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*George Davenport

May 10, 1767, Isaac Davenport heir of Isaac Davenport dec'd of Scuppernong assigns his right to his brother George Davenport. Witnesses: John Snell, Ephraim Davenport.

1767, Land deed Isaac Davenport to George Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 4, p. 213)

Apr 29, 1769, division of Isaac Davenport's estate. Recipients: wife Elizabeth, 8 children Elizabeth, Joel, Isaac, George, Francis, Tamer, and John Davenport, John Snell.

Mar 1776, deed William Chesson to Samuel Chesson, 100 acres West side of Scuppernong River, adjoining Cypress Swamp, Deavanport, Norman. Witnesses: Jas. Spruill, Benjn. Spruill, Benjamin Dillin (Cypress Swamp & Chesson tie to George Davenport's locale - Ed.).

Apr 10, 1777, deed Samuel Chesson to William Chesson, 100 acres West side of Scuppernong River, adjoining George Davenport, Samuel Chesson, Dead Run Branch, Cross Branch. Witnesses: Hezekiah Spruill, Martha Alexander. (Col. Hezekiah Spruill was a leader in the American Revolution and died 1804 in Alligator Township in Tyrrell Co, NC - "The Spruills - a Family of Colonial Notables," by David E. Davis, article in THE STATE, August 1, 1964).

Sep 22, 1779, deed Isaac Davenport & George Davenport to John Davenport, 200 acres formerly patented to Isaac Davenport dec'd 4 Jun 1755, adjoining John Chesson, Dismal, Red Oak Grounds, James Chesson. Witnesses: John Chesson, William Sutton. (Tyrrell County DB 9, p. 78)

Sep 1779, deed John Davenport to George Davenport, 225 acres as by a deed from Isaac Davenport to John Davenport 1743, adjoining John Davenport, James Chesson, Nehemiah Norman, Cypress Swamp. Witnesses: Isaac Davenport, John Chesson.

1779, Land deed George Davenport to John Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 9, p. 78)

1782, Land deed George Davenport to Nehemiah Norman. (Tyrrell County DB 7, p. 132)

1786, Land deed George Davenport to John Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 204)

Jan 27, 1812, will of Frederick Davenport, Sr. mentions wife Joanah (who was pregnant), daughters Nancy Stubbs and Permelia Davenport, and sons James, Samuel, William, George W., and Frederick Davenport. States that he has (among others) 393 acres bought in 8 deeds from Andrew Oliver, Peter Hines, Jesse Batman, Thomas Smith, Samuel Chesson, John Davenport son of Jacob, and Hezekiah Arnold. States that sons Samuel and George W. are under 21. Leaves to son William a large tract of land on the Sound that had belonged to Joseph & Stephen Spruill & others, plus land & swamp near Deep Creek. Leaves to son Frederick the land which he had bought from James Davenport, Sr. and from James Davenport son of Elkanah. Leaves money to school his young children. States his brother James is deceased. Charles Davenport proved the handwriting. James, William, and Samuel were old enough to be executors.

Jun 8, 1827, will of Joseph Ansley mentions "land between Scuppernong River & the plantation where I now live, joining Petotoe Choad Run, Mary Batmon's Arch, Nathan Phelps, joining the land I purchased of William Tarkinton, joining Harmon Batman, Col Hodges;..." Witnesses: Harmon Bateman, George W. Davenport.

Oct 6, 1828, will of John Ansley mentions land bought from William Tarkinton, land joining Little Island, land on Riders Creek, and Long Reach Swamp. Executors: Samuel Davenport, Daniel Clayton; witnesses: G. W. Davenport, Daniel Ansley. Tyrrell County Will Book O.

1830, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth (2), Frederick, George, James, John, and Moses Davenport; others. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abraham, Alexander, Sr, Amasa, Charlotte, Ephraim, Esther, Fredrick, John, Sr, James, Mary, Moses, Stephen (2), William, William D., and William F. Davenport; others.

1840, The U. S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Abraham, Alexander, Aron, Daniel, David, Doctrine, Edmund, Ephraim, George B., James, John, Mary, Stephen, Sr, Susanna, William, William D., and William K. Davenport; others. In Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth, Enoch, Frederick, G.W., James T., John, Richard, and Sally Davenport.

Jan 1841, Joanna Davenport's will (widow of Frederick Davenport, Sr. - Ed.) recorded in Tyrrell County, NC WB-2/153. Mentions son George W., daughter Pamela (Permelia?) White.

Oct 19, 1851, George W. Davenport's will recorded in Tyrrell County WB-3/30. Mentions son Edward (a minor) and brother William. An estate record was filed in 1853. <additional information from Ellen Kroll: I have additional information on the Will of George W. Davenport 19 Oct 1851 in Tyrrell Co. He also named in his will a brother Joseph. The will is witnessed by James F. Davenport and W. W Davenport. At this point W. W. Davenport appears to be Warren William Davenport brother of James F. In his will George left his land to his son Edward. The land is located in Washington Co NC. James F. Davenport was appointed guardian for Edward and on the 1860 Tyrrell Census with his family. George W. is the son of Frederick and Joanna Davenport. I believe his brother Joseph is the child Joanna is pregnant with in Frederick's will. I am still looking for leads to the parents of James F. Davenport. Have been reading land record but have not yet come up with any information that will help me.>

*Giles Davenport

1786, at Warrenton. Asahel Davenport, James Davenport, and Giles Davenport paid for their Revolutionary War service. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. XVII, p. 205]

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