Aaron Spruill



Alexander H. Davenport

State of NCarolina

Washington County

Know all men by these presents that I Aaron Spruill am held and Firmly bound unto Alexander H. Davenport in the Just & Full Sum of Four Hundred - Dollars To be paid to the said Alexander H Davenport his Executors administrators or assigns ??ly and ?seavearlly Firmly by these present seald with my seal and Dated this the 12th day of December In the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and thirty one-

The Conditions of the above obligation Is as such [word "that" is inserted and "I" crossed out] Aaron Spruill him his heirs or assigns do from this time and at all times should not debar me Alexander H. Davenport me my Heirs and assigns from the Privilege of my dich that runs a cross the said Spruills land from my Plantation whereon I the said Davenport now lives and to Drain Said water through said ditch In to the Ditch of the said Aaron Spruill and then down the Said ditch Two hundred yards a cross Davenport Road that I am bound to help Keep up when [?where] ever ?cut that far if necessary Then the above Obligation to be null and void Otherwise to remain in full force and Virtue In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and fix my seal the year and date first above written in the presents of us

R. B. Davis

Aaron Spruill [seal]

TRANSCRIBERS NOTE: Aaron Spruill (or his heirs, assigns or administrators) is bound to pay Alexander Davenport (or his heirs, assigns or administrators) $400-but only if there is any interference with the passage of water from Davenport's plantation through Spruill's land. If Spruill helps maintain Davenport's "ditch" then the bond is null and void.

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