State of North Carolina

Washington County


This Indenture made this the 29th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six between Edward T Jarvis & wife Penelope of Tyrell County of the one part & Joshua B Davenport of the County & State aforesaid. Witnesseth: That I the said Edward T. Jarvis & wife Penelope for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred & seventy dollars to me in hand paid by Joshua B Davenport, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge ourselves herewith fully satisfied, contented & paid, have granted, bargained & sold, & by these presents to grant, bargain & sell unto Joshua B Davenport a certain tract or parcel of land, situated, lying & being in the County aforesaid, on the west side of Scuppernong River (viz) we sell unto him all the right, title, interest and demand, that is to say unto the said Joshua B Davenport of our right unto one piece of land, containing about one hundred & eighteen acres, including the lands whereon my father and mother last lived, and the Jesse Davenport tract, and all of my interest in two other tracts in the lands of the heirs of Aaron Spruill and that my father bought of Daniel B Spruill & Zephaniah Spruill heirs of Aaron Spruill, which my part of said land containing twenty-five to thirty acres be the same more or loss, To him the said Joshua B. Davenport and his heirs forever. And I the aforesaid Edward T. Jarvis & wife Penelope will forever warrant & defend all of our right title & interest and demand unto him the said Joshua B Davenport and his heirs, free and clear him and his heirs exrs & administrators.- In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals the day & date first above written.

Edward T. Jarvis [seal]

Penelope Jarvis [her mark] [seal]

Signed, sealed & delivered

In presence of R B Davis; Joshua B Davis

Received one hundred & seventy dollars of Jos B Davenport in full consideration of the within Deed this 28th Decr 1846

Edward T. Jarvis


No Carolina

The execution of the foregoing Deed was duly acknowledged ?? before me by Edward T. Jarvis & his wife Penelope in the presence of each other & thereupon the said Penelope was by me examined separate & apart from her said husband to ?? her voluntary execution of the same, & she declared that she executed it fully & voluntarily & without the coercion of her said husband or any other period & doth ?? ?? thereto.

D. F. Caldwell [illeg. Initials]

Registered 9th Novr 1847

E H ??Lewis Reg

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