Joshua & Joyce & Keziah

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Dividing Line

*Joshua Davenport

Sep 1765, division of estate among children of John Davenport: John, Ephrain Maryann, Jacob, Anna, Joanna, Joshua, Hezekiah Davenport.

Jul 1783, mentioned in estate inventory of Asahel Davenport, which was signed by Jeams Davenport.

Feb 1, 1793, Joshua Davenport married Ann Brickhouse in Tyrrell Co, NC. Bondsman Isaac Davenport, witness T. Mackey.

May 13, 1805, will of Richard Howett states that he had obtained land from Joshua Davenport.

*Joyce Davenport

Nov 28, 1823, John Davenport's will recorded in Tyrrell County. Mentions wife Sally Davenport, daughters Sally, Ruzillah, Patsy, and Joyce Davenport, and sons Talkot, Nias, and Doctor. Land adjoins Hezekiah Spruill, Silas Davenport, Isaac Davenport, and Frederick Davenport.

*Keziah Davenport

Jun 19, 1794, James Davenport (son of William) married Keziah Davenport in Tyrrell County. Bondsman Daniel Davenport, witness T. Mackey.

 Dividing Line

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