Ephraim (Ephrian)

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Dividing Line

Sep 1765, division of John Davenport's estate among wife Anna and children John, Ephrain, Maryann, Jacob, Anna, Joanna, Joshua, Hezekiah Davenport.

May 10, 1767, Isaac Davenport heir of Isaac Davenport dec'd of Scuppernong assigns his right to his brother George Davenport. Witnesses: John Snell, Ephraim Davenport.

Jul 30, 1767, deed Isaac Davenport "air" to Isaac Davenport of Scuppenond dec'd, to his brother John Davenport. of 225 acres which had belonged to Isaac Davenport dec'd who had acquired it by deed signed by Jno. Davenport 8 Feb 1743/4, adjoining sd Isaac Davenport, John Davenport, John Chesson, Nehemiah Norman, the main road from Tyrrell Court House (at that time located on Kendricks Creek near present-day Mackeys* Ed.) to Scuppernong River, Cypress Swamp, Great Swamp, Flat Swamp. Witnesses: John Snell, Efrham Davenport. * B. P. Robinson, "The North Carolina Guide," University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1955.

Feb 25, 1769, deed Joseph Spruill to Nehemiah Norman, 150 acres near Scuppernong River, main road, Ash Branch, Deep Branch, Spruills, Wynne's road. Witnesses: John Snell, Ephraim Davenport.

Mar 1776, deed William Chesson to Samuel Chesson, 100 acres West side of Scuppernong River, adjoining Cypress Swamp, Deavanport, Norman. Witnesses: Jas. Spruill, Benjn. Spruill, Benjamin Dillin (Benjamin Spruill & Cypress Swamp tie to Ephriam's locale -Ed.).

1781, Ephraim Davenport enlisted as a Private for 12 months in the 10th Regiment, Brevard's Company. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. XVI, p. 1047]

1781, NC Revolutionary War Records: Ephriam Davenport served 12 months as a Private in Brevard's Company, 10th Regiment of the NC Continental Line, released 5/2/1782. (NC Reg 3:95)

1782-1790, final settlement for Ephraim Davenport's Revolutionary War service is recorded. (NC Archives, Comptroller's Papers - Final Settlements, Box 15)

1784, State grant 390 to Ephram Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 6, p. 144)

1789, State grant 548 to Ephraim Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 499)

1790, U.S. Census shows Ephriam Davenport with 1 male 16+, 3 males under 16, 6 females, no slaves.

1798, Sheriff's deed Ephraim Davenport, Sr. to Edmund Blunt (Shff.). (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 395)

1799, Sheriff's deed Edmund Blunt (shff.) to Ephraim Davenport, Jr. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 395)

1800, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: David, Ephraim, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jesse, John, Myles, Stephen, William, William Davenport; and in Tyrrell Co, NC: Isaac, Hezekiah, Ishmael, Joseph Davenport.

1810, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Aron, Asa, Ephraim, Hetty, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob, James, James, William (2), William Jr. Davenport; and none in Tyrrell Co, NC (must have failed to record those).

1815, Ephriam Davenport is listed in the Washington Co, NC tax list with 262 acres.

1820, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Betsy, Frederick, Joanna, and John Davenport. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abram, Alexander, Asa, Charlotte, Ephraim, James, Mary, Nias, Samuel, William (2), and William F. Davenport.

1820, U. S. Census in Washington Co, NC shows Ephriam Davenport as follows: 3 1 0 0 0 1 6 0 0 2 ? Key: 0-10, 10-16, 16-18, 18-26, 26-45, 45-up

1830, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth (2), Frederick, George, James, John, and Moses Davenport; others. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abraham, Alexander, Sr, Amasa, Charlotte, Ephraim, Esther, Fredrick, John, Sr, James, Mary, Moses, Stephen (2), William, William D., and William F. Davenport; others.

1840, The U. S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Abraham, Alexander, Aron, Daniel, David, Doctrine, Edmund, Ephraim, George B., James, John, Mary, Stephen, Sr, Susanna, William, William D., and William K. Davenport; others. In Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth, Enoch, Frederick, G.W., James T., John, Richard, and Sally Davenport.

1852, Ephriam Davenport's will recorded. (Washington County WB C, p. 339)

Jul 11, 1852, Chowan Co, NC Court proceedings, February term, 1853; Ephraim Davenport's will: "Wife Jane R., my children at my death, wife and Wm. A. Moore Exrs. Test, Edwin M. Moore, Chas. T. Woodley." (NC Reg 1:541)

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