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DEED BOOK 5: 1771-1778

p. 20 - Indenture 6 Oct 1769 Edward Keeling to WILLIAM DAVENPORT all of Cumberland Co. 300 ac. part of a tract in Cumberland on the branches of Tarewallet River and Little and Little Guinea Creek and cont. 400 ac. granted to Stephen Cox 300 ac. adj. John Williamson, William Kent, Meredith, Williams, and witnessed by Charles Davenport, John Austin, Claton Cook, Henry Davenport, Thomas Davenport Jr.

p. 36 - Know...I DAVID DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. sell to William Davenport, Absolom Davenport, and Thomas Stegar one negro named Charles and one negro boy Daniell for 54 pounds.....28 Nov 1771 and witnessed by Jesse Thomas and Samuel Stegar.

p. 126 - 31 Aug 1771 JAMES DAVENPORT of Halifax Co. to WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. sells 200 ac. in Cumb. Co. adj. Harrison Jones, John Jones, Little Guinea Creek, THOMAS DAVENPORT, HENRY DAVENPORT, sd. 200 ac. formerly the property of JOSEPH DAVENPORT dec'd. now claimed by James Davenport heir at law to sd. Joseph as sd. Joseph died without a lawful will.....witnessed by Gideon Glenn, HENRY DAVENPORT, THOMAS DAVENPORT JR., Henry Ransome.

p. 130 - 24 June 1772 JULIIUS DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to John Barton of same 50 pounds current money...which sd. Davenport is justly indebted to sd. Barton and for 5 shillings pad. by Barton....sell 100 ac. where sd. Julius now lives adj. John Burton, THOMAS DAVENPORT SR., Robert Smith and after 1 June 1775 Davenport will sell land and pay Barton the 50 pounds or pay off debt...witnessed by James Former, William Lamsen.

p. 159 - Know...I DAVID DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co., Littleton Par., for 200 pounds Va. money sell to THOMAD DAVENPORT JR. of same parish a negro woman Sid and her girl child Milla, man Charles, woman Doll and her two children judith and Robin, also 3 beds and Furniture, 6 cattle, etc....1 Oct 1772 and witnessed by John Woodson and Thomas Davenport 2nd Jr. (sic). 23 April 1773

p. 212 - 27 May 1773 Joseph Jenkins of Littleton Parish to WILLIAM DAVENPORT and William Hambleton of same for 150 pounds sell 300 ac. in Cumberland on both sides of Stinking Water Creek bounded by William Hambleton, John Boles, William Davenport, William Major, Richard Weatherford, Appomattock River, also 5 negroes Philes, Bob, Charles, Spark, Oliver and witnessed by John Stuart, William Major.

p. 226 - Know...I WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Cumber. Co. sell to William Hambleton of same negro Pattey....27 May 1773 and witnessed by Gideon Glenn and Robert Smith.

p. 228 - 4 Dec 1773 THOMAS DAVENPORT of Littleton Par. to Benjamin Sims of same sell 100 ac. on branches of Waller Riv., Littleton Par., adj. Robert Smith, Benjamin Sims, William Davenport, Henry Davenport, Julius Davenport and witnessed by Gideon Glenn and Julius Davenport.

p. 230 - 25Apr 1772 THOMAS DAVENPORT SR. of Cumb. Co., Southam Par., to John Jones of same 200 ac. in parish adj. William Major, James Davenport, Little Guinea Creek, John Jones, and witnessed by William Davenport, John Langhorn, Walter Keeble

p. 252 - 28 Mar 1774 Absolom Davenport and Elizabeth his wife of Cumb. Co. sell to Elizabeth McLauren of same 50 ac. on south side of Middle Road adj. sd. Davenport, Hans Stegar, estate of Robert McLauren.

p.295 - 3 Feb 1774 - John Wilkinson Jr. of Bedford Co., HENRY DAVENPORT & Gideon Glenn of Cumb. Co. buy from WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. negroes Moll, Reuben, Peter, and Adam, , furniture, and household secure loan and witnessed by Stephen Cook, Moses Arnold.

p. 410 - 23 Mar 1776 Nicholas Wilkinson of Southam Parish to son James Wilkenson of same 200 ac. on Mehook Creek adj. William Wilkinson, Joseph Wilkinson, Jacob Mchaux.

p. 465 - 5 Nov 1776 JULIUS DAVENPORT and John Burton of Littleton Parish, Cumb. Co.sell to George Woodson of Henrico Parish land on Little Guinea Creek and Tarewallet Run, 100 ac. adj. Robert Smith, Thomas Davenport Sr., Henry Davenport.

p. 475 - 26 Nov 1776 WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Littleton Par. sells to THOMAS DAVENPORT JR. of same 17 ac. on Little Guinea Creek adj. Henry Davenport, Harrison Jones, Thomas Davenport and witnessed by Henry Davenport , John Woodson, Thomas Davenport minor, and George Woodson.

p. 476 - 2 Mar 1777 WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Southam Parish Cumb. Co. to HENRY DAVENPORT of same 21 ac. adj. Henry Davenport, John Bowker, and witnessed by Thomas Davenport minor, Martin Davenport, John Woodson, Thomas Davenport Jr., Julius Davenport.

p. 505 - Whereas JULIUS DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. sold on 25 Sept 1767 to Alex Banks for Alex Spiers, John Bowman and Co. the fee simple estate of 237 ac....Mary wife of Julius rel. dower...23 Sept. 1777.

p. 551 - Know...I DAVID DAVENPORT to Robert Smith and Thomas Noell sell mill that stand on Tarewallet Creek....27 Apr 1778.


DEED BOOK 6: 1779-1790

p. 35 - 10 April 1779 Leonard Smith of Louisa Co. to WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. sells one mulatto girl Jenny about 12 yrs. of age till she is freed by law or arrives to age 21 and Davenport doth promise to Smith that he will provide for and allow sd. Jenny sufficient neat, drink, and apparell and witnessed by William C. Hill, James Holloway, Jesse Merriman.

p. 37 - Commonwealth of Va. to John Netherland and L. Hosby of Powhatton....Whereas Joseph Wilkison and Mary his wife of Goochland by indenture 5 Aug 1776 sold to Paul Michaux 200 ac. in Cumb. Co...rel. dower....25 Feb 1779.

P. 59 - 9 Dec 1779 WILLIAM DAVENPORT JR. of Cumb. Co. to DAVID DAVENPORT of same for 3000 pounds current money of Va. sell 200 ac. on both sides of TareWallet ? Creek being the land and plantation where sd. David Davenport now lives and being the land formerly belonging to Stephen Davenport dec'd. and adj. William Davenport Sr., Henry Davenport, John Bowles, Moses Arnold, and Robert Clopton...witnessed by Edmund Farguson, Bartlett Thomson, William Hendrick. received in full from David Davenort 3000 pounds 9 Dec 1779.

p. 70 - Dec 1779 WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Jacob Terry of Albemarle sells 200 ac. except one acre where graveyard is, on TareWallet Creek where sd. William lived adj. Moses Arnold, Benjamin Sims, George Woodson, Henry davenport and David Davenport.

p. 85 - 25 Sept 1780 THOMAS DAVENPORT JR. and Lucy Davenport his mother of Cumb. Co. to Richard Crump sell 125 ac. on north side and adj. Appomattox river belonging to Thomas Davenport, father of sd. Thomas, and adj. Charles Ballow, Henry Skipwith, Nelson Patterson.

p. 136 - 24 Feb 1783 THOMAS DAVENPORT and John Woodson, exec. of Thomas Davenport dec'd. of Cumb. Co. sell to David Ross of Fluvanna 756 ac. adj. Abraham Charton, Thomas John, Thomas Thompson Swan, Willis Creek.

P. 211 - 23 July 1784 William Ballow of Cumb. Co. to John Jones of same...24 ac. on south side Guinea Road adj. Joseph Jenkins and Richard Weatherford and witnessed by Cary Harrison, Elijah Jones. 24 july 1784 ack. by Ballew and wife Elizbeth Smith (sic) rel. dower.

p. 354 - 27 Feb 1786 THOMAS & ELIZABETH DAVENPORT of Halifax Co. and John and Nancy Woodson of Cumb. Co. to Marshall Booker of Cumb. Co. sell 288 ac. in Littleton Par. adj. Harrison Jones, William Davenport, Henry Davenport, and George Woodson, being part of a tract where William Davenport now lives.

p. 390 - 22 Jan 1787 WILLIAM & ANN DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Marshall Booker of same 32 ac. Littleton Par. adj. Harrison Jones Sr., Elijah Jones, Henry Davenport.

p. 415 - 25 June 1787 HENRY DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Marshall Booker sells 20 ac. on Little Guinea Creek adj. George Woodson.

p. 434 - 21 July 1787 WILLIAM DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to William Ballow of same sells 10 slaves and witnessed by William Davenport Jr.

p. 465 - 8 May 1788 HENRY & ANN DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Edmund Terry of Powhatton Co. sell 201 ac. where Henry Davenport now lives adj. William Davenport, Marshall Booker, John Bowles, David Davenport.

p. 500 - 21 Feb. 1789 HENRY DAVENPORT of Culp. Co. to Wilson Davenport, son to sd. Henry...slaves.

p. 514 - 31 Mar 1789 DAVID DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Jacob Fares of same sells 23 ac. on north branches of Tarewallers Branch and witnessed by Cary Harrison, Moses Arnold, John Sims, Martin Slaughter Davenport

p. 542 - 23 June 1789 DAVID DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Marshall Booker sells 20 ac. on Stinking Water Creek.


LDS #30748

DEED BOOK 7: 1790-1797

p. 37 - 19 Nov 1790 Hickerson Barksdale of Buckingham Co. to G. Coleman land in Cumb. Co.

p. 148 - Know I DAVID DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. for 40 pounds va. money sell to Moses Arnold of same one negro woman Milley and her increase....11 July 1791 and witnessed by Marshall Booker, John Sims, William Hobson and 26 Dec 1791 bill of sale recorded.

p. 188 - Ind. 27 Aug 1792 ANN DAVENPORT relict of HENRY DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Edmund Terry of Powhatan Co. Witnesseth that Edmund Terry purchased of my husband a parcel of land in opportunity offered to rel. dower....relinquish dower now....

p. 220 - WILLIAM DAVENPORT and Ann his wife by indenture on 10 Mar 1767 sold to John Smith in fee simple 400 ac. in Cumb. Co....she relinquish dower 9 Dec 1792...

p. 269 - Ind. 17 July 1793 THOMAS DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. and Frances his wife for 40 pounds and Samuel Morgan and Elizabeth his wife for 10 pounds sell to William Bagby 50 3/4 ac. part of Devinports survey? adj. William Turpin, Samuel, Agnes and elsey Cannafax and witnessed by Dudley Street, William Spears, W. Warfield....Samuel and Elizabeth Morgan rel. our rite and dower

p. 306 - Whereas THOMAS DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. by indenture 19 July 1793 sold to William Bagby of Cumb. co. 50 3/4 ac. in fee simple and now wife Frances rel. dower 29 August 1793.

p. 385 - 11 Oct 1794 THOMAS DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. to Lewis Isbell of same for 63 pounds sells land adj. Paul Night, Alice Carifax, William Bagby, and David Fords cont. 56 1/2 ac....signed by Thomas and Frances Davenport.

p. 461 - 7 May 1796 RICHARD DAVENPORT and Alcie his wife of Powhatan Co. to Lewis Isbell of Cumb. Co. for 81 pounds sell land adj. Isham Carter, William Bagby, and sd. Lewis Isbell cont. 54 ac. and witnessed by James Armistead, Dudley Street.

p. 466 - 7 May 1796 RICHARD & ALCIE DAVENPORT of Powhatan Co. to William Bagby sell 54 ac. adj. William Turpin and Lewis Isbell.


DEED BOOK 8: 1797-1801

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