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Deed Abstracts of Tyron, Lincoln and Rutherford Counties, N.C. 1769-1786 and Tryon County Wills & Estates.. abstracted by: Brent Holcomb, C.R.S.

Tryon County was formed from Mecklenburg County in 1769, Mecklenburg having been formed from Anson County in 1763. At its formation, Tryon County extended north to Earl Granville's line and west to the Indian line of 1767 (a portion of which is now the line between Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, South Carolina). The eastern boundary was the Catawba River. Tryon County included all or part of the North Carolina counties of Lincoln, Gaston, Cleveland, Rutherford, Henderson, Folk, Burke and McDowell and the South Carolina counties of York, Chester, Union, Cherokee, Spartanburg, Greenville, Laurens and Newberry. While no land grants from Tryon County may have fallen as far south as Laurens or Newberry counties, the lands which were granted earlier from Mecklenburg and Anson counties came under the jurisdiction of Tyron County, e.g. the deed from Jacob and Mary Pennington to Alexander Lockart, page 28 (372-375) and the deed from John and Martha Dickinson to John Patton, pg 32 (433).

The first courts of Tryon County were held in what is now York County, South Carolina. The court house site was moved into present Gaston County, NC, when the border survery of 1772 determined the other site to be in SC. When the border survey was made, the SC county system as we know it was not yet set up. The Tryon County lands south of the border were then in Craven or Berkley (sometimes spelled Barkley) counties and/or Camden or Ninety Six District, or occasionally St. Mark's Parish was used for location. After the border survey, the lands formely granted by NC were registered in the SC Land Memorials and often called "North Patents". SC issued new grants for some of these lands; e.g. the grant to Giles Connel S.C. Royal Grants, Vol 33, pg 208 and the grant to James Gibbs, SC Royal Grants, Vol 33, pg 252.

The few remaining wills and estate papers of Tryon County are in the NC

Archive filed with the Lincoln County Records. All those pertaining to

Tryon County are abstracted here as well as the lists of wills and estates


The copies of the Tryon deeds abstracted here are those in the Lincoln County Court House (Lincoln Volumes 1 & 2). While some of the original deed books are extant, they are not complete and some are in poor condition. However, they have been compared to the Lincoln copies, and the Lincoln copies are quite accurate and legible. There are some gaps in the deeds, but this does not signify that any recorded deeds have been lost. These gaps correspond with gaps in the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. Apparently, the court did not function at certain times for one reason or another.

The Lincoln deeds are abstracted here to the end of Vol II (1786). Tryon County was abolished in 1779 to form Lincoln and Rutherford Counties. The Rutherford Deeds are abstracted for the same period, Vol A-D actually going on to 1787. This will take the Rutherford abstracts up to the point where Mrs. Caroline Davis began her work. As would be expected, some Tryon deeds were recorded late, after Lincoln and Rutherford Counties were formed. What may not be expected are the occasional deeds involving SC lands recorded in these counties.

These deeds, wills and estates should provide many missing links for the researcher working on the Carolina frontier. This is a continuation of my abstract of records of Anson & Mecklenbury Counties soon to be completed. Brent H. Holcomb, G.R.S., Oct 8, 1976

(1st page # is page # of book, second set of # () are the page(s) in he org book. Each deed recorded has a corresponding Court Date when the deed was proven in open court. This is the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions)

Pg 87 - George Havas Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (355-356) 29 Dec 1777 James Wyatt of Tryon Co to Ceo Horton of same 100 acres on both sides of south fork Catawba adj Jacob Nines (?) George Havas granted to Thomas Wray 26 Oct 1767 - July Term 1778

Pg 3 - Benjamin Haws (?) Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (29-30) 23 Mar 1769 John McKenny of Tryon Co to John Thompson of same 440 acres on Little Beaverdam Creek, a fork of Bullocks Creek, granted to McKenny. Witness.. Benjamin Haws (?)

Pg 20 - Benjamin Hawes Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (29-30) 28 Apr 1767 Samuel Davidson of Tryon Co from Curtis Caldwell on both sides of Broad River and both sides of Bullock Creek. Witnesses... Benjamin Hawes. July Term 1770

Pg 85 - David Hays Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (327-328) 22 Feb 1774 Witness to deed of Samuel Gray of Tryon Co to Wm Gray of same 300 acres Apr Term 1778

Pg 74 - Henry Hays Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (185-186) 1 Feb 1775 Wm Cleghorn of Tryon Co to Henry Hays of Craven Co SC land on both sides of Cathys Creek of 2nd Broad River above Daniel McCartys survey granted to John Bennet 29 Apr (no year listed) and conveyed to Wm Anderson 7 Jan 1769. Witnesses.. .Andw Hampton & Andrew Nelson

Pg 88 - Henry Hays Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (380) 22 Jun 1778 Henry Hays of SC 96 District to John Flack of Tryon Co 300 acres on Cathys Creek granted to John Bennett 29 Apr 1769. Signed Henry Hays Wit: Jonathan Hampton & Andw Hampton July Term 1778

Pg 138 - Samuel Hays Rutherford Co Deeds A-D (82) 28 Oct 1782 Grant to Samuel Hays 200 acres on both sides of Green River adj Joseph McDowneld Edward Hogan Wit Alex Martin

Pg 83 - Samuel Hays Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (?)28 Oct 1782 Grant to Samuel Hays 50 acres on North side of Green River adj Joseph McDonnelds and his own line 28 Oct 1782 wit: Alex Martin

Pg 155 - John Hayne Rutherford Co Deeds A-D (307-308) 17 Feb 1784 John Hayne witnessed deed of James Cook Rutherford Co farmer and wife Catherine to Wm Porter 300 acres on both sides of Cathyes Creek of 2nd Broad River 392 acres adi James Biglotons, Walkers. Wit: Robert Gilkey, John Hayne & Thomas Donnelson

Pg 45 - Simeon Hoffes Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (624-625) 18 Oct 1771 Thomas Warrin of Tryon Co to John Lusk 186 acres on a branch of Pinch Gut a branch of Clarks Creek adi Simeon Hoffes (Hosses) granted 5 May 1769. Signed Thomas Warren wit: Wm Parker, Wm Logan & Henry Bales July Term 1772

Pg 37 - Simon Hoise (Horses) Tyron-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (510-511) 29 Jan 1772 John Lusk of Tryon Co farmer to Jacob Lutes of same Yeoman 186 acres on West side of Pinch Gut creek adj Simon Hoises (Horses) .. Alexander Hepner. Granted to John Lusk & Wm Barnett 5 May 1769 and conveyed to Thomas Warren (Warrin) by deed and then to John Lusk. Wit: Matthew Willson & Robt Blackburn Jan Term 1772 Signed John Lusk

Pg 94 - Jacob Horse Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (450-451) 27 Mar 1776 Robert Heslip to Tryon Co to Christopher Hoyle planter 370 acres on West side of South fork Cataba adj Jacob Horses corner. Waddles line. Plamers line signed Robert (x) Heslip and Mary (x) Heslip wit: David Ramsey & 2 german signatures Jan Term 1779

Pg 11 - Jacob Hoss Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (135) 5 Jan 1770 Samuel Wilson of Granville Co SC son and heir of Saml Wilson late of Mecklenbufg co NC to Jacob Hoss of Tryon Co planter for 100# money of Great Britian 400 acres on south side of Clarks Creek at the mouth of Fishers Creek. Signed Samuel Wilson & Jacob Hoss. Wit: Jno Lewis Baird, Dav. Craige & John Dunn Jan Term 1770

Pg 83 - Peter Eaker Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (301-302) 1 Nov 1777 Wm Waddel & wife Jane of Rowan Co to James Miller of Tryon Co land on North side of Broad River on McDowells Creek 1/2 mile above Hugh Berrys survery granted to Jacob Simerle 200 acres 25 Apr 1767 signed William Wadel, Jane Wadele wit: German Signature & Peter (x) Eaker Jan Term 1778

Pg 90 - Peter Acker & Christian Eaker Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (401) 2 Sep 1778 John Custer and wife Elizabeth to Christian Eaker both of Tryon Co land on both sides of Buffabe Branch of Indian Creek adj Nicholas Welch 300 acres granted to Nicholas Welch 20 Mar 1772. Signed John Custer, Elasabeth Custer wit: Vallentine Mauny, Peter (x) Acker July term 1778

Pg 131 - Alex. Eaker, Joseph Hous, Wm Howe & John Howe Tryon County Estates (NC Archives Call # C.R. 060.508.89) "An Inventory of Goods & Chattels of John McCormack dec'd Decr 6, 1770". Marked SALE on Reverse side buyers listed Alex Eaker, Wm Howe & John Howe (plus several others) On third sheet of buyers Joseph Hous.

(A John Dunn was listed as in charge of a sale for Cristefor Pitty 5 Apr 1771)

Pg 92 - Michael Eaker Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (421-422) 22 Oct 1778 James Henderson of Tryon Co to Wm Porter of same 300 acres granted to Daniel McCarty 26 Oct 1767 then to James Henderson. Signed James Henderson wit: James Cook, Jacob Carpenter, Michael Raker Oct Term 1778

Pg 139 - Peter Eaker Ruterford Deeds A-D (94-95) 11 Nov 1782 Elizabeth Bickerstaff of Rutherford Co to John Jones of same land on waters of Robertson creek of second Broad River adj Peter Eaker granted to sd Elisabeth Bickerstaff 14 Nov 1771 signed Elisabeth (x) Bickerstaf wit: Richard Singleton, Philip (x) Monroe

Pg 52 - Peter Eigart Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (713-714) 25 May 1773 Philip Henry Grader of Tryon Co to Henry Bullinger, Nicholas Fry, Peter Rigart (?), John Shufort, Martin Cotter (Colter) Frederick Markle, Michael Grinderstaff, Wm Deal and John Deal all of co and prov aforesaid, land to be set aside for a school house for the use of the public and on a branch of Clarks Creek adj Francis Palmer, Nicholas Fry and Geo Popes lands including a school house and meeting house for the good of the public 6o acres signed Philippe Henry Grether wit: Christopher Beckman & John Sitser Apr Term 1774

Pg 22 - Peter Aker & Chrisley Akers Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (289-290) 31 Aug 1770 Robert Cailderwood & wife Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth Freeland of Tryon to Peter Aker of same planter for 1OO# on both sides of north branch of Beaverdam Creek adj Chrisley Akers formly Joseph Greens by survery 300 acres granted 10 Apr 1761 to said Elizabeth Freeland Signed Robert Callderwood & Elizabeth Callderwood wit: William Stockton, Benjamin Garden (?) Oct Term 1770

Pg 34 - Peter Acher & wife Barbara Acre Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (461-462) 7 Feb 1771 Peter Acher of Tryon Co to John Beeman of same 150 acres on both sides of Robinson Creek. Signed Peter (x) Acre & Barbara (o) Acre Wit: Timothy Riggs, (german signature. Johannes ____

Pg 126 - Chritian Aker Tryon County Wills 25 Jun 1776 Will of Christian Aker of County of Tryon, planter...to my dearly beloved wife the bed and furniture belonging to it, also one third of my whole estate exclusive of my lands.. to my well beloved son Peter Aker, all the Land on the So. side of the Creek with the improvements. the other part to be to Christian Aker, also a piece of land that the pattent is not set (?), but the fees paid, to be to my son Christian Aker, then they whole Land to be valued by the Executor (qr three possible men) when the oldest Boy comes of age. Then the whole Valuation of the whole said lands to be equally deposited among my three sons viz., Peter Aker, Christan Aker & Daniel Aker. to my daughter Barbary Aker the sum of 10# of our said Province Currency.. to my well-beloved daughter Catherine Aker, the sum of 10# proc. Peter Aker Sen. .Christian Carpenter Sr (?) & John Aker Sole Executors of this my last will & Testament. my wife Eve to have the third part of said place as long as she lives my widdow. .25 Jun 1776.. Christian (X) Aker Wit: William Graham, Barbery (o) Aker, Mary (x) Aker. Proved July Term 1777

Pg 109 - Joseph Aker Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (640-641) 27 Sep 1782 Martin Hoyl & Wife Mary of Lincoln Co to Joseph Aker of same for 60# in gold or silver 185 acres adi Philip Dellinger near Lawrance Snapp, part of 370 acres granted to Martin Dellinger 30 Aug 1753. Martin Heil (German Signature) Wit: Jno Moore & German signature Jan Term 1784

Pg 124 - Peter Aker Tryon County Wills & Estates "A list of letters Testamentary and of Admin" Order to be granted in Tyron Co by the Inferior Court of said county from Jan Term 1771 till July Term 1771 both terms inclusive. Peter Aker & Larenck Kyzer (Lawrence Koizer) 500#s for Wm Froneburger, no executor named, administrator Mary Fronebergr, Securities Peter Aker & Larenck Kyzer (Lawrence Koizer)

Pg 70 - Peter Eker Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (128-129) 7 Dec 1774 James Kelly of Tryon Co to Jacob Mooney of same 200 acres on a muddy fork of Buffalo Creek below Moson (Moses) Moores land. Signed James Kelly, Mary (o) Kelly wit: Peter (x) Eker, Simeon Kuykendall Jan Term 1775

Pg 84 - Peter Acre Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (322-323) 22 Apr 1778 Peter Acre of Tryon Co to Samuel Gordan Blacksmith of Camden Dist SC for 20# NC Money land on both sides of Duncans Creek 550 acres granted to Peter Acre 24 Sep 1766 signed Peter (x) Acre wit: Adam Hampton & Richard Singleton Apr Term 1778

Pg 30 Peter Acker Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol I (405-406) John Beeman of Tryon Co money paid by Peter Acker of same 350 Acres on Indian Creek granted to Francis Beatty 6 Apr 1765 Signed John Beeman & Margaret Beeman Wit: Timothy Riggs & Johann ___ (German signature) Apr term 1771

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 LDS FILM #421,829 - Salt Lake City Library - Lincoln Co NC Probate Records Will Index A-Z, 1772-1964

Christian ACKER - 1777 - Will Bk A

Peter ACKER - 1799 - Will Bk A

Sallie ACKER 1835 - Will Bk 1, pg 329

Michael EAKER - 1816 - file #E)-E-F

Christian EAKER SR - 7-1831 - Bk 1, Pg 223

Jacob HAGA - 1806 - File HA

Nicholas HASS - 1818 - File HA

Henry HAYSE - Catherine HAUSE - 7-1860 Bk 3, Pg 35

Peter HAUSE - Lydia - i-1850 - Bk 2, Pg 330

Sarah HAUSS - 10 Jun 1901 - Bk 5, Pg 179

Jacob HOUSER - 7-1857 - Bk 3, Pg 12

Peter IKARD - 1785 - file IJK

Henry IKARD - 1800 - file IJK

Andrew HASLESS - 1769 - file HA

John HASSELBERGER - 1807 - file HA

John HAWN - Christian HAWN - 1793 - file HA

John HAWN JR - Rossine HAWN - 1801 - file HA

David HAWN - John HAWN - 1-1838 - Bk 1, Pg 424

John HAYES - 3-1847- Bk 2, Pg 271

Following Copies Made from: Lincoln County North Carolina Will Abstracts 1779-1910 Compiled by Miles S. Philbeck, Jr. and Grace Turner: LDS Call # 975,782 P28m

Those people on the list who do did have a BK # listed, but have a FILE listed were NOT on the film and some of them are not in the book, In checking the film references it seems as if those files are located at the NC Archives and are MAYBE the originals and they must be ordered. I didn't go over the film in detail since I had the copies from the book. However, I missed a couple of Acker/Ikards when I copied the book.

CHRlSTlAN ACKER - Was not in the book

PETER ACKER - Lincoln Co NC Wills, Book A: 10 Nov 1797, Probated 18 July 1799. Wife Barbara. Oldest dtr Barbara Hillibrand. Oldest son John. My son John Eaker's 3 children; Peter, Michl and Elizabeth Eaker, Sons Peter, Michl., and Christopher. My children now alive. Dtrs Catherine, Susarinan, Elizabeth, Mary & Fanny, Son-in-law Samuel Carpenter, Exec: Michael Eaker, Samuel Carpenter. Wit: Wallace Alexander, David Carpenter

SALLY AKER - Lincoln Co NC Wills, Book 1, Pg 329: 10 May 1834, Probated Jan 1835. To Sally Reynolds, dtr of Josiah & Catharine Reynolds. To Catharine Reynolds, wife of Josiah. Sister Barbary Killian formerly wife of Samuel Killian and now a widow. My two bros and one sister Simon Hager, John Hager, and widow Barbary Killian. Mentions Peter Money, executor of husband Christopher Aker's will. Exec: William Baxster, Major Hull. Wit: Noah Bess, Abraham Kistler

Michael EAKER & Christina EAKER Sr - Missed copying theses

JACOB HAGA - Lincoln Co NC WI I Is & Probate Records - File HA: 1 Apr 1803, Probated Apr 1806. Bro-in-law John Isahower Jr. Land in Rowan Co where John HAGO Sr formerly lived and money and other property "that shall come to me from my father's estate".. Exc: Bro-in-law John Isahower Jr. Wit: Dietrich Lehman, George Isahower, Peter Little

NICHOLAS HAAS - Lincoln Co NC Wills - Bk 3, Pg 112 - File HA - Not in book or on film - but in book the will is listed as NICHOLAR ILAR and was found in the file folder listed NICHOLAS HAAS. 26 Aug 1817, Probated July 1818. Wife Sarah. To Nicholas I. Tucker, the Stofal place so called for Sophia Tucker. To John M Tucker, money coming to me in Pennsylvania from the estate of John Wilson, dec'd. To Eliza Tucker. To Grizalla Bartley. Exec: John Tucker. Wit: James Carrel, John McNemar

JOHN HASSELBERGER - Lincoln Co NC Wills, File HA: 18 Jan 1807, Probated Apr 1807. Wife Maria Magdalena. Son-in-law George Aderhold married to my dtr Margareth. Son-in-law Paul Hertzoge married to my dtr Julianan, Son-in-law George Lorr married to my dtr Susana. All my children. Exec: John Yoder. Wit: Dan Conrad, Daniel Sohuffert

HENRY HAUSE - Lincoln Co NC Wills, Bk 3, Pg 35: 25 May 1858, Probated July 1860. Signed: HENRICH HOSS. Wife Catherine, Son Jacob Hause, dtrs Elizabeth Shell, Sarah Tetherow and Mary Mauny heirs and Anna Mauny. Exec: Jacob Hause. Wit: David Crouse, John Carpenter

PETER HAUSE - Lincoln Co NC WI I Is, Bk 2, Pg 330: 8 Aug 1844, Probated Jan 1850, Wife Lydia. Sons Andrew, Levi and John Rufus Hause (minor). My 4 dtrs, Clary, Nancy, Mary and Barbay. Exec: Joseph Houser, George Coon. Wit: John F. Leonhartt, Peter Havne.,

JOHN HAWN - Lincoln Co NC Wills, (Found in book, no will bk #1): 29 Jun 1801, no probate date. Wife Rosina. Sons JOHN, PETER, HENRY (minor) PHILIP, JACOB. My two dtrs Magdalina and Anamaria younger dtrs minors). My two oldest dtrs Elessibeth and Catherine. Exec: son John & John Wilfong. Wt: Ezekiel Murray, Jacob Cotner

JOHN HOUSER - Lists only Wife Catharine and Sons & Dtrs with no names

HENRY IKER - Lincoln Co NC Wills - File IJK: 31 Jul 1800, no probate date. Wife Elisabeth. Sons Danneill and Henrey Iker. Dtrs Frnney and Catherine. Exec. Larence Iker, William Deal. Wit: Rudolph Conrad

PETER EIGER - Lincoln Cc NC Wills - File IJK: 25 Oct 1784, no probate date. Wife Sussanne. Sons Henrey, Lawrence, Peder, George. Wife to have "Peseable Persation on the PIandation". Son Phillip Eiger's son, Exec: Son Peder Eiger, Phillip Fry. Wit: Rudolph Conrad, Mardin Colter

CHRISTIAN EAKERS/AKER - Lincoln Co NC Wills, Pg 223-226: 11 Jun 1829, Recorded July Session 1831. Wife Sarah. Peter Eaker, son of my brother John Peter Eaker, Peter Lucas under 21 son of John & Barbara Lucas, Christy Eaker Hambright, Christian Eaker, son of my brother Michael Eaker, Sarah, wife of Christy Carpenter, Catherine wife of Samuel Hullet. Exec: Jacob Ramsour, merchant in Lincolnton & Peter Mauney Wit: Major Hull, Jurat; Samuel Wilson, Jurat; John Cook. Signed Christian (x) Eakers Sr.

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LDS Call # BK 975.8782 P281 Salt Lake City ABSTRACTED WILLS OF LINCOLN CO NC VOL I (1824-1838)

Pg 42 - Henry HAUSS (Jurat) witnessed will of John C Henderson 4 Mar 1833, Recorded Jan Session 1834

Pg 44 - Jacob HAUSS witnessed will of Adam SEAGLE 21 Nov i834, Recorded Apr Session 1834

Pg 12 - Martin IKERD witnessed will of Peter DEAL 9 Jul 1827, Jan session 1828+ Other Wit: Peter HOKE (?)

Pg 25 - Henry EIKER witnessed will of John MILLER 20 May 1827, Apr session 1830. Will of John MILLER lists dtr ELIZABETH IKERD

Page 32 - Will of Chrstian AIKER 11 Jun 1829


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