Davenport Family Graveyards

Around Cherry / Creswell, Washington Co, NC


 Linda Haas Davenport


I transcribed this cemetery July 16, 1988. As far as I know no one has been buried in this graveyard since then.

Cemetery is located in a field where New Land Road and Phelps Lake Road intersects. If you are coming down New Land Road going toward Creswell the field is on your right. To get to the graveyard turn right onto Phelps Lake Road and when you are even with the graveyard, park and walk out into the field.

Dividing Line

Cemetery Layout

1) Rennie Davenport - Mother - 1888-1939

2) Elwood Davenport - Father - 1887-1947

3) Charlotte Davenport (stone is too worn to read)

4) D.L. Davenport - Oct 2, 1850 - Died 8 Jul 1935

5) Mittie G Phelps - Mar 1 1889-Apr 18 1942

6) W Seaton Phelps Dec 17 1883-June 22 1958

7) Junior W Phelps, Aug 19 1912-Jan 29 1964

8) Unmarked grave is smaller than Charlotte's grave

9) Carolyn E - daughter of W C & Alenia Woodley - Feb 14 1937-Apr 28 1938

10 11) Two small graves headstones are small and if they every had engraving on them it can no longer be read

12) One small grave with only a rock, no formal stone


According to family members Eva Vastic Davenport 12 Dec 1898-6 Nov 1899 and Earnest Grant Davenport 8 Oct 1901-7 Sep 1912 are buried in this graveyard.

According to Elizabeth (aka Betty Lou) Phelps VanHorn "there is another, small grave but I can't remember which side it is on...beside 5 or beside 7. This additional site is the infant daughter, Mittie Susan Thomas, of my aunt, Charlotte Phelps Thomas. The child died at birth or just a very short time after."


 Dividing Line

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