Elkanah (Elkana)

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May 20, 1776, deed Joseph Spruill to Josiah Spruill, 75 acres West side of Scuppernong River, adjoining First Clearing Neck, Jonathan Bateman, Proffman Branch, Hezekiah Spruill. Witnesses: John Alexander, Sr., Elkana Davenport, Charles Spruill. (Col. Hezekiah Spruill was a leader in the American Revolution and died 1804 in Alligator Township in Tyrrell Co, NC - "The Spruills - a Family of Colonial Notables," by David E. Davis, article in THE STATE, August 1, 1964).

May 20, 1776, deed Joseph Spruill to William Spruill, 104 acres West side of Scuppernong adjoining Alexander McCabe, Juniper Pocoson, Gideon Lamb, Deep Creek Pocoson, Alexander McCabe. Witnesses: Joseph Wyatt, Elkanah Davenport, James Lukes.

Feb 8, 1778, Elkanah Davenport married Rachel Wynn (another place says Rachel Hassell; perhaps she was a widow). Bondsman William Edwards, Jr., no witness given. (NC Reg 3:109)

Apr 3, 1779, Mary Davenport born to Elkanah and Rachel Davenport. Married Dempsey Spruill. Died Jan 10, 1858. (All from headstone in the cemetery at Spruill's Bridge, Washington Co, NC). Dempsey died March 9, 1842 (St. David's Parish records).

Oct 5, 1779, James Davenport sells 115 acres to Elkanah Davenport on the West side of the Scuppernong. Witness: Peter Wynne. (Tyrrell County DB 9, p. 65)

1782, Tyrrell County Tax List shows Elkanah Davenport with 115 acres.

Jan 7, 1782, James Davenport, Sr. sells 115 acres to Frederick Davenport, Sr. for 5000 pds. Land adjoins Elkanah, Frederick Jr., James, Joseph, Joseph Sr., and the Gum Swamp. (Tyrrell County DB 7, p. 48)

Jan 8, 1782, James Davenport, Sr. sells 110 acres to James Davenport, Jr. for 5000 pds. Land adjoins Joseph Davenport, James Sr., Elkanah Davenport, Indian Swamp, Reedy Branch, and the "Up River road." (Tyrrell County DB 7, p. 49)

May 30. 1785, division of estate of Elkanah Davenport. Recipients: widow Rachel Davenport, son James, daughters Mary and Azinah Davenport. Jul 27, 1791 action indicates children were still minors. An estate record was filed in Tyrelll County in 1787.

May 13, 1790, will of James Davenport (Jr., indicated in Oct 7, 1791 action by Frederick Davenport), probated Jul 1790. Names wife Johannah, children Luranah, Elkanah, Frederick, Moses, Isiah, Ann, Leah, Uriah . Executors: son Frederick Davenport, John Norman, James Davenport. Witnesses: Joseph Davenport, Sr., Elizabeth Norman, Joseph Phelps.

Dec 28, 1791, James Davenport, Jr. (dec'd) land is divided to Frederick, Moses, Uriah, James (son of Elkanah), and Isiah Davenport. Land adjoins Reedy Branch and Indian Swamp. (Tyrrell County DB 11, p. 86-89)

Jan 27, 1812, will of Frederick Davenport, Sr. mentions wife Joanah (who was pregnant), daughters Nancy Stubbs and Permelia Davenport, and sons James, Samuel, William, George W., and Frederick Davenport. States that he has (among others) 393 acres bought in 8 deeds from Andrew Oliver, Peter Hines, Jesse Batman, Thomas Smith, Samuel Chesson, John Davenport son of Jacob, and Hezekiah Arnold. States that sons Samuel and George W. are under 21. Leaves to son William a large tract of land on the Sound that had belonged to Joseph & Stephen Spruill & others, plus land & swamp near Deep Creek. Leaves to son Frederick the land which he had bought from James Davenport, Sr. and from James Davenport son of Elkanah. Leaves money to school his young children. States his brother James is deceased. Charles Davenport proved the handwriting. James, William, and Samuel were old enough to be executors.

May 8, 1814, Elkanah Davenport married Unice Spruill in Tyrrell County. Bondsman Fredrick Spruill, witness Charles Spruill, clerk.

Jul 29, 1834, will of Rachel Roe (widow of Elkanah Davenport - Ed.) is recorded in Tyrrell County. Mentions daughter Mary Spruill, heirs of son James Davenport, daughter Zina (Azinah) Davenport, son Robert Ollive, heirs of son John Roe, son William Roe, daughter Sally Davenport, daughter Nancy Norman. Mentions Charles Davenport, grandson Richard Davenport, granddaughter Mary Norman.

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