 1808 entered 27 Jul 1809 by #3694, Daniel Cherry assignee of the heirs of John Hem, 50 acres

Pg 321 - John Looney - Deed 3 Aug 1812, John Looney of Murry Co and Wm Barnes of Warren Co. John Looney sold for $250.00 78 acres, signed by John Looney

Pg 329 - John Looney - 3 Aug 1812, John Looney of Maury Co sold to Geo D Slaton of Warren Co TN 150 acres for $1,000.00. Signed by John Looney

(Just for fun, noted that on 24 Feb 1813, page 347 - John Stinnett & Daniel Boon sold land to Wm Smartt & signed by Jno Stinnett & Daniel Boon)

Pg 460 - Thomas Fite purchased 135 acres of land for $1,000.00 from Lusch Colville, Davidson Colville & Joseph Colville Jr in Warren Co TN

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LDS Film # D09199-024847, Warren Co TN, Deed Bk B - Abstracted by WPA:

Pg 51 - Robert Hays & Thomas Hainey Vol B 27 Jan 1810 Ordered to sell land to satisfy debt of $1254.26 incurred 30 Dec 1805. <Described Land Grant for Hays> Jan Session 1810 Registered 5 Nov 1814

Pg 75 - John Hort - 24 May 1814 Walter Braley gave to John Hort 637 acres (part of 2950 acres) in which each were partners. Title to org grant in name of Walter Braley and John Hort wants his part in his name

Pg 75 - Thomas Hays - 22 Sep 1813 Deed Walter Braley to David Colston land on Hickory Creek adj land of Thomas Hays

Pg 97 - James Taylor (named as executor to Will of Philip Haas (1824) in Warren Co TN) listed as commissioner for Warren Co & noted selling town lots in McMinnville

Pg 123 - James Taylor 17 Dec 1814 Deed from James Barkley to James Taylor Warren Co TN for 800.00 south side of the Rast Fork of Stones River adi SW corner of Taylor's land where he now lives.. near Harvin Spring 208 acres wit: S Brewster & John Thomas, court session 12 Jan 1815, Registered 20 Jan 1815

Pg 126 - Valentine Hoover 12 Jun 1812 Wm Martin to Valentine Hoover land on East side of Collins River

Pg 134 - John Haze 15 July 1815 Deed from Joseph Colinsville (court Clerk) to John Haze LINCOLN CO (said state) 5,000 acres in Warren Co was sold by sheriff on 4 May 1811 to satisfy judgement against Moses Gist land bought by Collinsville, selling for $700.00 to John Haze beginning at the head of the Caney Fork of the Cumberland River. Proved Court Session 15 July 1815, Registered 15 July 1815

Pg 137 - Patrick Hays, James Hays & John Hare 6 Dec 1814 Deed from Patrick Hays to James Hays on Dry fork of Collins River Wit: John Hare court session 11 Apr 1815

Pg 138 - Patrick Hays. Wm Hays & John Hughes 6 Dec 1814 Land from Patrick Hays to Wm Hays Lnd on Dry Creek adj land of Wm Hays wit: John Hughes

Pg 163 - Philip Haas Deed already listed

Pg 178 - Jacob Hawk Land Grant #7684, Warrent # 127, 10 Mar 1795 issued to Thomas Lanton entered on 24 Mar 1815 by #3870, granted unto Jacob Hawk assigne of Thomas Lanton 77 acres surveryed 27 Mar 1815 in 3rd District on Hawk Cave Creek

Pg 188 - James Taylor James P. Taylor land grant #7712 on Pooky River

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LDS Film # D09199-024847, Warren Co TN, Deed Bk D - 1812-1819 - Abstracted by WPA:

Pg 163: Philip Haas. 14 May 1812. Benjamin Allen sold to Philip Haas for $100.00 125 acres on the east branch of the east fork of Stones River it being a part of a tract of 640 acres more or less. Signed Benjamin Allen. Witness: Albert Haas and Wm Taylor. July session 1815, proven in open court 15 July 1815


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