Arseneth, Asenath, Asahel (Asa, Asail, Azail, Sahel)

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*Arseneth Davenport

1815, Arseneth & Nancy Davenport are listed in the Washington Co, NC tax list with 190 acres.

*Asenath Davenport

1760, Daniel Davenport born. Married Sarah Nicholls (born 1770) in 1786. Children: Priscilla Davenport Long, Unisa Arnold, Nancy, Elizabeth, Asenath (Female, born 1788). (Information from Mrs. Loretta Phelps, 2637 Mt. Tabor Rd., Cresswell, NC 27928, September, 1997).

1790, Alexander Davenport born. Married Asenath Davenport (born 1788) in about 1811. Children: Elizabeth (born 1812), Lennett (1819), Jestin (1827), Lawrence (1835), Redding (1838). (Information from Mrs. Loretta Phelps, 2637 Mt. Tabor Rd., Cresswell, NC 27928, September, 1997).

*Asahel Davenport (Asa, Asail, Azail, Sahel)

1777, Asahel Davenport enlisted for 3 years in the 7th Regiment, Walker's Company, as a Corporal. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. XVI, p. 1043]

1777, Revolutionary War record of final settlements: Soldiers of the Continental Line, 7th Regiment, Walker's Company, James Hogan, Colonel. Asahel Davenport, Corporal, Walker's Company, enlisted 1777, 3 years; pt. October 1777, Omt'd December 1777. (NC Reg 2:585)

1783?, Asahel, James, and Giles Davenport are paid for Revolutionary War service. ("Colonial Records of North Carolina," William L. Saunders, Raleigh, 1886, 17:205).

Jul 1783, inventory of Asahel Davenport's estate. Signed by John Wynne, Jeams Davenport. Mentioned Joshua Davenport.

Aug 26, 1785, Asahel Davenport is granted 640 acres of land as a Revolutionary War bounty. The grant goes "to heirs," indicating that he was deceased.

1786, at Warrenton. Asahel Davenport, James Davenport, and Giles Davenport paid for their Revolutionary War service. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. XVII, p. 205]

Feb 5, 1792, will of Joseph Davenport, probated April 1792. Names wife Elizabeth Mary, children Benjamin, Simeon, Ismael, Enoch, Eli, Isom, Isaac, Joseph, Ansel (Asahel?), John, Jemima, Elizabeth, Ann, Pattey. States land adjoins Benjamin Davenport, John Davenport, Spruill, McCabe. Witnesses: Moses Davenport, Ader Norman, James Norman.

Aug 15, 1800, Asail Davenport married Fanny Gibson in Tyrrell Co, NC. Bondsman Jephthah Davenport. There was an estate record filed in 1838 in Tyrrell County for "Fany Davenport."

Jan 17, 1805, Asa Davenport married Charlotte Overton in Tyrrell County. Bondsman William Davenport, witness C. Spruill, clerk.

Sep 26, 1807, will of Edward Overton states that he has daughters Charlotty Davenport (m. Asa Davenport) and Polly Davenport (m. William Davenport).

1810, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC: Aron, Asa, Ephraim, Hetty, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob, James, James, William (2), William Jr. Davenport; and none in Tyrrell Co, NC (must have failed to record those).

Oct 7, 1811, Patsy Davenport's will recorded in Tyrrell County WB-2/36. Mentions sisters Nancy, Miriam, & Charlotty Davenport, sister Sealey (Selah?) Chapman, aunt Johanna Alexander, brothers Asahel & John Davenport.

1815, Asa Davenport appears in the Washington Co, NC tax list with 324 acres.

Mar 29, 1818, John Davenport's will recorded in Tyrrell County WB O. Mentions sisters Charlotte Davenport, Selah Chapman, Mariam Cooper, brother Sahel (Asahel?) Davenport, and uncle John Davenport.

1820, The U. S. Census shows in Tyrrell Co, NC: Betsy, Frederick, Joanna, and John Davenport. In Washington Co, NC: Aaron, Abram, Alexander, Asa, Charlotte, Ephraim, James, Mary, Nias, Samuel, William (2), and William F. Davenport.

Dec 11, 1843, will of Elizabeth Davenport mentions 112 acres that she had bought from Azail Davenport. (Tyrrell County, NC Will Book 3, #7).

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