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 Lot No. 2. to Nancy Bateman. Begining at a little water Oak Second Corner of first lot, running south 267 Poles along a marked line to an Ash at the Swamp, then along the Swamp by Various Courses to a little Bay tree and an old Cypress Stump Said to be an Old Corner, then North 303 poles to an Ash in the old line, then South 76 East 24 1/2 poles along the Old line to the beginning, containing Forty two acres more or less.

Lot No. Three to Alexander Davenport Senr and wife Asenith. Begins at an Ash fourth Corner of 2d lot, then North 76 west 3 poles to an old Ash Corner, then South 27 west 28 poles to an Ash in the old line (Called ?fennels) then South 374 poles to the River Swamp, then North 10 73 poles to an old Pine Stump, Said to be an Old Corner, then South 78 East 12 poles to the Swamp, then by Various Courses along the Swamp to a little Bay and Cypress Stump Old Corner, then North along a line of Marked trees to the first Station. Containing Thirty five acres more or less.

Lot No. Four, to Benjamin Arnold and wife Unice. Beginning at an ash 3rd Corner of third lot, then South 374 poles to the River, then by Various Courses of the river to a Corner of the the Said Lot and James Norman's heirs, then North 374 poles along their lines to a Maple Corner, then South 75 East 12 1/2 poles to a Corner, then North 27 East to the beginning. Containing by estimation Thirty five acres by the Same more or less.

Surveyed the 8th of Novr 1828

By Absa. Davenport -- ?Senr ?Suvr

Aaron Spruill ?Court

J. B. Davis ?Court

Benj Phelps ?Court


If Each lot does not Contain as laid down it is owing to the old lines not having their course and distance. A. D.

The above is a Division of the land of Elizabeth Warrington formerly Elizabeth Davenport, by petition of Benjamin Arnold and wife Unice, Priscilla Long, Nancy Bateman widow of Andrew L. Bateman, Alexander Davenport and wife Asenith to the Court at August Term 1828.

W. H. Stubbs

Regr Deeds

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