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My Thanks to Jon Singleton for this information!


Hi Linda, Jon Singleton here. I went by and copied the information off of the tombstones at the Stockton Rural Cemetery, Stockton, CA. this morning. There are 2 plots of HAAS', and one with MARSH, that is adjacent.

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Plot 1

HAAS, Louis, Philadelphia, Penn 4/6/1825 San Francisco 12/20/1887

HAAS, Mary A, Pittsburg, Penn 2/11/1828 San Louis Obispo, CA 7/18/1910

HAAS, Clara E 1mo. Child of LH & MA Haas

HAAS, Edwin E 1mo

HAAS, Franklin Pierce, 6/13/1851 -- 5/13/1926

HAAS, Ida J. died 1/29/1864 7y. 4mo. 6d.

MARSH, Theodore d. 3/2/1905 64 yoa. Uncle buried next to Franklin Pierce HAAS

Plot 2

HAAS, Harriet Francis, d. 7/6/1943

HAAS, Jerome d. 12/9/1902

TREATHEWAY, Louisa (nee HAAS) d. 3/14/1919

TREATHEWAY, William Elmer d. 10/16/1930

HOLDSWORTH, Martha (nee HAAS) 1852 -- 1886

HOLDSWORTH, Thomas 6/6/1888 -- 5/19/1968

MARTIN, Harry Garrett d 6/20/1948 (next to Martha)


Plot 3

MARSH, James b. Mass 10/26/1827 d. 7/22/1905

MARSH, Mary A. (nee RANNEY) b. VT 11/26/1828 d. 3/29/1891

RANNEY, Orpha b. VT. d. 6/27/1884 83yoa

RANNEY, Sullivan b. VT d. 1/8/1888 55yoa

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My thought is that the Marsh's are related to the Mary A HAAS, possible she is a MARSH?

Hi Linda, Jon again, I found 3 more HAAS for you in the Stockton Rural Cemetery today, 10 Nov. 1998

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CONNER, Alice (HAAS) b. CA 1911 -- 1947

HAAS, Edward Franics CA 1870- 1939

HAAS, Mabel (THOMPSON) b. CA 1874 -- 1957

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[Additional information received April 2001]

Hello Linda,

My grandmother was named Clara Haas and her family all lived in Stockton, CA. There are more records in the Stockton Rural Cemetery from my branch of the Haas family. They are as follows:

Jacob G. Haas 1846-1886

Agnes Drummond Haas 1851-1927 (the birth date on the headstone may be incorrect, census records indicate she was born in 1852)

Hiram G. Haas 1885-1922 (Jacob & Agnes son)

Ruby C. Haas 1888-1918 (Hiram's wife)

Eleanor A. Haas 1908-1996 (Hiram's daughter)

Emma Haas Menking 1878-1918 (Agnes & Jacob's daughter)

Agnes W. Tatterson 1886-1958 (maiden-name Haas, Agnes & Jacob's daughter)

Madge 1875-1901 beloved wife of F. H. Eggert (maiden-name Haas, Agnes & Jacob's daughter)

Lottie M. Ingrim 1884-1969 (maiden-name Haas, Agnes & Jacob's daughter)

Jacob G. Haas was born in Pennsylvania. I don't know his parents names nor when he came to California. I don't believe this Haas family is related to any of the others in the Stockton rural cemetery.

Chris Stitt Pechal


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