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*Unisa Davenport

1760, Daniel Davenport born. Married Sarah Nicholls (born 1770) in 1786. Children: Priscilla Davenport Long, Unisa Arnold, Nancy, Elizabeth, Asenath (Born 1788). (Information from Mrs. Loretta Phelps, 2637 Mt. Tabor Rd., Cresswell, NC 27928, September, 1997).

*Uriah Davenport

May 13, 1790, will of James Davenport (Jr., indicated in 10/7/1791 action by Frederick Davenport ), probated Jul 1790. Names wife Johannah, children Luranah, Elkanah, Frederick, Moses, Isiah, Ann, Leah, Uriah . Executors: son Frederick Davenport, John Norman, James Davenport. Witnesses: Joseph Davenport, Sr., Elizabeth Norman, Joseph Phelps.

1791, Land deed James Davenport, Jr. estate to Uriah Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 11, p. 87)

Oct 7, 1791, bond for Frederick Davenport to be guardian of Isaiah and Uriah, orphans of James Davenport, Jr.

Dec 28, 1791, James Davenport, Jr. (dec'd) land is divided to Frederick, Moses, Uriah, James (son of Elkanah), and Isiah Davenport. Land adjoins Reedy Branch and Indian Swamp. (Tyrrell County DB 11, p. 86-89)

Nov 24, 1795, will of Joannah Davenport (widow of James Davenport, Jr. - Ed.), probated Jan 1796. Names children Polly Long, Ann Davenport, son Hugh Stephenson, son Lovico Stephenson, Isaiah Davenport, Uriah Davenport. Witnesses: John Swain, Joseph Chesson, Elizabeth Chesson.

*William Davenport

Jul 29, 1746, will of Jacob Davenport, probated 9/1746. Names wife Rachel (who was pregnant), daughter Anne, brothers William, John, James. Witnesses: Edwd. Phelps, John Brown, John Davenport, Sr.

Dec 4, 1746, William Davenport is bondsman for estate of Joseph Alexander.

Jun 30, 1748, deed of gift of John Davenport, Sr. Names wife Ann Davenport; sons Richard, John, James, Joseph, William Davenport; Mary Davenport, daughter of William; Ann & Lurana, daughters of Jacob Davenport, dec'd. Witnesses: Christian Barrett, W. Barrett.

1749, Although probably not related to the Tyrrell County Davenports there was an Isaac Davenport who died in 1749 in Granville County, North Carolina. His children were Joseph Davenport (b. Abt. 1715, died Newberry County SC), Francis Davenport, Isaac Davenport, and William Davenport. Father Isaac and son Joseph were in Orange County, VA in 1739. Some of these names are mentioned elsewhere in this document.

Jun 1752, Court ordered a Grand Jury to convene. Members: Thomas Lee, John McCaskey,William Barrett, William Mobley, John Ballard, William Devenport, John Gumm, Saml. Spruell, Jr., Nathan Bateman, James Devenport, Joshoa Tarkinton, Joseph Phelps, and Thos. Ludford. Minutes of the June, 1752 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1:130.

1755, Richard Davenport is listed as a taxpayer in Tyrrell Co, NC. Others: Francis (Granville Co, NC 1755, 1769), Isaac & James (Tyrrell Co. 1755), John (Chowan Co. 1721), John, John Jr., Joseph (Tyrrell Co. 1755), and William & Isaac (Rowan Co. 1758, 1759). (C. E. Ratcliff, "North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701-1786," Geneol. Publ. Co., Baltimore, 1984) (also see Francis Davenport, 1749)

May 13, 1761, Court appoints a Jury to lay out the road from Nehemiah Normans to Isaac Davenports. Members: Alexander H. McAbe, Joseph Davenport, Godfree Spruill, Isaac Devenport, Joseph Norman, Roger Snell, William Devenport, Samuel Norman, Richard Davenport, John Norman, John Hassell, Nehemiah Norman, James Devenport. Minutes of the May, 1761 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 2:200.

Jan 22, 1767, deed Roger Snell to father-in-law William Davenport, 40 acres in Scuppernong, adjoining Jacob Davenport, John Snell, a deep swamp. Witnesses: John Snell, John Davenport. From other records in the present compilation, Roger Snell owned land as early as 1753 (see John Davenport, 1753), then appeared in the records until 1799, when an orphaned son was mentioned. That would mean that Roger Snell was at least 20 years of age in 1753; i.e., was born around 1733. Being his father-in-law, William Davenport would be 20 years older, yet, implying that he was born around 1713 or before.

Jun 14, 1768, Adonijah Davenport, son of John Davenport, is killed while fighting a fire "in the field before the door of his father." A burning tree fell on him. A coroner's inquest was held, apparently at the request of John Davenport. The jury: Joseph Spruill (foreman), Capt. Jos. Spruill, Stephen Hooker, John Snell, Roger Snell, Benj. Hatfield, James Jackson, Wm. Freeman, John Spruill, Elijah Norman, Nehemiah Norman, John Norman, Wm. Davenport, Joseph Chesson, Benj. Spruill, James MacKibb, John Swain, Jesse Lewis, Samuel Norman, Richard Leary, James Davenport, and Richard Davenport.

Feb 28, 1778, William Davenport to Rogers Snell, bond to abide arbitration. Witnesses: Joshua Alexander, Daniel Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 5, p. 148)

Jul 20, 1778, William Davenport enlisted as a Private for 9 months in the 10th Regiment, Quinn's Company. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. XVI, p. 1045]

Jul 20, 1778, NC Revolutionary War Records: William Davenport served 9 months as a Private in Quinn's Company, 10th Regiment of the NC Continental Line, enlisted 7/20/1778. (NC Reg 3:95)

May 18, 1780, James Davenport received State grant 478 for 38 acres. Land adjoins Flat Swamp, Brown, John & William Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 532-533)

Oct 13, 1782, will of William Davenport, WB-1/146, probated 10/1785. Names wife Elizabeth Davenport, children James Davenport (eldest), Daniel Davenport, David Davenport, Mary Hassell (wife of Zebedee Hassell - Ed.). Witnesses: Mich Spruill, John Snell, Stephen Wiley.

1782, Tyrrell County Tax List shows William Davenport with 228 acres.

1784, Tyrrell County Tax List shows William Davenport with 260 acres.

1790, The South Carolina census shows Francis, two Isaacs, Joseph, two Williams, and James Davenport on the same page. (also see Francis Davenport, 1749)

Jun 19, 1794, James Davenport (son of William) married Keziah Davenport in Tyrrell County. Bondsman Daniel Davenport, witness T. Mackey.

Jan 1797, petition of Parthea Davenport, widow of John Davenport. Said John owned 100 acres joining William Davenport and Nehemiah Norman. John died intestate 1/8/1796. Petition for dower.

Jun 22, 1798, William Davenport married Polly Alexander. Witness: Samuel Chesson. Bondsman: Andrew Oliver.

Aug 22, 1799, Miles Davenport married Esther Swift. Witness: Samuel Chesson. Bondsman: William Davenport.

May 31, 1800, The Mormon FamilySearch International Genealogical Index (IGI) Film Number 903571 claims that Jacob Davenport was born "ABT 1737" and his father was Richard. The same record claims that Zachariah was born June 6, 1774, with parents Jacob Davenport and Johannah Garrett. The FamilySearch Ancestral File record AFN 11BW-B20 claims that William Davenport was born "ABT 1799" in Whitley County, KY, with parents Zachariah Davenport [AFN 11BW-B0K] and Precilla Spruill [AFN 11BW-B1R]. However, the Ancestral File contains unverified family sheets submitted by private individuals, and may contain errors and conjecture. William was actually born in Kentucky on May 31, 1800 (from his headstone and the Kentucky census), and Zechariah had already married Jean Douglass by that time (from the Washington County, VA marriage records).

1800, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: David, Ephraim, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jesse, John, Myles, Stephen, William, William Davenport; and in Tyrrell Co, NC: Isaac, Hezekiah, Ishmael, Joseph Davenport.

1802, William Davenport listed as a taxpayer in Anderson Co, TN. (Pollyanna Creekmore, "Early Tennessee Taxpayers," Southern Historical Press, Easley SC, 1980).

Jan 4, 1807, William Davenport married Polly Overton in Tyrrell County. Bondsman Darius Snell, witness C. Spruill, clerk.

Sep 26, 1807, will of Edward Overton states that he has daughters Charlotty Davenport (m. Asa Davenport) and Polly Davenport (m. William Davenport).

1810, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Aron, Asa, Ephraim, Hetty, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob, James, James, William (2), William Jr. Davenport; and none in Tyrrell Co, NC (must have failed to record those).

Mar 7, 1811, "William Davenport the son of William Davenport and Mary Davenport his wife was born March the 7 in the year of our Lord 1811." (Overton Family Bible in possession of Georgia Forbes, Norfolk, Virginia, October 1998).

Jan 27, 1812, will of Frederick Davenport, Sr. mentions wife Joanah (who was pregnant), daughters Nancy Stubbs and Permelia Davenport, and sons James, Samuel, William, George W., and Frederick Davenport. States that he has (among others) 393 acres bought in 8 deeds from Andrew Oliver, Peter Hines, Jesse Batman, Thomas Smith, Samuel Chesson, John Davenport son of Jacob, and Hezekiah Arnold. States that sons Samuel and George W. are under 21. Leaves to son William a large tract of land on the Sound that had belonged to Joseph & Stephen Spruill & others, plus land & swamp near Deep Creek. Leaves to son Frederick the land which he had bought from James Davenport, Sr. and from James Davenport son of Elkanah. Leaves money to school his young children. States his brother James is deceased. Charles Davenport proved the handwriting. James, William, and Samuel were old enough to be executors.

1815, William Davenport is listed in the Washington Co, NC tax list with 100 acres.

1815, William Davenport, son of John, is listed in the Washington Co, NC tax list with no property, one poll.

1815, William Davenport, son of David, is listed in the Washington Co, NC tax list with 114 acres.

1820, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abram, Absolom, Alexander, Asa, Charlotte, Ephraim, James, James R., Mary, Nias, Samuel, William (2), William F. Davenport; and in Tyrrell Co, NC: Betsy, Frederick, Henry, Joanna, John, Robert, Silas, Talka, Thomas Davenport.

1822, William Davenport's will recorded. (?? County WB H, p. 184)

1830, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth (2), Frederick, George, James, John, and Moses Davenport; others. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abraham, Alexander, Sr, Amasa, Charlotte, Ephraim (under 60), Esther, Fredrick, John, Sr, James, Mary, Moses, Stephen (2), William (under 60), William D., and William F. Davenport; others.

1831, An estate record is filed in Tyrrell County for William F. Davenport.

1840, The U. S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Abraham, Alexander, Aron, Daniel, David, Doctrine, Edmund, Ephraim, George B., James, John, Mary, Stephen, Sr, Susanna, William, William D., and William K. Davenport; others. In Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth, Enoch, Frederick, G.W.(George W.?), James T., John, Richard, and Sally Davenport.

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