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June 14, 1768, Adonijah Davenport, son of John Davenport, is killed while fighting a fire "in the field before the door of his father." A burning tree fell on him. A coroner's inquest was held, apparently at the request of John Davenport. The jury: Joseph Spruill (foreman), Capt. Jos. Spruill, Stephen Hooker, John Snell, Roger Snell, Benj. Hatfield, James Jackson, Wm. Freeman, John Spruill, Elijah Norman, Nehemiah Norman, John Norman, Wm. Davenport, Joseph Chesson, Benj. Spruill, James MacKibb, John Swain, Jesse Lewis, Samuel Norman, Richard Leary, James Davenport, and Richard Davenport.


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