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1760, Daniel Davenport born. Married Sarah Nicholls (born 1770) in 1786. Children: Priscilla Davenport Long, Unisa Arnold, Nancy, Elizabeth, Asenath (Female, born 1788). (Information from Mrs. Loretta Phelps, 2637 Mt. Tabor Rd., Cresswell, NC 27928, September, 1997).

Jun 18, 1776, Daniel Davenport enlists for 6 months service in the Continental Line of North Carolina, 5th Regiment, Col. Edward Buncombe. ("Colonial Records of North Carolina," William L. Saunders, Raleigh, 1886, 10:974).

Dec 18, 1776, State House of Representatives orders that Daniel Davenport, 5th Regiment, commanded by Col. Edward Buncombe, be discharged from his six months' enlistment. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. 10, p. 974]

Feb 28, 1778, William Davenport to Rogers Snell, bond to abide arbitration. Witnesses: Joshua Alexander, Daniel Davenport.

Apr 21, 1778, deed James Leary, Sr. to Daniel Davenport, 177 acres adjoining Snell's Gum Swamp, Snell, Dogwood Ridge, Main Dismal, Mr. Wiley. Witnesses: John Snell, John Bembrejh. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-5/142)

1782, State Grant 131 to Daniel Davenport, 60 acres adjoining Mackey, Snell, James Leary. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-8/145)

Oct 13, 1782, will of William Davenport, probated Oct 1785. Names wife Elizabeth Davenport, children James Davenport (eldest), Daniel Davenport, David Davenport, Mary Hassell (wife of Zebedee Hassell - Ed.). Witnesses: Mich Spruill, John Snell, Stephen Wiley.

1784, Land deed Nathan Miers, Jr. to Daniel Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 6, p. 21)

1784, Tyrrell County Tax List shows Daniel Davenport with 148 acres.

Jun 19, 1784, James Davenport married Keziah Davenport. Bondsman Daniel Davenport, witness T. Mackey.

1785, Donnel (Daniel?) Davenport's will recorded. (Tyrrell? County WB 1, p. 34)

1786, Quit claim deed Daniel Davenport to Caleb Collins. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p.147)

1786, deed William Mackey to Daniel Davenport, land adjoining Jacob Davenport & Deep Swamp. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-10/22)

Mar 12, 1786, Daniel Davenport married Sarah Nicholls. Bondsman George Matthews, witness T. Mackey. (NC Reg 3:113)

1787, Sheriff's deed William Blunt, Jr. (shff.) to Daniel Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB10, p. 198)

1790, U.S. Census shows Daniel Davenport with 1 male 16+, 0 males under 16, 3 females, 5 slaves.

1791, Land deed Daniel Davenport to Abijah Snell. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 506)

1793, deed Jesse Hassell to Daniel Davenport, land at head of Scuppernong River. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-11/251)

Dec 23, 1793, a summons indicates that Elizabeth Mary Davenport (widow of Joseph Davenport - Ed.) and Benjamin Davenport were executors of Joseph Davenport's estate. Daniel Davenport brought several summonses against the estate.

1794, Land deed Daniel Davenport to James Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 11, p.342)

Oct 31, 1794, bond for Daniel Davenport to be guardian to Uriah Allcock. Other bondsmen: Richard Davis, Benjamin Tarkington (died July 1837 - St. David's parish records).

Oct 31, 1794, bond for Arthur Turner to be guardian to Mary, Wm., and Thomas Mackey. Bondsmen: Daniel Davenport, John Bateman.

Jan 26, 1795, bond for John Ansley to be guardian of Henry Bateman, orphan of John Bateman. Bondsmen: Daniel Davenport, Joseph Ansley.

1795 time frame: Daniel Davenport lived near Mt. Tabor, West of Creswell. A 990-acre tract was known as "Daniel Davenport's Corner." (Washington County Genealogical Society, 1997).

1796, State Grant 691 to Daniel Davenport, land near head of Deep Swamp. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-12/169)

1796, State Grant 705 to Daniel Davenport, land at head of Scuppernong River. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-12/242)

1796, deed John Harrison to Daniel Davenport, land at head of Scuppernong River. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-12/177)

January 1797, Daniel Davenport returned the dower of Mrs. Ann Lee, widow of Thomas Lee. (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, January, 1797).

July 1797, Daniel Davenport, Esq., Andrew Oliver & Asa Phelps appointed patrollers in Asa Phelps' district . (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, July, 1797).

January 1798, Land deed Daniel and Sarah Davenport and John and Priscilla Frasier to Henry Starr. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 263)

April 1798, Daniel Davenport, Abraham Jennett, Uriah Phelps, John Spruill, Senr., Charles Spruill, Zecheniah Davis, Andrew Oliver, Ardrew Bateman, King Spruill, Joseph Oliver, Joseph Phelps, Esq., and Jeremiah Phelps be appointed [as] a jury to lay off a road from Joshua Learys to the road called Andrew Batemans Road and make returns to the next court. (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions)

July 1798, Court orders that Daniel Davenport, Esq., Asa Phelps, and Joseph Oliver be appointed Patrolers in Asa Phelps' district. (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions)

1798, deed Uriah Allcock to Daniel Davenport, land at head of Scuppernong River. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-12/353)

1798, deed Abraham Jennett to Daniel Davenport, land on north side of Scuppernong River. (Tyrrell Co, NC DB-12/354)

Apr 1799, petition to divide estate of Simion Davenport, who died Apr 1799 owning 500 acres. Heirs: Isaac, Joseph, Eli, another Isaac, John, Enock, Stephen, Benjamin, and Ishmell Davenport; Ann Davenport Snell, heirs of Jemima Davenport Ambrose, and Patty Phelps. (The beneficiaries are Simeon's siblings. See Joseph Davenport's will, Apr 1792. Simeon must not have married or had no family left at the time - Ed.)

1799, Division of estate, land deed Henry Norman, D. Davenport, and Joseph Phelps, commissioners, to Eli, Enoch, Benjamin, Ishmael, Isaac, Joseph, John, and Stephen Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 385).

1800-1808, Daniel Davenport won election to the State Assembly for several terms, but died before he could be seated for another term in 1808.

1840, The U. S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Abraham, Alexander, Aron, Daniel, David, Doctrine, Edmund, Ephraim, George B., James, John, Mary, Stephen, Sr, Susanna, William, William D., and William K. Davenport; others. In Tyrrell Co, NC: Elizabeth, Enoch, Frederick, G.W., James T., John, Richard, and Sally Davenport.

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