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Dividing Line


LDS #30749

DEED BOOK 9 1801-1807

 p. 164 - 10 Oct 1802 DAVID DAVENPORT of Cumberland Co. to MARTIN SLAUGHTER DAVENPORT for 400,00 current money sells 125 ac. in Cumberland Co. (it being the tract whereon I now live and adj. lands of Moses Arnold, Jacob Faris, David Tyree, Allen Bowler, and legatees of Reuben Clopton dec'd.)...witnessed by James Harris, Jno. Ballow, John Nunnally and proved 24 Feb 1806 by Ballow, Harris and Nunnally.

p. 217 - 22 April 1803 ALEX M. DAVENPORT one of the partners of the late firm of William and Alex Davenport of Cumberland to William Daniel, David Johnson, trustees and William Galt of Richmond Alexeous M. Davenport for 100.00 to trustees two negros Cuffy 14 yrs. and Cibby 15 yrs., now hired by William Phillips, sd. negros received from his fathers estate, firm is indebted to Galt for 103 pounds with interest from 15 July 1802.

p. 263 - 26 Feb 1803 WILLIAM & PATTY DAVENPORT of Chister (sic) Co. SC and MARTIN DAVENPORT of Cumberland Co. for 40.00 Va. money sell 125 ac. beg. at a corner stake on Jacob Faris' line, David Tyree's line, Alan Bowler line, heirs of Reuben Clopton dec'd. Moses Arnold line and witnessed by William Tyree, John M. Hambleton, David Tyree.

P. 264 - 26 Feb 1803 WILLIAM & PATTY DAVENPORT of Chester Co. SC to David Tyree of Cumberland Co. for 10.00 sell 32 ac. adj. sd. David Tyree, Jacob Faris, and witnessed by William Tyree, John M. Hambleton, MARTIN S. DAVENPORT

p. 265 - 2 April 1803 WILLIAM T. DAVENPORT of Cumberland Co. to secure payment of 1000.00 by 1 Sept sell to William Hobson (son of John Hobson), Jacob Faris and Peter Philips...a certain tract inCumb. Co. and designated...the dividend of land late the property of WILLIAM DAVENPORT dec'd. of Cumb. (by No. Two) adj. John Jones estate, Little Gunea Creek, Allen Bowls, Samuel Owen, Alexious M. Davenport, Thomas F. Davenport, Jacob Farris...allotment agreed to by us Thomas F. Davenport, William T. Davenport, and Alexious M. Davenport all of lawful age and living in Cumb. Co. and witnessed by Marshall Booker, Walter Keeble, Hannah G. Keeble, Elizabeth Thompson.

p. 415 - 13 Mar 1804 RICHARD DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to John Criddle of same for 210 pounds Va. money...negros...indebted to John Criddle for 210 pouonds by 1 Oct next....Thaddeus Armstead, Edward Cridle...

p. 420 - 18 Feb 1804 RICHARD DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to John Criddle 210 pouonds one negro Boqzer, one bay mare, etc... for debt.


DEED BOOK 10 1805 - 1807

p. 71 - 2 May 1805 ELIZABETH M. DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. (and legatee of the estate of Charles Ballow dec;d) to Francis Newton Ford of same for 210 pounds Va. and to his heirs land on Appomattox River (part of tract formerly property of Charles Ballow dec;d) cont. 41 ac., now occupied by William Taylor, adj. Cahrles Ballow, orphan of Charles Ballow dec'd., Appomattox River, Mrs. Ballow relict of William Ballow dec'd., being No 1 in division of lands of estate of Charles Ballow dec'd. and witnessed by William Taylor and William Wallace Jr.

p. 192 - 26 May 1806 MARTIN S. DAVENPORT and Polly his wife to Moses Arnold both of Cumb. Co. sell 125 ac. on Tarewallet Creek adj. Moses Arnold, Jacob witnesses and signed Martin Davenport and Polly F. Davenport

p. 293 - 15 Nov 1806 THOMAS F. DAVENPORT of Cumberland Co. to Zachariah Goodman of same for 1000.00 sell 120 ac. where sd. Davenport now lives adj. land of William Davenport dec'd., Jacob Faris, David Tyre, land where John Ballow now lives formerly Marshall Booker and witnessecd by Noten Goodman, Alex M. Davenport, Walter Keeble.


LDS #30750

DEED BOOK 11 1807-1812 AND 12 1812-1819

No pertinent info.



LDS #330752

DEED BOOK 16 1820 -1822

p. 181 - 26 July 1821 Alexis M. Davenport, William F. Ligon and Venable and Ligon second and Samuel T. Taylor and Benjamin Hobson third for 1.00 paid by Taylor and Hobson to Davenport sell my tract of land to Taylor and Hobson cont. 25 ac. lying in view of Felixvile and bounded by Zachariah Goodman on SE Brackets on the NE the Guinea Road. Also lot #3 in Felixville......300.00 loan to Davenport.

p. 256 - 13 Dec 1821 Thomas Dowdy to William Booker for 5 shillings sells all any property of Jesse Dowdy dec'd....Booker will hold property in trust as secuity for sd. Thomas for debts...Dowdy is of Halifax Co.

p. 376 - Rec'd. of Mr. Zachariah Goodman our guardian the balance agreeable to a former report of commissioners....sum of 150.92 and slaves Patty, Balleride, and Mesar which is all the personal property we may have any claim to as coming into the hands of Mr. Z. Goodman as guardian from our father William T. Davenport's estate....this 5 Jan 1822 and signed William B. Davenport and Henry Colquitt and witnessed by Noten Goodman and M. Goodman.


DEED BOOK 17 1822 - 1825

p. 6 - Ind. 7 Sept 1822 Charles Ballow and Elizabeth his wife to Zachariah Goodman for 60.00 sells two lots in Felixville #10 and 12.

p. 62 - 4 Jan 1823 David Tyree to William T. Ballow land adj. Stoney Point Road where it forks with Davenport Road cont. 3/4 acres and witnessed by Alex. M. Davenport.

p. 103 & 107 - 24 Mar 1823 Peter T. Phillips, James Hobson and James B. Anderson Commissioners to William McNamer for 784.00 secured by three bonds......first bond executed by sd. William & Sally McNamar his security to sd. commissioner for 261.33 3 Jan 1823 sd. William McNamar a tract in Cumberland Co. cont. 98 ac. on Guinea Creek and being the tract whereon John McNamar died and sold by sd. comm. as aforesd.


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