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Jul 3, 1676, Elizabeth Davenport born to Richard & Johana Davenport of Berkeley, later Perquimans Precinct. (NC Reg:3:209)

Jul 20, 1700, deed of gift from Richard Davenport & wife Joanah, of Perquimans Precinct, to daughter Elizabeth Foster, wife of John Foster. Part of tract "I live on", lying next to "the great Marsh swamp". On Oct 10, 1704, John Foster deeded this property to John & Anne Davenport of Chowan Precinct.

Dec 6, 1752, deed involving Isaac Davenport states that his wife is Elizabeth Hawkins Davenport. Witnesses: Jacob Blunt, Giles Long, John Canaday.

Dec 1752, deed from Isaac & Elizabeth Davenport, James Blunt & Mary Blunt, and Thomas & Ann Lewis to Thomas Lee was Proved in Open Court. Witness Jacob Blunt. Minutes of the December, 1752 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1:148.

1760, Daniel Davenport born. Married Sarah Nicholls (born 1770) in 1786. Children: Priscilla Davenport Long, Unisa Arnold, Nancy, Elizabeth, Asenath (Born 1788). (Information from Mrs. Loretta Phelps, 2637 Mt. Tabor Rd., Cresswell, NC 27928, September, 1997).

Apr 29, 1769, division of Isaac Davenport's estate. Recipients: wife Elizabeth, 8 children Elizabeth, Joel, Isaac, George, Francis, Tamer, and John Davenport, John Snell.

Nov 22, 1773, will of Richard Davenport. Names eldest son John Davenport, son Jacob Davenport. States Jacob has son Benjamin, daughter Sarah; John has son Ezra. Names daughters Mary McCabe, Elizabeth Davis, Susannah Caswell, Anna Davis, Rebeckah Long. Executors: John Davenport, John Davis. Witnesses: James Davenport, Joseph Davenport, Ann Gardner.

Mar 1776, deed William Chesson to Samuel Chesson, 100 acres West side of Scuppernong River, adjoining Cypress Swamp, Deavanport, Norman. Witnesses: Jas. Spruill, Benjn. Spruill, Benjamin Dillin.

Feb 19, 1777, deed Joseph Hassell to James Davenport, 100 acres West side of Scuppernong River, adjoining Reedy Branch, Gum Swamp. Also signed by his wife Elizabeth Hassell. Witnesses: Benjn. Spruill, Hez. Spruill, Seth Phelps, Simeon Spruill, Benjamin Mann.

Mar 25, 1780, will of Isaac Alexander states that he has a daughter Elizabeth Davenport.

Oct 13, 1782, will of William Davenport, probated Oct 1785. Names wife Elizabeth Davenport, children James Davenport (eldest), Daniel Davenport, David Davenport, Mary Hassell (wife of Zebedee Hassell - Ed.). Witnesses: Mich Spruill, John Snell, Stephen Wiley.

Jan 1783, Elizabeth Davenport named administrator of Stephen Davenport's estate.

1784, Tyrrell Co, NC, Elizabeth Davenport registered a stock mark (brand) for her son Joel and one for her daughter Frances [This Elizabeth is the widow of Isaac Davenport Ed.].

1784, Tyrrell County Tax List shows Elizabeth Davenport with 200 acres.

1784, Tyrrell County Tax List shows another Elizabeth Davenport with 338 acres.

Feb 5, 1792, will of Joseph Davenport, probated Apr 1792. Names wife Elizabeth Mary, children Benjamin, Simeon, Ismael, Enoch, Eli, Isom, Isaac, Joseph, Ansel (Asahel?), John, Jemima, Elizabeth, Ann, Pattey. States land adjoins Benjamin Davenport, John Davenport, Spruill, McCabe. Witnesses: Moses Davenport, Ader Norman, James Norman.

Dec 23. 1793, a summons indicates that Elizabeth Mary Davenport [widow of Joseph Davenport - Ed.] and Benjamin Davenport were executors of Joseph Davenport's estate.

Jul 13, 1794, will of Zilphah Alexander, wife of Isaac Alexander, states that her daughter Elizabeth Davenport [widow of Stephen Davenport - Ed.] is deceased.

1820, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Betsy, Frederick, Joanna, and John Davenport. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abram, Alexander, Asa, Charlotte,Ephraim, James, Mary, Nias, Samuel, William (2), and William F. Davenport.

1830, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth (2), Frederick, George, James, John, and Moses Davenport; others. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abraham, Alexander, Sr, Amasa, Charlotte, Ephraim, Esther, Fredrick, John, Sr, James, Mary, Moses, Stephen (2), William, William D., and William F. Davenport; others.

1840, The U. S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Abraham, Alexander, Aron, Daniel, David, Doctrine, Edmund, Ephraim, George B., James, John, Mary, Stephen, Sr, Susanna, William, William D., and William K. Davenport; others. In Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth, Enoch, Frederick, G.W., James T., John, Richard, and Sally Davenport.

Dec 11, 1843, will of Elizabeth Davenport mentions daughters Levina Melson, Nancy Chapman, son William N. Also mentions Mariah Sadock, Ann Stephenson, and 112 acres that she had bought from Azail Davenport. (Tyrrell County, NC Will Book 3, #7).

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