State of North carolina

Washington county


this indenture made this the Eight day of september in the yer of our lord one thousand Eight hundred fifty six betwin george swain and wife ann swain of the one part Joshua B. Davenport of the other part all of the county and state aforsaid Witnesseth that i the said George Swain & wife Ann Swain for inconsideration of the sum of forty dollars to us in hand paid By Joshua B Davenport the rect wherof we do herby acknowledge hath bargained and sold by those presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said Joshua B Davenport and His Heirs and assigns for ever all of our intrust in a certain track or parsul of land situated laying and being in the county aforesaid on the west side of Scuppernong rivver and Butted and Bounded as follows viz: Beginning at the foot of the road leding from the old plantation where on ?Miles Spruill last livd thence running wesderly along said road one Hundred and two poles thence north Seventy nine & half pols to the Heirs of Alexander H. Davenport Line thence along said line Easderly to Isaac B. Bateman line thence E Along his line to the main road thence Easderly along said road and Bateman line to the first Station with our part of said laid is four and one half acers more or less to hav and to hold our intrusts in the above promises together with all the appertenances -- and improvements in any way belonging unto the aforsaid Joshua B Davenport His Heirs and assigns for Ever And we the said George swain and wife Ann swain do warrant and will for Ever defunct the same from any chance of our selves ever our Heirs or assigns or the chances of all other persons for Ever with the said Davenport His heirs and assigns in Witness wherof we do hereunto set our hands and -- this day and date -- above witness signed seld and delivered in the presents of


George E. Swain [seal] his mark; Ann Swain [seal]; [illegible]

 The execution of the foregoing deed was duly acknowledged before me by George Swain and wife Ann Swain in the presents of each other and thereupon the said Ann Swain was by me examined seperate and apart from her said husband taching her voluntary execution of the same and the said Ann acknowledge that she executed it freely and voluntarily and without the coercion of her said husband or any other person and doth now agree thereto.

 It is to be entered, executed with this certification this 11th day of September AD 1856.


 Registered Sep. 11th 1857

Book L, page 526 J. H. Phelps Reg.

by ? ? Phelps Dep. Reg.


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