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Haas (all spellings)

From Pennsylvania Records

 Linda Haas Davenport

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Goshenhoppen Church -Montgomery Co PA:

19 Mar 1787: Parents: Abraham Dauber & Anna Christina - Child: Maria Catherina, Baptised 19 May 1759 - Witnesses: Peter HAAS and wife Caterina

13 Mar 1787 - Christina HAAS (m) Henry GRABER both of Lower Saucon Bet. 1747-1758 - Henrich HAAS (m) N. Jung (name later was YOUNG)

6 Sep 1775 - a son Johannes (b) to Henrich HAAS. Michael JUNG & wife were witness.

Early Lutheran Baptisims & Marriages in Southeastern PA by Stoever (note; it is very hard to tell where these took place as this Rev John Casper Stoever was a sort of travelling minister. Some of the places covered were Berks, Lancaster York, Leanon and Schuylkill, these all being in PA but he also went into Western MD & VA.





Child & Info


Cunradt HAASZ

Anna Maria (b) 1 Feb 1734 - baptized 10 Feb 1734

Henrich MICHAEL & wife Anna Maria

Cunradt HAASZ

John (b) 27 Dec 1735 bap 9 Jan 1736

John Jacob TURNSTELD & w/Anna Catherina

 Cunradt HAASZ

 Margaretha (b) 8 Oct 1737 bap 22 Oct 1737


Abraham HAASZ

Maria Susanna (b) 28 Sep 1744 bap 9 Nov 1744

Samuel PHILBERT & wife

Abraham HAASZ

Maria Magdalena (b) 7 Mar 1753 bap 8 Apr 1753

John Nicilaus HAAG & Maria Magdalena AULENBACH


Abraham (b) 16 May 1746 bap 28 Sep 1746

Abraham HAASS & Wife

29 Jun 1755 - Phillip HAUSS (m) Anna Elizabeth FRIEDERICH, Tulpehocken

6 Jun 1757 - Anna Elizabeth HAUSZ (m) Christophr SCHOMM, Atolhoe

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Tohickon Reformed Church Records ** Bedminster Township, Bucks Co PA





Child & Info


Conrad HAS & Mary Catherine

Mary Catherine bap 12 Jul 1752

Conrad HUT & Catherine TRUB

Conrad HAAS & Wife

Elizabeth 14 Apr 1754

William SCHAEFER & Elizabeth KRAMER

Conrad HAAS & Maria Catherine(Same as #1, but spellings are different, listed on separate page)

Maria Catherine bap 12 Jul 1752

Corad HUTH & Catherine TRUBB

Conrad HAAS & Maria

Susanna Maria (b) 25 May 1756 bap 31 Jan 1757

Willima MADERBACH & Susanna Maria BRAUNEWEL

John HAAS & Maria Catherine

Elizabeth Catherine (b) 16 July 1757 bap 27 Nov 1757

Elizabeth Catherine REXER

John HAAS & Maria Catherine

Anna Catherine (b) 8 Feb 1759 bap 13 May 1759


Conrad HAAS & Anna Maria

Anna Maria (b) 23 Feb 1759 bap 5 Sep 1759


Philip SCHAMBACH & Margaret

Elizabeth (b) 5 Jul 1775 bap 30 July 1775

Carl HAAS & Elizabeth

(Note from Mae Sherman Ricketts 1981-Mae is not longer active in genealogy:) The next HAAS found in these records was in 1811, too late for ours. Conrad & John don't show after 1759 in these records. It might be good to keep in mind that this place is where I found my 4th great PETER EICHERT (IKERD) and his wife SUSANNA. They last appeared in these records in 1761, the next place I found them was in ROWAN CO NC in Oct 1762. Peter IKERD first appeared in these records in 1757


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