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Cumberland County, VA


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LDS #30753


P. 236 - Ind. 28 Sept 1826 James McNamar, William McNamar and Lacey McNamer to Nathaniel M. Osborn all of Cumberland Co....sell to Osborn 96 ac. bounded by estate of Joseph Jenkins on NE, Guinea Creek, Osbornes and signed James, William, and Sarah McNamar. We Samuel Hobson.....justices certify Lacey McNamar wife of late John McNamer personally ack. Deed


DEED BOOK 19: 1828-1830

P. 73 - 18 Aug 1828 Hooz Ford to Alexus M. Davenport and Samuel Wallace....Whereas sd. Davenport on 22 Feb 1819 to secure payment of 900.00, sd. Wallace did by indenture of trust on that date did convey to sd. H. Ford a parcel of land 25 ac. being the same land the sd. Davenport purchased of Wallace 30 Jan 1819.....


LDS #30756

DEED BOOK 24: 1840-1842

P. 31 - Ind. 16 Mar 1840 Elizabeth Davenport, Collin Sheffield and Fanny his wife formerly Fanny Davenport, Catherine Davenport, Edward Davenport and Thomas Davenport, the widow and children of Jesse Davenport dec'd. to James Hobson of Cumberland Co....witnesseth that the parties first above named for a tract of land cont. 40 1/2 ac. purchased by sd. J. Hobson of William England and paid for by him and which sd. tract by agreement conveyed by sd. William England to sd. Elizabeth and Catherine Davenport....sell to sd. John Hobson 22 1/2 ac. in Cumb. Co. adj. Samuel Hobson, George Booker and sd. James Hobson and witnessed by John thompson, Caleb Green, Peter Winfree.

p. 45 - 5 Dec 1837 William England of Cumb. Co. to Elizabeth Davenport and Kitty Davenport 47 1/2 ac. adj. Robert Page, William Booker, and David Hendricks and witnessed by Thoams Isbell, John M. Crowder, George Seay.



P. 299 - 5 June 1843 Dorothea Dowdy to Nancy, wife of James Dowdy Jr. and the children of sd. Nancy (daughter in law) 6 ac. purchased by Dorothea Dowdy of James Dowdy Jr. husband of Nancy...

p. 316 - 5 July 1843 Augustus T. Walton to marry MARY E. DAVENPORT and she has slaves...agreement about use of slaves....

p. 542 - 24 Jan 1844 V. C. Ryals and Hardenia C. his wife of Cumb. Co. to SALLY I. DAVENPORT of same 39 ac. on north side of Buckingham Road adj. Epa Hobson, John Isbell, estate of Noten Goodman dec'd....

p. 542 - 26 Oct 1844 Augusttus F. Walton of Cumb. Co., Edward S. Brown of Powhatan, to Sally S. Davenport of Cumb. Co....Walton indebted to Davenport for 300.00 by bond....1.00 paid to Walten by Brown and sells to Brown all rights to any and every portion of the estate of the late Jesse Ballow dec'd. of Cumb. Co. which shall accrue to him sd. Walton in consequence of his intermarriage with Mary E. Davenport one of the legatees or heirs at law of sd. Jesse Ballow dec'd.....


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