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*Jane R. Davenport

Jul 11, 1852, Chowan Co, NC Court proceedings, February term, 1853; Ephraim Davenport's will: "Wife Jane R., my children at my death, wife and Wm. A. Moore Exrs. Test, Edwin M. Moore, Chas. T. Woodley."

*Jane Douglass Davenport

Oct 10, 1799, Zachariah Davenport married Jean Douglass in Washington Co, VA.married by Wm. Brundige, Baptist Minister.

May 31, 1800, The Mormon Family Search International Genealogical Index (IGI) Film Number 903571 claims that Jacob Davenport was born "ABT 1737" and his father was Richard. The same record claims that Zachariah was born June 6, 1774, with parents Jacob Davenport and Johannah Garrett. The FamilySearch Ancestral File record AFN 11BW-B20 claims that William Davenport was born "ABT 1799" in Whitley County, KY, with parents Zachariah Davenport [AFN 11BW-B0K] and Precilla Spruill [AFN 11BW-B1R]. However, the Ancestral File contains unverified family sheets submitted by private individuals, and may contain errors and conjecture. William was actually born in Kentucky on June 6, 1800 (from his headstone and the KY census), and Zechariah had already married Jean Douglass by that time (from the Washington County, VA marriage records).

*Jemima Davenport

Feb 5, 1792, will of Joseph Davenport, probated Apr 1792. Names wife Elizabeth Mary, children Benjamin, Simeon, Ismael, Enoch, Eli, Isom, Isaac, Joseph, Ansel (Asahel?), John, Jemima, Elizabeth, Ann, Pattey. States land adjoins Benjamin Davenport, John Davenport, Spruill, McCabe. Witnesses: Moses Davenport, Ader Norman, James Norman.

Apr 1796, John Swain, administrator, returned an inventory of the estate of Jamima Davenport (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, April 1796).

Apr 1799, petition to divide estate of Simion Davenport, who died 4/1799 owning 500 acres. Heirs: Isaac, Joseph, Eli, another Isaac, John, Enock, Stephen, Benjamin, and Ishmell Davenport; Ann Davenport Snell, heirs of Jemima Davenport Ambrose, and Patty Phelps. (The beneficiaries are Simeon's siblings. See Joseph Davenport's will, 4/1792. Simeon must not have married, or had no family left at the time - Ed.)

Apr 26, 1806, Jemima Davenport is cited as mother in a Tyrrell County Bastardy Bond Record.

*Jeptheth Davenport

Dec 8, 1804, Jeptheth Davenport married Charlotte Davenport in Tyrrell County. Bondsman Jesse Alexander, witness C. Spruill, clerk.

*Jesse Davenport

1791, Land deed John Davenport, Sr. to Jesse Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 591)

Apr 2, 1794, Jesse Davenport married Ann Spruill in Tyrrell Co, NC. Witness: Samuel Chesson. Bondsman: Benjamin Davenport.

Oct 4 1794, Benjamin Davenport married Ann Alexander. Witness: Samuel Chesson. Bondsman: Jesse Davenport.

1795, Land deed John Davenport to Jesse Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 92)

1800, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: David, Ephraim, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jesse, John, Myles, Stephen, William, William Davenport; and in Tyrrell Co, NC: Isaac, Hezekiah, Ishmael, Joseph Davenport.

Jun 22, 1802, Jesse Davenport married Susanna Thompson.

1815, Jesse Davenport is listed in the Washington Co, NC tax list as deceased, with 100 acres.

Jun 5, 1816, Jesse Davenport married Elizabeth Fentress. Bondsman James Yates, witness I. Lamb.

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