State of North Carolina

Washington County

 Know all men by these presents that I Alexander H Davenport of the state and County aforesaid guardian to the heirs of Aaron Spruill decd for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred & fifteen dollars and eighteen cents to me in hand paid by Anna Oliver the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have sold at public sale at the ?Cool Spring in the County aforesaid after having legally advertised agreeable to law, did on the twenty-seventh day of April in this year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, by virtue of an order from the County Court of Washington for the purpose of selling a portion of Aaron Spruills heirs land to satisfy the said Spruill decd debts, to Jordan Snell for Anna Oliver he being the last and highest bidder for the sum of one hundred and fifteen dollars and eighteen cents for fifty two acres of land Be the same more or less, Butted and bounded as follows Viz. Adjoining David Clayton & Others, beginning at Elias Olivers heirs and D. Claytons corner at the foot of ?Milma Spruills Road Runing thence south 84 west along said Road or Ditch one hundred and one and a half poles to a black gum at the edge of sd Ditch, then south four degrees west seventy five and a half poles along a marked line to center of Gum swamp, to a line of ?? trees, thence eastwardly along said Centre and ?? line to a Maple Corner, then south 85 East twelves poles to an Ash, thence north 16 East twenty Eight poles to a corner Ash, thence down said swamp south 75 East twenty six poles along an old line of Marked trees to a little Water Oak Corner of D. Claytons & Others, thence up Claytons line North seventy seven poles to the first Beginning. -

This Deed of sale further witnesseth, that the said Alexander H. Davenport guardian for and in consideration of the sum above of one hundred & fifteen dollars & Eighteen Cents to him in hand, paid by the said Anna Oliver before the sealing & delivery of this Deed, the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge he the said Davenport guardian doth hereby grant bargain and sell unto the said Anna Oliver and her heirs and assigns, the aforesaid piece or parcel of Land together with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, To have and to hold this Land with its appurtenances hereby bargained and sold to the said Anna Oliver her heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behalf of the said Anna Oliver her heirs and assigns forever. In witness whereof he the said A.H. Davenport Guardian hath hereunto written his name and affixed his seal This first day of Aug 1833.

A.H. Davenport Guardian [seal]

Signed sealed & delivered

In the presence of

Absa. Davenport

Joseph Furlough


State of North Carolina

Washington County

County Court August Term 1833

This may certify that this Deed from A.H. Davenport to Anna Oliver was acknowledged in Open Court Ordered Registered

Test J.C. Norcom Clrk

Registered the 21st day of Sept 1833

Wm Carroll Reg


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