State of North Carolina

Washington County

 Whereas at Fall Term A.D. 1851 of the Court of Equity for Washington County, upon the petition of the heirs at law of Joshua B. Bateman deceased, the Clerk & Master of said court was ordered to expose to public sale the tract of land hereinafter mentioned, on a credit of six months; in persuance of which said decree, the Clerk & Master, on the 17th day of November 1851 at the Court House door in Plymouth, did expose to public sale the said tract of land at said Court House door When and where Joshua B Davenport & Isaac B Bateman became the purchasers at the sum of Five hundred dollars and - cents, and at Fall Term A.D. 1851, of said court, it appearing by the report of the clerk and master, that the purchase money had been paid: it was ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court, that the Clerk and Master make title to the purchaser. Therefore, this Indenture Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the premises, and in obedience to the order of said court, I, W. A. [last line on this page is cut off] have bargained, granted and sold, and by these presents do bargain grant, and sell unto the said Joshua B. Davenport & Isaac B. Bateman a certain tract of land situated in the county of Washington adjoining the heirs of A. H. Davenport's heirs and Isaac B. Bateman, called the Poplar Island Tract, containing Eighty one acres and a half more or less-to have and to hold the premises hereby bargained and sold to the said Joshua B. Davenport & Isaac B. Bateman, their heirs and assigns forever, in fee simple absolute, and the said W. A. Littlejohn Clerk and Master as aforesaid, hath covenanted, and by these presents doth covenant to and with the said Joshua B. Davenport & Isaac B. Bateman, their heirs and assigns, to warrant and forever defend the title hereby conveyed, from the lawful claims of any and all persons, so far forth as his office of Clerk and Master, and the powers confered and the duties imposed by the said court of Equity requires and no further.

In witness whereof, I W. A. Littlejohn Clerk and Master in Equity for the County of Washington have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 3rd day of December A.D. 1858.

Wm A. Littlejohn C. & M. E. [seal]

Witness C. A. Walker


State of North Carolina

Washington County

Court of P& Q Sessions

Aug Term 1860

Then was the due execution of the foregoing Deed duly proved before me by W.A. Littlejohn the Grantor thereof.

Let it be Registered.

Test. R. N. Bennett Clk

Received & Registered. 23rd August 1861

J. H. Hampton Register

By T. B. Nicholls By Reg

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