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Some Deed Abstracts
Washington, Tyrrell &
a few from Chowan Counties North Carolina
Section 3: 1839-1854

Abstracted by: Linda Haas Davenport

Dividing Line

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Levi Ambrose, David Ambrose
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book H, pages 439-440,
18 Feb 1839 ... [at the order of the court of Washington County Sheriff A B Davis did serve a writ of Fira Fascious on the lands of David Ambrose heirs and for want of sufficient goods & chattel sized said land and offered it for sale at public auction] ... A B Davis, Sheriff of Washington County to Levi Ambrose, highest bidder for the said land ... Fifty Eight Dollars and 24/100 ... Land of David Ambrose heirs ... joining the lands of __ Davenport & others ... (missing pg 440)

Bailey F Ambrose, Mary Eliza Ambrose, Joseph W Phelps
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book J, pages 475-477,
23 Jun 1841, Proven 3 Sep 1844 on oath of Bailey & Eliza Ambrose to Clerk, Registered 26 Feb 1848 ... Bailey F Ambrose & wife Eliza Ambrose to Joseph W Phelps ... Ninety Three Dollars ... Fifteen acres ...Beginning at the corner no. one ... Creek Swamp ... to the corner of No. 3, between myself and sister Elizabeth ... that said Bailey F Ambrose & wife Eliza ... is seized of a good, sure, perfect and indefensable estate of inheritance in fee simple of and in the premises ... sold ... Signed: Mary Eliza (her X mark) Ambrose, Bailey F Ambrose ... Witness: Levi Ambrose

Hamilton W Davenport, W F Sanderson, Daniel Clifton, John Clifton, Noah Alexander
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book M, pages 263,
23 Jun 1841, Proven 10 Sep 1860 on oath of Hamilton W Davenport to W F Sanderson Clerk, Registered 29 Sep 1860 ... Hamilton W Davenport to Robertson S Davenport ... Seventeen and One Half Acres ... Two Dollars and Fifty cents per acre ... adjoining Daniel Clifton's land ... a part of John Clifton's patent ... Robertson Davenport's own corner ... Daniel Clifton's line ... it formerly being the property of Noah Alexander Dec'd and sold by Robert B Davis Sheriff of Washington county at November term 1840 and struck off to Hamilton W Davenport the highest bidder ... Signed H W Davenport (seal) ... Witnesses Samuel P Woodley, Stephen A Davenport

Green Ambrose, Bailey Ambrose, Michajah Ambrose, James Furlough
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book H, pages 441,
1 Oct 1841, Proven in open court Nov Term 1841, Registered 4 Dec 1841 ... Green C Ambrose to Bailey F Ambrose ... Twenty Dollars ... [no acreage listed] ... one tract of land ... it being the land left me by the Last Will & Testament of my father Michajah Ambrose reference being had to the said will for the boundaries of said land ... Signed: James Carane Ambrose ... Witness: James Furlaugh

Ellsberry Ambrose, Priscilla Ambrose, Joseph W Phelps, Henry Phelps, Priscilla Phelps, H G Spruill
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book J, pages 474-475,
6 Sep 1843, Proven on oath of Ellsberry & Priscilla Ambrose to Judge 16 Sep 1843, Registered 25 Jul 1848 ... Ellsberry Ambrose & wife Priscilla Ambrose to Joseph W Phelps ... One Hundred Dollars ... Seven Acres ... South side of Scuppernong River & on Mall Creek ... known ... as Mall Neck, where the buildings now stand and where Andrew Phelps now lives formerly Andrew Phelps & sold by him to Henry Phelps and after his death divided amongst his heirs, which piece fell to his daughter Priscilla Phelps, now wife of Ellsberry Ambrose and lying dividly on Mall Creek swamp ... Signed: Ellsberry Ambrose (seal), Priscilla (her X mark) Ambrose (seal) ... Witness: H G Spruill ... [examination of Priscilla Ambrose made by F Nash, Judge of the superior County of Tyrrell county 16 Sep 1843]

Daniel Clifton, Levi Ambrose, Ruth Davenport, Moses Davenport, Abraham Davenport, Jully A Davenport, Noah N Phelps, Hamilton W Davenport
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book J, pages 764,
8 Dec 1843, Proven in open court Nov Term 1849, Registered 20 Dec 1849 .. 8 Dec 1843 ... Daniel Clifton to Levi Ambrose ... Three hundred & fifty dollars ... seventy-five acres ... given and to let farm unto Levi Ambrose ... stipulated and agreed that ... Levi Ambrose shall hold said land in trust for the separate use & benefit of my daughter Ruth Davenport & her children, wife of Moses Davenport ... Ruth Davenport be permitted to reside on the land forever ... on east side of Bull Pond it being the land given by Abraham Davenport to his daughter Jully A Davenport known as the Newland including nearly two thirds of all elevated land on the west end all buildings of any kind & description ... Daniel Clifton have given to Levi Ambrose forever upon uses & trusts herein stated ... Signed: Daniel (his X mark) Clifton ... Witnesses: Noah N Phelps, Hamilton W Davenport

Stephen Davenport, Wiloughly Spruill, Hezekiah Norman, Aaron Davenport, William M Chesson, Josiah Collins, Frederick Phelps, Thomas B Haughton, John Haughton, Miles Spruill, Robinson S Davenport, Robert B Davis
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book H, pages 678-679,
20 May 1844, Proven in open court May Term 1844, Registered 16 Aug 1844 ... Whereas by virtue of a certain writ of fieri facias [court order to seize and sell goods belonging of the loser in a court case to pay debts owed] issued from the Superior Court of the law of Washington County at the instance of Stephen Davenport & Wiloughly Spruill & wife and Hezekiah Norman & wife against the goods & chattles, lands & tenements of Aaron Davenport for the sum of Three Hundred & Thirty Eight Dollars & Thirty Three Cents and interest on Two Hundred & Twenty Five dollars from the 27th July 1818 and the further sum of One Hundred Dollars and Thirty Three Cents for cost & charges directed to the Sheriff ... Second Monday of Mar 1830 ... William M Chesson then sheriff ... did levy ... on the following lands for want of goods & chattles ... the property of Aaron Davenport ... one piece of land adjoining the lands of Josiah Collins & others and one other piece of land whereon Aaron Davenport then lived adjoining the lands of Frederick Phelps & others ... Sheriff did advertise ... said lands for public sale ... 10 Sep 1830 ... Thomas B Haughton by his agent John Haughton ... highest bidder ... land adjoining Josiah Collins & others, Five Dollars ... land adjoining Miles Spruill's heirs & others, Ten Dollars ... land where Aaron Davenport lived adjoining land of Frederick Phelps & others, Ten Dollars ... paid said money to William M Chesson then Sheriff ... Thomas B Haughton on 10 Mar 1831 ... for Sixty Three Dollars ... sold land to Josiah Collins Junr with the consent of Aaron Davenport and Roberson S Davenport ... Haughton directed Sheriff to make deed to Josiah Collins Junr ... at which time William M Chesson had departed this life without having made such conveyance ... now therefore I Robert R Davis now sheriff ... [execute this deed] ... on this 20 May 1844 ... Signed R B Davis, Sheriff (seal) ... Witness Malacki Haughton

Thomas B Nicholls, George Nicholls, Hezekiak Spruill
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book H, page 679,
13 Sep 1844, Proven upon oath of obligators before Clerk 13 Sep 1844, Registered 10 Sep 1844 ... that we Thomas B Nicholls, George Nicholls & Hezekiak Spruill are held & firmly bound to the State of North Carolina ... Four Thousand Dollars ... in effect if Thomas B Nicholls is appointed Clerk and Master in Equity ... Washington County ... if Thomas B Nicholls shall ... pay over all taxes, penalties, fines, forfirtures & other mones he may receive by virtue of said office ... this bond shall be null & void, otherwise to remain in full force & virtue ... Signed: Thomas B Nicholls (seal), George Nicholls (seal), H G Spruill (seal) [no witnesses - bond was made in front of Court Clerk]

Stephen Davenport, Jonathan Lindsey, William Spruill, Ashberry Norman, Dempsey Spruill, Jebee Nickells
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book J, page 339-340,
19 Nov 1844, Deed made 10 Mar 1847 (missing pg 340) ... Whereas at Fall Term 1844 of the Court of Equity for Washington County, upon the Petition of the heirs at law of Stephen Davenport, deceased, the clerk master of said court was ordered to expose to public sale the tract of land ... fifty acres ... Jonathan J Lindsey ... highest bidder ... Three Hundred Seventy Five Dollars ... adjoining lands of William Spruill, Jonathan J Lindsey & Ashberry Norman ... formerly belong to Dempsey Spruill deceased ... Signed: 10 Mar 1847, Jebee Nickells, Clerk & Master [missing pg 340]

Daniel Clifton, Stephen Davenport, Robinson S Davenport, Samuel Furlough
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book L, page 319-320,
13 May 1848, (missing pg 320) ... Daniel Clifton to Stephen A Davenport ... Twenty Seven Acres ... One Hundred Twenty Five Dollars ... Robertson S Davenport's corner ... Collins' line ... Signed: Daniel (his X mark) Clifton (seal) ... Witness: Samuel Furlong [missing pg 320]

Moses Davenport, Ruth Davenport, Levi Hassel, Daniel Tarkenton, John Clifton, Alex M Phelps
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book K, page 9-10,
16 Nov 1849, Proven in open court Nov Term 1849 (registered date on pg 10, missing) ... Moses Davenport & wife Ruth Davenport and Levi Hassel & Daniel Tarkenton ... renting ... land on the north side of New Land Road and called the New Land track of land ... John Clifton's line ... to the New Land Road ... Twenty Five Acres ... except for the house and lot whereon we now live ... for five years ... Five Dollars per year rent ... shall not sell this lease to any person ... but deliver this paper writing to me and my husband ... Signed: Moses (his X mark) Davenport, Ruth (her X mark) Davenport ... witness: Alex. M Phelps ... 16 Nov 1849 ... Rec'd of Levi W Hassel and Daniel Tarkenton five dollars in full payment of the first year profit of the within mentioned lands ... Signed Moses T (his X mark) Davenport, Ruth (her X mark) Davenport, witness: Alex M Phelps

William H Hamilton, Patrick Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, William B Smith, Robert A Hamilton
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book K, page 8,
3 Dec 1849, Proven on oath of Robert A Hamilton 5 Mar 1850 to court clerk Will H Battle, Registered 6 Apr 1850 (fragment) ... Wm H Hamilton for sundry good causes & consideration & for the further sum of Five Dollars paid by Patrick Hamilton of the county of Granville ... have bargained, sold, quit claimed ... all right, title or interest which I ... may have to all lots, lands, houses or other real estate ... whatsoever by devise, bequest, inheritance or in any other way to me through my uncle Robert Hamilton late of the state of [North Carolina is scratched out and written over] Arkansas ... Signed: W F Hamilton (seal) ... Witnesses: Wm B Smith, Robert A Hamilton

Levi W Hassel, Zebulon Alexander, Mourning Alexander, Bailey Woodley, John Clifton, John Bateman, Samuel Woodley, Samuel P Woodley, Daniel Woodley, Eli Woodley, John Woodley, Charles H Woodley, Asa Tarkinton, Elizabeth Woodley, Hardy Woodley, Ellen Woodley, Stephen A Davenport, Cecila Woodley, Robinson S Davenport, Mairah Woodley, Nehemiah Phelps, Silvey Woodley, Daniel Tarkinton, Maudy Woodley, R B Davis, Bailey Spruill, Ebinezer Spruill, Namomi Norman, John C Pettijohn, Hamilton W Davenport
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book K, page 8-9,
22 Apr 1850, Proven in open court May Term 1850, Registered 20 May 1850 ... Levi W Hassel sold 20 acres to Zebulon & Mourning Alexander .. for five dollars ... 22 Apr 1850... Twenty Acres of the undivided tract that I bought from Baily Woodly, lying on the head of the river Scuppernong and known by the name of the Bateman tract, beginning in John Clifton's corner ... John Bateman to Samuel Woodley dec'd will appear - Baily Woodly being an heir at law of his father Samuel Woodly deceased in the above undivided tract of swamp with his other brothers and sisters hereafter named: Samuel P Woodly, Daniel Woodly, Eli Woodly, John Woodly, Charles H Woodly, Asa Tarkinton & wife Elizabeth, Hardy Woodley & wife Ellen, Stephen A Davenport & wife Celia, Robert [Robinson] S Davenport & wife Mairah, Nehemiah Phelps & wife Silvey, Daniel Tarkinton & wife Maudy sold to R B Davis, Bailey Spruill & Ebinezer Spruill, Namomi Norman sold her part to John C Pettijohn ... Signed: Levi W Hassell (seal) ... Witness: Hamilton W Davenport

Moses Spruill, Robinson S Davenport, Evan Spruill, Mary Spruill, Nancy Spruill, Mourning Spruill, Jemima Spruill, Radah Spruill, Sarah Spruill, Hester Spruill, Parmelia Spruill, Rosannah Spruill, Joseph Allen, Joseph Phelps, Jacob Davenport, John A Clifton, Samuel Newberry
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book K, pages 211-212,
2 Dec 1850 (missing pg 212) ... Moses Spruill to Robertson S Davenport ... Seventy Six acres ... One Hundred Ten Dollars ... one certain tract of land whereon Evan Spruill, deceased, lived and died, and bequeathed ... to his nine daughters, viz: Mary, Nancy, Mourning, Jemima, Radah, Sarah, Hester, Parmelia and Rosannah ... sold by the said named females to Moses Spruill ... Joseph Allen's N.W. corner ...Joseph Phelp's line patent ... Jacob Davenport, dec'd, now John A Clifton's corner ... Signed: Moses Spruill (seal), Witness: Samuel Newberry [missing page 212]

Robinson S Davenport, John A Clifton, Evan Spruill, Daniel Clifton, Jacob Davenport, Aaron Davenport, Samuel Newberry
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book M, pages 223-224,
6 Dec 1850 (missing pg 224) ... Robertson S Davenport to John A Clifton ... 6 Dec 1850 ... Ten Acres ... Twenty five Dollars ... a portion of the land whereon Evan Spruill lived and died ... adjoining land John A Clifton now owns which he purchased from Daniel Clifton which is the eastern most portion of the Tract of land formerly belonging to Jacob Davenport, Dec'd ... laid off and surveyed by Aaron Davenport ... Signed: Robertson (his X mark) Davenport ... Witness: Samuel Newberry (missing pg 224)

Jehn Nicholls, Henry Holliday, J B Beasley
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book K, pages 211, Proven in open court
Nov Term 1851, Recorded 29 Nov 1851 (fragment) ... Jehn Nicholls to Henry Holliday ... Signed Jehn Nicholls (seal) ... Witness: J B Beasley

Justin Davenport, Charles H Woodley, Jinnet Woodley, Green Ambrose, Elizabeth Ambrose, Franklin Snell, Daniel Davenport, H W Davenport, Aseneth Davenport, Elizabeth Warrenton, Priscilla Long, Nancy Arnold, Nancy Davenport
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book K, pages 462-463,
8 Mar 1853, (missing pg 463) ... Justin Davenport and Charles H Woodley and wife Jinnet, and Green C Ambrose and wife Elizabeth to Franklin Snell ... Four Dollars and Fifty Cents ... land known as the Daniel Davenport tract of land ... adjoining the lands of Mackey and others ... all right & title inherited from our mother Aseneth Davenport as heirs at law, it being three fifths of the one fourth of lot number five, which our mother Asenith Davenport [inherited] as heir at law of her sister Elizabeth Warrenton, which said lot number five was drawn by Elizabeth Warrenton in the division with her four sisters, Priscilla Long, Nancy Arnold, Asenith Davenport and Nancy Davenport as by the plot division will now fully appear ... beginning at corner lot number four ... division line of lot number five ... Signed: Charles H Woodley, Jinnet Woodley, Green C Ambrose, Elizabeth Ambrose ... Witness: H W Davenport ... it being represented to me that two of the bargainers, Jannet Woodley and Elizabeth Ambrose are ___ and so infirm and sick as to be unable to come to me or to the county court of Washington county, so that they may be privately examined (missing page 463) [note: Justin Davenport is listed as one of the sellers in the body of the deed but his signature is not listed. I have a transcribed copy of this deed and there may be an error in the transcription]

Josiah Collins, Aaron Davenport, Joseph Davenport, John Spruill, Josiah Phelps, John Ansley, Thomas B Haughton, Robinson Davenport
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book L, pages 110-111,
13 May 1853, Proven in open court Feb Term 1853, [this has to be an error since it is before the date of the deed], Recorded 14 Aug 1854 ... 13 May 1853 ... Josiah Collins to Aaron Davenport ... One hundred Dollars ... known as the New Land purchased by Josiah Collins from Aaron Davenport devised to said Aaron Davenport by the will of his father Joseph Davenport and purchased by Joseph Davenport from John Spruill, being part of two patents granted to Josiah Phelps lying at the New Lands, excepting all such parcels of land as may have been acquired by purchase by Josiah Collins, the elder, deceased, from John Ansley by deed bearing date 6 Jul 1785 or the late Josiah Collins or any member of the Lake Company, it being intended to convey to Davenport only such lands as Josiah Collins acquired from Aaron Davenport & Thomas B Haughton & Roberson Davenport bearing date of 10 Mar 1831 ... Signed: Josiah Collins (seal) ... Witnesses: James Kempt, Hardy Hardison

William Lewis, William W Lewis, Richard H Reddick, Samuel Newbury
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book L, page 110,
9 May 1854, Proven on oath of Samuel Newbury to the court clerk 15 May 1854, Recorded 14 Aug 1854 ... 9 May 1854 ... William Lewis to William W Lewis of the county of Carteret ... One Hundred Seven Acres ... Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars ... on the east side of Kendricks Creek ... Richard H Reddick and Co ... known by the name of Canary Island ... Signed: William Lewis (seal) ... Witness: Samuel Newbury

Jermina Davenport, Aaron Davenport, Martin Craddock, Joshua B Davis, Jordan Snell, Charles Davis, Henry Tarkington, William A Spruill, Hezekiah Oliver, Daniel Oliver, L D Spruill, Andrew Bateman, N D Phelps, Briton Ambrose, Levi Ambrose, Martin Craddock, F S Latham
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book L, page 234-235,
25 May 1854, ... To the Sheriff of Washing county greetings .. Jemina Davenport widow of Aaron Davenport lately filed per petition in our Court of Pleas & Quarter Session against the heirs at law of her husband ... for her unit of dower ... land containing two hundred acres, adjoining the land of Josiah Collins ... was purchased from Josiah Collins ... summon twelve freeholders connected with the parties neither by consauginiety or affinity, and entirely disinterested ... to be duly sworn ... allot and set off ... dower ... of one third of said land ... including the dwelling house & all offices, outhouses, buildings and improvements ... during her natural life and put her in possession of same ... to return such at the next court of Please & Quarter Sessions ... 3rd Monday of May ... [section two] Charles Latham Sheriff ... summoned a jury of good & lawful men viz: 1. Joshua B Davis, 2. Jordan Snell, 3. Charles Davis, 4. Henry Tarkington, 5. Wm A Spruill, 6. Hezekiah Oliver, 7. Daniel Oliver, 8. L D Spruill, 9. Andrew Bateman, 10. N D Phelps, 11. Briton Ambrose, 12. Levi Ambrose ... We the jury have examined the premises, do hereby set off and allot to Jermina Davenport widow of Aaron Davenport, deceased, and put her in possession of same as her one third dower ... on or near Martin Craddock's fence on the north side of the main road ... being the land occupied by Aaron Davenport at the time of his death ... Signed: Jordan (his X mark) Snell, Jordan B Davis, C R Davis, Henry (his X mark) Tarkington, Wm A Spruill, Hezekiah (his X mark) Oliver, Danl Oliver, Lephineah D Spruill, Andrew X Bateman, [There is no "his mark" by the X, this may or not be his mark], N D Phelps, Britton Ambrose, Levi Ambrose ... Witness: F S Latham ... Registered 22 Jun 1855

Cautrice Davenport, Doctrine P Davenport, William S Pettigrew, Matthew Alexander, Samuel S Simmons
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book L, page 235,
23 May 1854, (fragment) ... To the Sheriff of Washington county greetings ... Whereas Cautrice Davenport widow of Doctrine P Davenport, dec'd, ... filed petition ... for dower ... writ of dower be issued to the sheriff of the county ... land containing an estimated four hundred acres adjoining the lands of Wm S Pettigrew, Matthew Alexander, Samel S Simmons & others & one more tract of land containing fifty acres ... summon twelve freeholders connected with the parties neither by consauginiety or affinity, and entirely disinterested ... to be duly sworn ... allot and set off ... dower ... of one third of said land ... including the dwelling house & all offices, outhouses, buildings and improvements ... during her natural life and put her in possession of same ... to return such at the next court of Please & Quarter Sessions ... 3rd Monday of August .. Signed: F F Fagen, Clerk 23rd May 1855

J A Melson, W W Sullivan, Lewis Jackson, W H Jackson
   Washington County, North Carolina, Deed Book M, pages 794,
4 Oct 1854, Proven on oath of W H Jackson to Probate Jude J A Melson 13 Feb 1869, Registered 13 Feb 1869 (fragment) ... Deed from W W Sulivan & Lewis Jackson to George W Allen ... Signed: W W (his X mark) Sulivan (seal), Levi Jackson (seal) ... Witness: W H Jackson

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