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Nov 22, 1773, will of Richard Davenport. Names eldest son John Davenport, son Jacob Davenport. States Jacob has son Benjamin, daughter Sarah; John has son Ezra. Names daughters Mary McCabe, Elizabeth Davis, Susannah Caswell, Anna Davis, Rebeckah Long. Executors: John Davenport, John Davis. Witnesses: James Davenport, Joseph Davenport, Ann Gardner.

1785, Land deed Jacob Davenport to Benjamin Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 6, p. 121)

1792, Benjamin Davenport (son of Joseph Davenport) registered a stock mark in Tyrrell Co, NC.

Feb 5, 1792, will of Joseph Davenport, probated Apr 1792. Names wife Elizabeth Mary, children Benjamin, Simeon, Ismael, Enoch, Eli, Isom, Isaac, Joseph, Ansel (Asahel?), John, Jemima, Elizabeth, Ann, Pattey. States land adjoins Benjamin Davenport, John Davenport, Spruill, McCabe. Witnesses: Moses Davenport, Ader Norman, James Norman.

Jan 1793, bond for Solomon Ansley to administer estate of Isaac Power. Bondsmen: Benjamin Davenport, Joseph Tarkinton.

Dec 23, 1793, a summons indicates that Elizabeth Mary Davenport (widow of Joseph Davenport - Ed.) and Benjamin Davenport were executors of Joseph Davenport's estate.

1794, Benjamin Davenport sells slave to Jesse Hatfield, Sr. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 34)

Apr 2, 1794, Jesse Davenport married Ann Spruill. Witness: Samuel Chesson. Bondsman: Benjamin Davenport. Samuel Chesson was the Tyrrell County Court Clerk by December, 1793.

Oct 4, 1794, Benjamin Davenport married Ann Alexander in Tyrrell Co, NC. Witness: Samuel Chesson. Bondsman: Jesse Davenport.

Jan 1795, petition of Jonathan Phelps. Richard Davenport in his will 22 Nov 1793 (1773 -Ed.) divided land between his 2 grandsons John and Benjamin Davenport. Jesse Bateman purchased from Ezra Davenport (the son of John) his part. Petitioner married Sarah the sister of Benjamin Davenport "who inherited the same on the death of Benjamin." (Note: the will states relationships differently - Ed.)

Apr 1799, petition to divide estate of Simion Davenport, who died Apr 1799 owning 500 acres. Heirs: Isaac, Joseph, Eli, another Isaac, John, Enock, Stephen, Benjamin, and Ishmell Davenport; Ann Davenport Snell, heirs of Jemima Davenport Ambrose, and Patty Phelps. (The beneficiaries are Simeon's siblings. See Joseph Davenport's will, Apr 1792. Simeon must not have married, or had no family left at the time - Ed.)

1799, Division of estate, land deed Henry Norman, D. Davenport, and Joseph Phelps, commissioners, to Eli, Enoch, Benjamin, Ishmael, Isaac, Joseph, John, and Stephen Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 385).

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