William Collins & others

To Deed

Aaron Spruill


State of N Carolina

Washington County

This Indenture made the twenty Six day of Januarry One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty one Between Aaron Spruill of the one part and William Collins John Jethroe & wife Nancey Jethroe and Fanny Collins and Harriett Collins of the other part. Boath of the county and State of " Witnesseth That we the said William Collins John Jethroe and Wife Nancey Jethroe and Fanney Collins Harriett Collins for and in consideration of the Sum of One hundred dollars to use in hand paid by Aaron Spruill the recipt whareof we do hereby acknowledge our Selves fully Satisfied contented and paid have Granted bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain and Sel unto Aaron Spruill a certain peace of parcel of Land Situated Layinge and beinge in the County of " on the North Seide of Scuppernongs River, Butted and Bounded and begininge as followes viz/ Begininge at Zephaniah Davis Old Corner at the Old pattent, thence runinge north 140 poles to the Back Line of the pattent thence west one hundred and ten Poles to the west corner of land pattent-thence South One hundred and sixty pole thence East fifty pole to Thomas Pearcy Line thence down Thomas Pearcey Line to the first station Containing by by Estamation One hundred acres of Land be the ?farm more or less to him the Said Aaron Spruill and his Heirs for Ever and we the aforesaid William Collins John Jethroe and wife Nancy Collins [sic] Frances Collins and Harriett Collins will Ever warrant and Defend the right and title interest and demand unto him the said Aaron Spruill and his heirs free and clare from us and our Heirs and -- administrators and assignes and from the Lawfull Claims or Claimants of any other persons whatsoever In Witness whare of we have hereunto Set our Hands and Seales the day and date first above Written Signed Sealed in the presents of us

Test G. B. Davis [illeg.]

Thos. Lewis

C. Phelps

William Collins his mark [seal]

Frances Collins her mark [seal]

Harret Collins her mark [seal]

John Jethroe [seal]

[illeg.] Jethroe [seal]


State of North Carolina

Washington County

Court of Pleas and Quarter-Sessions


To Charles Phelps and Thomas Lewis GREETING: Whereas Aaron Spruill hath produced a deed of conveyance made to him from John Jethrow and Nancy Jethrow his wife, of a certain tract or parcel of Land, lying and being in the County of Washington, and it being represented to our said Court, that Nancy Jethrow wife of the said John Jethrow is an Inhabitant of Washington County, and is so aged or infirm that she cannot travel to our said Court, to be privately examined as to her free consent in executing the said conveyance: Know ye that we reposing in your prudence and fidelity, have appointed you, and do give unto you full power and authority, to take the private examination of the said Nancy Jethrow wife of the said John Jethrow concerning her free consent in her executing the said conveyance and therefore command you, that at such time as you shall think fit you go to the said Nancy Jethrow if she cannot conveniently come to you, and privily and apart from her husband examine her the said Nancy Jethrow, whether she executed the said conveyance freely and of her own accord, without fear or compulsion of the said John Jethrow her husband and the examination being plainly wrote on the said Deed or on some paper annexed thereto, and when you shall have so taken the said examination, you are to send the same closed up under your seals with this writ, to our said Court to be held for said County at the Court-House in Plymouth, on the third Monday of November 1831. Witness JOSEPH C. NORCOM, Clerk of our said Court the third Monday of August 1831 in the 6th [sic] year of our Independence, Anno Dom. 1831

J. C. Norcom Clk


Pursuant to an order of the Worshipful Court of Washington County to ?us, ?dictated

We proceded to take the Private examination of Nancy Jethrow who says she executed a deed of sale for land, to Aaron Spruill of her own free will and consent.

Nov 18th 1831

C. Phelps ?J.P.

Thos. Lewis ?J. P.

Nancy Jethrow her mark [seal]


State of North Carolina Washington County

County Court

November Term 1831

This may certify that this deed was proved in open court and ordered to be Registered

Test J. C. Norcom clerk


This may certify that this Deed was registered the 14 day of Dec. 1831 in Book G. [?J] and pages 291 & 292.

Wm. Carroll By

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