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Several years ago I hired a researcher in PA to research the HAAS name in PA. Here is the information I received. (Don't bother to e-mail me and tell me what a sorry job this paid researcher did. I KNOW). Many of the names found in these records were later found in Lincoln, Burke and surrounding counties in NC. The researcher DID NOT give me any information on where she located these sources, I "assume" it was in the PA archives although the records are from NY.

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 Kochertha Lutheran Church Records, NY

Joshua Kocherthal was the first pastor of the Germans in NY. This Lutheran Church was in the West Camp. Present day counties where this large group of Germans were settled are Albany, Renesslar, Washington, Saratoga and Sorrounding Counties.

 Rev Kocherthal baptised:

 HAAS: Mid Jun 1710 NY, Anna Elisabeth, child of Niclaus & Sabina HAAS, the parents & Anna Barbara DIPPEl were sponsors

 HAAS: 10 Jun 1711 Ann Barbara child of Simon & Rosina HAAS, sponsor Ann Barbara SCHUMACHER

HAAS: 1 Jun 1713 Zacharia, child (b) 12 Dec 1713 to Simon & Rosina HAAS, sponsors Zacharias FLEGLER & wife Eve Anna Elizabetha

HAAS: 7 Jun 1714 Ann Sabina child born 6 Jun 1714, parents Niclaus & Maria Sabina HAAS sponsors Johanna Hermann SPEICKERMANN & wife Anna Catherina

 HAAS: 24 Oct 1714 Johann Niclaus HAAS was sponsor to a TALES child


 HAUSS: 23 Sep 1710, Christian HAUSS, widower, a carpenter, of Alten-Staeden near Wetzler, and Anna Catherina BECKER, a widow of the late Johann BECKER of Durenberg near Dietz were married. commune Schamburg.

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Govener Hunter's Ration List - 1712-1713-1714 NY City Head of Families:

Simon HAAS; Niclaus HAAS; Johanna Christian HAUS

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The Researcher sent this note, no info as to where it was found or any information as to what records is was found in.

In London England 20 Jun 1709 was John HAAS, Husbandman and vinedresser (Vis W) age 52 years, 2 sons 6 & 11, dtrs 9 & 3. They were of the Reformed faith, no wife mentioned.


Another Note from this same Researcher:

Other names found in these records that were later found in Bucks PA and in NC were; Aigner/Ikerd/Eigner/Eichert/Eychert; Beringer (Barringer); Conrad; Hiehl/Hihl (Deal); Frey (Fry); Haas / Hass / Hauss; Lorance, Lorentz (Lowrance or Lawrence); Oberbeck; Bierson / Byerson and the Jung name was later found as Young


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