George W. Spruill

Deed To

Joshus B. Davenport


Registered in Book L, pages 655-656


State of North Carolina

Washington County

This indenture made this the fifteenth day of April one thousand Eight Hundred and fifty seven betwin George W Spruill of the first part and Joshua B Davenport of the second part both of the county and state aforsaid .Witnesseth that i the said George W. Spruill for inconsideration of the sum of forty dollars to me in hand Paid By Joshua B Davenport the Receit wherof i do herby acknowlledge hath granted Bargained and sold and By these presents do grant Bargain and sell unto Joshua B Davenport and his Heirs and assigns for Ever all of my intrust in a certain Track or parcel of land situated laying in the county and State aforsaid on the west side of Scuppernong river {viz} Butted and Bounded as following beginning in Isaac B. Bateman line at the foot of the Road leading from the old plantation whereon ?Miles Spruill last lived thence running along said road South ?& West one hundred and two poles thence N &East seventy eight poles to the Heirs of Alexander H. Davenport line thence East along there line to Joshua B Davenport line thence east along his line to J B Batemans line thence along his line East and South to the first Station containing by Estamation four Acres. Be the same more or less to have and to hold the Above named primises together with all the appertenances Acreditaments & improvements in any way belonging unto the aforsaid Joshua B Davenport and his Heirs & Assigns for Ever and i the said George W Spruill do warant and will for ever defend the Above name premises to Be free and clar from my self my Heirs or Assigns or from the claims of all other persons unto him the said Davenport and his heirs & Assigns for Ever in testimony wherof i hav herunto set my hand and seal day and date first above signed seald and deliverd in the presents of witness

Ebenezer Dunston; Burton Spruill; George W Spruill [seal]


State of North Carolina

Washington County

County Court Clerks Office Nov 2nd 1857

This was the deed executed duly proved by the oath of Ebenezer Dunston one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be registered

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