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Mar 2, 1674, Richard Davenport, Jr. born to Richard & Johannah Davenport of Perquimans Precinct (NC Reg 3:213)

Jul 3, 1676, Elizabeth Davenport born to Richard & Johana Davenport of Berkeley, later Perquimans Precinct. (NC Reg:3:209)

Nov 3, 1677, John Davenport born to Richard & Johannah Davenport of Perquimans Precinct (NC Reg 3:110, 111, 376,382; 33:116).

Nov 10, 1682, Sarah Davenport born to Richard & Joanah Davenport of Perquimans Precinct (NC Reg 3:213)

Sep 17, 1685, Isaak Davenport born to Richard & Johannah Davenport of Perquimans Precinct (NC Reg 3:213)

Nov 18, 1688, Susannah Davenport born to Richard & Johannah Davenport of Perquimans Precinct (NC Reg 3:215)

Nov 17, 1691, Agnis Davenport born to Richard & Johannah Davenport of Perquimans Precinct. (W. P. Haun, "Perquimans County Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Flesh Marks 1655-1820," 1:26, Durham, 1980). Also (NC Reg 3:217)

Mar, 1700/1, Richard Davenport proved his right to 200 acres of land because he brought himself, his wife Johanna, and sons Richard Jr. and John into the precinct (they were apparently allowed 50 acres per male person). By this date, his other children were born, but weren't mentioned in this petition. This means that he came into the Carolina settlement before 1685, when Isaak was born (apparently, female children were not counted in land petitions of this type.) (Perquimans General Court Records, March 1700/1, p. 421)

Jul 20, 1700, deed of gift from Richard Davenport & wife Joanah, of Perquimans Precinct, to daughter Elizabeth Foster, wife of John Foster. Part of tract "I live on", lying next to "the great Marsh swamp". On Oct 10, 1704, John Foster deeded this property to John & Anne Davenport of Chowan Precinct. (Perquimans Precinct Deed Book B, no. 145)

1765, John Davenport named as a security in division of estate of Joanna Davenport (widow of Richard Davenport - Ed.).

Sep 1765, division of estate among wife Anna and children of John Davenport: John, Ephrain Maryann, Jacob, Anna, Joanna, Joshua, Hezekiah Davenport.

Jun 6, 1774, The Mormon Family Search International Genealogical Index (IGI) Film Number 903571 claims that Jacob Davenport was born "ABT 1737" and his father was Richard. The same record claims that Zachariah was born June 6, 1774, with parents Jacob Davenport and Johannah Garrett. The FamilySearch Ancestral File record AFN 11BW-B20 claims that William Davenport was born "ABT 1799" in Whitley County, KY, with parents Zachariah Davenport [AFN 11BW-B0K] and Precilla Spruill [AFN 11BW-B1R]. However, the Ancestral File contains unverified family sheets submitted by private individuals, and may contain errors and conjecture. William was actually born in Kentucky on May 31, 1800 (from his headstone and the Kentucky census), and Zechariah had already married Jean Douglass by that time (from the Washington County, VA marriage records).

Apr 7, 1779, John Alexander married Joanna Davenport. Bondsmen Joseph Alexander and Stephen Davenport. Clerk, Thomas Hoskins. (Reproduction of the original marriage bond document in the Washington County Genealogical Society Journal, December, 1996) Capt. John Alexander and Joanna Davenport Alexander had sons Ashbury, Charles, Isaac, and Jesse. They lived in Tyrrell County. Charles, Isaac, and Jesse moved to Indiana in 1811, 1811, and 1824, respectively. Apparently after John's death, Joanna moved to Indiana to be near her sons. Her will was probated in Pike County, Indiana in 1835. [Washington County Genealogical Society Journal, December 1999]

Apr 17, 1779, Joana Davenport married John Davenport in Tyrrell County, NC. Bondsman J. Alexander. (W. M. Clemens, "North and South Carolina Marriage Records," Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1987).

May 13, 1790, will of James Davenport (Jr., indicated in Oct 7, 1791 action by Frederick Davenport), probated Jul 1790. Names wife Johannah, children Luranah, Elkanah, Frederick, Moses, Isiah, Ann, Leah, Uriah . Executors: son Frederick Davenport, John Norman, James Davenport. Witnesses: Joseph Davenport, Sr., Elizabeth Norman, Joseph Phelps.

1790, U.S. Census shows Joanne Davenport (widow of James Davenport, Jr. - Ed.) with 0 males 16+, 3 males under 16, 6 females, 2 slaves.

Nov 24, 1795, will of Joannah Davenport (widow of James Davenport, Jr. - Ed.), probated Jan 1796. Names children Polly Long, Ann Davenport, son Hugh Stephenson, son Lovico Stephenson, Isaiah Davenport, Uriah Davenport. Witnesses: John Swain, Joseph Chesson, Elizabeth Chesson.

Jan 26, 1796, Bond for John Swain to administer the estate of Joannah Davenport (widow of James Davenport, Jr. - Ed.). Bondsmen: Frederick Davenport, Isaac Davenport.

Apr 1798, Henry Norman, Esq., Charles Spruill, Esq., and Samuel Chesson, or any two of them, are ordered to audit and settle the accounts between the estate of Joanna Davenport and the administrators and report to the next court. (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions)

Oct 7, 1811, Patsy Davenport's will recorded in Tyrrell County WB-2/36. Mentions sisters Nancy, Miriam, & Charlotty Davenport, sister Sealey Chapman, aunt Johanna Alexander, brothers Asahel & John Davenport.

Jan 27, 1812, will of Frederick Davenport, Sr. mentions wife Joanah (who was pregnant), daughters Nancy Stubbs and Permelia Davenport, and sons James, Samuel, William, George W., and Frederick Davenport. States that he has (among others) 393 acres bought in 8 deeds from Andrew Oliver, Peter Hines, Jesse Batman, Thomas Smith, Samuel Chesson, John Davenport son of Jacob, and Hezekiah Arnold. States that sons Samuel and George W. are under 21. Leaves to son William a large tract of land on the Sound that had belonged to Joseph & Stephen Spruill & others, plus land & swamp near Deep Creek. Leaves to son Frederick the land which he had bought from James Davenport, Sr. and from James Davenport son of Elkanah. Leaves money to school his young children. States his brother James is deceased. Charles Davenport proved the handwriting. James, William, and Samuel were old enough to be executors.

1820, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Betsy, Frederick, Joanna, and John Davenport. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abram, Alexander, Asa, Charlotte, Ephraim, James, Mary, Nias, Samuel, William (2), and William F. Davenport.

Jan 1841, Joanna Davenport's will (widow of Frederick Davenport, Sr. - Ed.) recorded in Tyrrell County, NC WB-2/153. Mentions son George W., daughter Pamela (Permelia?) White.

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