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If this is your first encounter with the records of NC please be aware that the clerks spelled names in any and all ways, even within the same document. You will not be able to use the "find" key in these abstracts. You need to look at each name.


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  Edith Warren Huggins, Burke Co NC Land Records & More Important Misc Records 1751-1809 Vol III, Southern Historical Press Inc. 1987, Easley SC

Pg #1. "Some Laws of NC pertaining to Burke county, 1982": An act for adding part of Burke Co to Lincoln, beginning at Sharrel's Ford to Henry Whitner's to Matthew Wilsons to SIMON HORESES on Clarks Creek (note: Present Catawba Co NC) to Fish-Dam ford of south fork of Catawba Riber, between James Wilsons and David Robinsons a SW course to Earl Granvilles old line; all that part of Burke Co SE of the above line to be taken from Burke and added to Lincoln County...

Pg # 18 - Land Grants Index 1779-1790 - 1779 lists George & Simon & Jno Hose

Pg #32 Road Papers, Overseers, Petitions, orders Juries 1796-1800: Petition by the inhabitants of Gunpowder and Horse Ford at Catawba River jury to review part of road from Love Lady Rod to Iredell courthouse from Gun Powder Creek to Silver Creek and to appoint Henry Horse .. Andrew Bard as overseers from Gun Powder Creek to Love Lady Road signatures of John Shell, Wm Pain, John Bradburn and Andrew Baird ....

Pg 45 - Court Minutes 1792-1804 of Wills, Estates, Orphans Apr 1797.. pg 466 ... Samuel Lowry will presented by Peter Horse exec: Squire Lowry took Esc oath

Pg 138 - Misc Papers of Civil & Criminal Cases 1755-1790: Legatees of Simon Horse dec'd vs Christopher Beeckman and Peter Ikers July "Maid known in presence of Andrew Heedick and Geo Hebner, Jos. Henry, Sher ......" <The author then states ("Note: This is a beautiful document of ancestors of Dewey Wesley Huggins, Dr., my husband and will be on the next page xeroxed") ... File 1788-No 2: If I made a copy of this it has been lost>


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Burke Co NC Land Records Vol II, 1779-1790 and Important Misc Papers 1777-1800: Brent Holcomb, CRS

Pg 173 - Simon Hoss - 27 Jan 1780, adm bond Christopher Beekman, Peter Ichard, Charles McDowell, Rudolph Conrod, Alex Erwin C.C. <Note by author:

name is HAAS, and Simon was a Lincoln Co pioneer, ded'd by 1779. This is a beautifully written document. See CATAWBA CO HISTORY by Preslar: Simon is an ancestor of D.W. Huggins, Sr>.

Pg 117 - Thomas Hase - 24 Oct 1783, listed as a juror for Tax Collector Wm Erwin.

Pg 126 - Thos Hase (Haze) - Road Papers, Petitions1 Orders 1787-1795

Thomas Haze overseer from his house to Stelphen Perkins to Wilkes road.

Rec'd of Wm Edmoson for 1784 and Thos Hase. Signed by John McDowell.

Thos Hase returned Jesse Boon and Geo McDowell

Pg 148 John Hass - Entry Takers returns 1785-1793, 20 Nov 1791-1 Nov 1792, list of persons named by Thomas Smith

Pg 87 - Simon Hose - 25 Feb 1780 - Loose Papers & land Entries 1779-1798.

Two platts of John King, 640 acres both sides of Clarks Crick including mouth of Agners Mill creek and improvements by John Wilkins.. .Matjias Bovey's line.. Wm Bost's old corner. Christopher Sigman' 5 corner. Simon Hose's. Agners Mill Creek. Hose's corner. Joseph Stills land

Pg 109 - Simon Hose - Land Warrants & Survey's 1779-1790 Platt for above 25 Feb 1780

Pg 51 - Arthur Hassan (?) - 1783-1785 Entry Taker book (pg 90) 60 acres on Lyle's Creek between Thomas Cowan & land Hassan bought of Fredrick Saull and lines of George Sigman Junr including his own improvements for complement, warrent issued 4 Aug 1783

Pg 78 - Jacob Haws - 26 Apr 1788 (pg #115) 150 acres on Small Creek that empties into Swanano River at Samuel Forgeys beginning 1/2 mile above Wm Kerrs on said Creek near small gum tree, up creek for complement, entered 26 Apr 1788, warrent issued, transferred to Henry West.

Pg 177 - Jacob Haws - 1788 tax list - Burke Co NC

Pg 163 - John House - Rev War Papers (Call # CR.14.103 - 1777-1783 loose papers - NC Archives) List of Strays delivered to Samuel Greenleen 1777-1783. List includes John House (marked out) Peter Ichard & David Lorance


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Burke Co NC Land Records, 1778, Vol I: Brent Holcomb, CRS

The following land entries are located by entry numbers and page numbers as in the ancient, massive handwritten book of BURKE COUNTY LAND ENTRIES, 1778-1795. Each entry gives the exact date of entry, whether a warrant was ordered or issued, discontinued or transferred, plus a veritable mine of genealogical and historical information.

The file number in the Department of Archives and History is Secretary of State 949 (The Search Room, 109 E. Jones St). A photocopy may be obtained for a nominal fee.

Over one-third of the book has been taken up for the most important year of 1778 when more pioneers swarmed into this virgin area to take up new land. These entries name, in some way, most of the vast horde of eager settlers and are of extreme value to the genealogist, due to the irreparable destruction of major records, including deeds, in April, 1865.

In Burke County Will Book I, page 40; "... in the month of April 1865 the Court-House, and all the public records and papers of this Court, were taken possession of by the military under the command of Gen. Gillam of the United States Army, and the grater part thereof burnt and destroyed."

Even though many entries were never issued they are very helpful in establishing the approximate time of arrival of the ancestor in the newly formed county. Only those entries that were issued will be found as grants at the Land Grant Office.

Entry-Taker Charles McDowell's beautiful handwriting remains remarkable clear after 198 years, nevertheless in using his book for the purpose of abstracting the entries the following became necessary for brevity and easy reading: Omitting the quaint "Ye" in all dates and other references Using the Arabic system for numerals for acreage Capitalizing in most instances the topographical names and omitting capitalization of non-proper nouns. Copying the original and most often puzzling phonetic spelling of surnames (he did not use the apostrophe to denote the possessive form) Adding comas where needed for clarity (he did not use a coma in the entire book). Adhering to the original spelling of waggon and cabbin.

Since it is virtually impossible to be absolutely certain of many names and places, due to the peculiar formation of his letters, it should be remembered to check every possible and impossible variation of a name in the index

(The introduction includes maps of NC counties from 1700-1912, which are so small that when xeroxed the names cannot be read, and a list of all rivers, creeks, ridges, gaps, mountains, etc found in the entry taker book)

STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, BURKE COUNTY: On Tuesday, the 27th of Jan 1778, the Inferior Court of Said County appointed Charles McDowell, Agree(able) to law, to take the Entries for sa(id) County, & as follows (viz):

(1st page # is the page of the book where entry is found, second page # is page number in org entry book)

Pg 40 - Simon Horse 24 May 1778 #423 - pg 142 John Sigmon 200 acres on Clarkes Creek between lines of Nicholas Fryes, Simon Horse, Peter Eigarte, Hugh Montgomery, including improvements

Pg 44 - Simon Horse 22 Jun 1778 #461 Pg 154 John King 640 acres both sides of Clark Creek joing Simon Horses on the west & Wm Bosts on south, including mouth of Egnors Creek and improvements by John Wilkins

Pg 88 - John Haas 26 Nov 1800 #949 Pg ? Hugh Fox 200 acres Upper Little River on north fork or second fork of said River, beginning David Andrewes up both sides of creek crossing waggon road that leads from the lower creek by the Mineral Spring. Entered 24 Oct 1779 (NOTE: Overwritten but should appear to be intended for 1778) Duplicate Warrent issued to John Haas 26 Nov 1800. Signed Wm White 19 Dec 1800. Warrent ordered.

Pg 53 - John Hup (Huss) 6 Aug 1778 #563 Pg 188 Jacob Antony 250 acres on North fork upper creek beginning small branch on west below a field that did belong to John Hup (Huss) including improvement and improvements he lives on for complement. Entered 6 Aug 1778

Pg 155 - John Hawn, Henry Hays & Thomas Hays - Index to Land Grants entered 1778

Pg 6 - Peter Iker 30 Jan 1778 #67 Pg 22 Robert King 350 acres both sides of branchs in Jacob Egners land joing Peter Iker both sides Clerks Creek joing Samuel Youngs South fork of Catawba River formely entered and Warrent issued from Earl Granvilles office, 30 Jan 1778. Warrent ordered.

Pg 120 - John Hone (?) 27 Jul 1778 #1296 Pg 427 300 Acres on Whiteners Branch joining Rutherfords line including improvements he bought from Phillip Masters for complement, entered 27 Jul 1778. Warrent ordered

Pg 144 - Simon Horsis Warrent #161 or 461 (?) "Loose Papers, Warrants for Survey by Charles McDowell Officer of Claims". Printed Warrent for survey by Charles McDowal Entry officer of Claims for Lands in the Co of Burke for James King 640 acres on Clarkes Creek adj Simon Horsis on west and William Bo(st) on the south including the mouth of Agners Mill cricke & including the improvements maid by John Wilkins for complement 22 Sep 1778 signed Charles McDowell (see entry on pg 44 #461 this volume)

Pg 116 - Simon Hoses Pg 408 17 Dec 1778 John Bolinger 50 acres on Clark Creeks "goining" George Popes, Simon Hoses, Conrod Rodolphes line including improvements Entered 17 Dec 1778

Pg 109 - Simon Hos #1170 pg 385 Jacob Lutes 240 acres on Pinch Gut Creek of Clarks Creek joining Simon Hos land and Rodolph Conrods & own. Entered 11 Dec 1778. Warrent issued.

Pg 109 - Simon Hos #1171 pg 385 Rodolph Conrod 400 acres on Pinch Gut Creek joing Jacob Boyores & Simon Hos land & Rodolphs land on which he lives including improvements. Entered 11 Dec 1778. Warrent Issued.

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 Records from The North Carolina Land Grant Office Records (this information was sent to in 1989 by Mae Sherman Ricketts who is no longer active in generalogy)

HENRY HAAS. .No 3175 Co of Burke for 30 acres, Grant # 3185 issued 8 Dec 1802 Entry # 4224 entered 17 Sep 1801 in Bk # 110, Pg 70 on the Waters of Gunpowder Creek

JOHN HAAS. .No 1920 Co of Burke, 200 acres Grant # 1886 issued 7 July 1794 No entry number or entered date, Bk 85 pg 129 on the south side of Chesnut Mt

JOHN HAAS. No 1768 Co of Burke 100 acres Grant 1734 issued 7 July 1794 Bk 85 pg 73 On the south side of Penny Mt

JOHN HAAS. .No 1815 Co of Burke for 100 acres Grant # 1781 issued 7 July 85 Pg 89 On creek that empties into Stiells Mill Creek

PETER HAAS No 4998 Co of Burke for 50 acres Grant # 5654 issued 4 Jan 1834 Entry 11355 entered 26 Sep 1831 Bk 141, pg 115 on the Waters of Little River

JACKSON HAAS. .Co of Caldwell.. .no further information

GEORGE HAAS ,,,No info listed other than name other than Caldwell Co NC

H.H. HAAS. .No info listed other than name & Caldwell Co NC

PETER HAUS. No 3223 Co of Burke for 50 acres, grant # 2832 issued 11 Dec 1800 entry # 3741 entered 25 Oct 1799 Bk 112, Pg 135 on the Waters of Clarks Little River

JOHN HAUSE. No 2548 Co of Burke for 50 acres grant 2337 issued 21 Dec 1798 entry 3399 entered 26 Jun 1798 Bk 100 Pg 195 on the head of Clarks Little River

JOHN HAUSE ... No 2864 Burke Co for 100 acres grant # 2793 issued 12 Mar 1800 Entry no 201 entered 27 Oct 1792 Bk 106, pg 398 on the head of Clarks Little River

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LDS Book call # 975.885 V28i (Salt Lake City Library) BURKE CO NC MARRIAGE RECORDS 1781-1888

John HASS - Sarah DRY 22 Jul 1828

Loucinda HAS - John DlCKSON 11 Feb 1884


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LDS Book Call # 975.885 V28i (Salt Lake City Library) BURKE CO NC SURVIVING WILLS & PROBATE ABSTRACTS 1777-1910

John HOUSE presented for probate April 1802 Proved by PHILIP HOUSE

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Edith Warren Huggins, Burke Co NC Records 1755-1821 Including Wills Index 1784-1900 Vol IV, Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1987, Easley SC

Pg 7. Entry Takers Returns 1793-1799 - Nov 2 1793. .one double page: Michael Cook, George Cook, John Haas, Martin Keller..

Pg 9... 1798 Double Page, Thomas Smith Entry Taker.. John Fincannon, John Haus Samuel Clark.. Reuben Coffey, Jun

Pg 54.. "Deeds recorded in "Lincoln Co 1755-1838". John Horse of Burke Co Vol 16, P 98 (no particulars listed)

Pg 55,,,Simon & George Hass of Lincoln Co to Jacob Lutz Sr 1 Apr 1796, land in Burke Co, E. Clarks Cr.. .Henry Bullingers Mill Br..Hasses_Br.. Bills Br...

Jacob Eagnor..Jas Steeles.. Nick. Fry.. Jacob Lutz.. Rudolph Conrad. Lewis

Huyards.. granted jointly to Simon, George & John Hass Oct 11 1783 Burk Co

John Hass conveyed his part to Simon & George Haas May 30 1781 (ger signatures) Vol 18 N 116

pg 118.. Tax Records 1794 - Pre 1800s. .1796 Capt John Fox's Co, James Alexander 600,1;...Benjamin Hase, 100, 1;...

Pg 121.. .1797 Capt Andrew Baird's Co... William Clark, 100,0;.. John Wilson.. 152 (?)...Henry Hase, 200,1;....

Pg 128.. .No date pre 1800 - Capt Newland's Co... Henry Haas, 370,1

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 Daniel D Swink, The Minutes of the Court of the Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Burke Co NC Jan 1799-Oct 1803 (c) 1988 Lawndale NC

Pg 21. Jul 1799 Ordered that John Sims an orphan boy 4 years be bound to James House until he is 21 and to be learned the art of the weavers trade

pg 23.. Jul 1799, # 64 ordered that Sheriff summon following persons to attend at court October to wit.... 16, Henry Houes

Pg 26.. Oct 1799 Grand Jurors sworn this ..... .5. Henry Horse...

Pg 38.. Jan 1800 Overseer Peter Hoarse in room of Richard Emit of the Wilkes Road from the Lower Creek to Linville Creek with the same hands and that he keep the same in good repair...

Pg 53.. Jul 1800 ordered that following.. .view, mark & alter a road leading from Mr Steals to the muster ground on the Chesnut Mt and to take said road from where it is now along the branch.. James Reed.. William Roberts. Peter Hase

Pg 67.. .Jan 1801 Overseer James Abshar in room of Peter Hoose of the road leading toward Irdell from the lower creed to Smiths creek....

Pg 94.. Oct 1801 Overserr ordered that James Lowry oversee the road from the Wuks Road thr the gap of the Turkey Cock Mt to the bridge of at Peter Hosses in room of Peter Hoss with the same hands

Pg 107.. Jan 1802 Jacob Hart to Henry Hisse for 100 acres dated 22 Nov 1800 Proved in court by Phillip Austin

pg 109.. .Apr 1802 The last will & testament of John Hause proved in open court by the oath of Phillip House

Pg 115.. .John Hause to Wm Archer for 47 acres of land 16 Feb 1802 Deed proved in open court by the oath of Phillip House

Pg 122.. Jul 1802 ordered that following persons be a jury of view to mark and lay off a road the nearest & best way taking of f the Lovelandy Rd about 1 1/2 mile on the south side of Dudley Shoals leading by Bradburns mill to the Horse Ford to wit.. John Horse.. John White ..

Pg 123.. Jul 1802 ordered that John Abshier be overseer of road from the Wilks road thru the gap of the Turkey Cock Mt in room of James Lowry at the bridge at Peter Hoasses with the same hands

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Daniel D Swink, The Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Qtr Sessions Burke Co NC July 1795-Oct 1798 (c) 1987 Lawndale NC

Pg 41.. Jan 1797 *431 Ordered by court that the following be a jury to view and alter and amend road from Cpt Austins muster ground to Thomas Bradburns to wit John Horse, Henry Haus ......

Pg 38.. Oct 1796 A deed from James Fergay atty for Jacob Haus to Thomas Little for 100 acres of land dated the 28 Nov 1795 proved in open court by the oath of Robert Correthers (Author noted name could be HAWS rather than HAUS)

Pg 38.. Oct 1796 A deed from John Waters to James House for 50 acres dated 9 Aug 1794 proved by the oath of Wm White

Pg 37... Oct 1796 Ordered by court that the following be a jury to view mark and lay of f a road from Gun Powder Creek to Silver Creek part of the road from Lovelady Rd to Iredell Court House to wit.. Henry Horse...

Pg 53.. Apr 1797 Will Probate of the last will & testament of Samuel Lowry was duly proved in open court by the oath of Peter Horse one of the subscribing witnesses thereto....

Pg 90.. Jul 1798 Ordered by court that the clerk issue a warrant for Thomas Smiths entry books for 100 acres of land entered in the name of Conrod Burns warrant to issue to Jacob House under act of assembly. Issued

Pg 94. Jul 1798 Ordered by court that the following persons be a jury to view a road leading out of the road at Josiah Maisons up Abingtons Ck across Mulberry at or near Thomas Colemans, to wit.... James House

Pg 104... Oct 1798 Josiah Mason to James House for 12 acres of land dated the (not given) day of Sep 1797 proved in open court by Thomas Coleman


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