the Courses of the Certification for the Western Survey


Beginning of my Term of the Survey for Capt. Collins -- Beginning at juniper the Beginning Corner of Mr. Charles Johnsons (?Jamesons) Juniper -- Survey, then Running No 55 W 139 poles to a marked Juniper No 20 poles along Johnsons line No 60 W 106 poles No 32 E 164 poles No 75 E 278 poles north 60 poles to John Stubbs Corner tree on the North Side of Kendrick's Creek No 37 E 30 poles to Collins ?Allin & Davises Corner tree then N 5 W 228 poles along the line to the beginning tree of their patent -- by a Pine then No 32 W 120 poles along ?Cassady's lines -- Continuing on the James line no 40 E 62 poles no 152 poles to a poplar a Corner tree of John Cassady Deed, then along his line no 20 E 44 poles to a poplar a corner of Said Cassady's and Thomas Stubbs then along Stubbs line No 67 W 28 pole ?So 87 d W 40 poles Continuing along said Stubbs line no 33 W 52 poles north 220 poles along Thomas ?Lees line no 37 w 130 pole then North 80 poles along John Cassadys line to his Corner on the Deep ?River then Down the River ?So 73 d E 20 poles no 60 E 74 poles no 27d E 40 poles along his Pattent line So 75 E 280 poles to a Coerner tree of Wm. Blounts Pattent in the D-- no 15 E 244 poles along said Blounts line to ?T ?Lowrens & a Black Gum at Henry Grays Corner trees Standing on the millpond Swamp which is Calld Dunnings (?Downings) then East 36 poles a Cross the millpond Swamp to Henry Grays Other Corner a Hickory tree Still along Grays line no 43 W 60 poles no 51 W 20 poles to a Cypress corner tree at Grays Corners mp 45 E 65 [p;es tp a Corner tree of Thomas ?Lees then along Thomas ?Lees lines by Various Cours no 20 poles no 67 E 30 poles no 76 e 52 poles So 6 W 12 poles So 79 E 38 poles no 64 E 40 poles So 81 E 60 poles So 25 E 28 poles no 75 E 38 poles no 56 E 20 poles So 32 E 74 poles to a pine on the D-- a Corner tree of the Oak Island pattent then Running along the Said Pattent lines and a line of Old marked trees no 41 E 50 poles to a pine a Corner tree of Said Pattent then along the Same Pattent no 15 W 92 poles to a ?part Oak a Corner tree of Thomas Lees then along Said lees lines No 59 E 256 poles So 25 E 40 poles to the Corner of Wm Hassells Pattent So 45 E 160 poles along said Pattent line to the Center of Three Pines - no 70 W 30 poles no 55 E 130 poles no 35 W 124 poles no 15 E 137 poles So 70 W 400 poles Along Swaines line to a pine the Beginning of Jameses Pattent So 38 E 36 poles Along a nother pattent of John Swaines Deed - to a White Oak on the Gum Swamp. Back 80 poles to a pine a Corner of Swains pattent then So 20 poles to a pine Ephraim Davenports corner above the Hawkins fork. then Along Ephraim Davenport lines no 75 E 220 poles to a pine no 65 E 160 poles to a nother of Davenports Corners No 25 W 100 poles to a Black laurel on the Beginning Corner of Said Davenports Pattent and Richard and James ?Careys Corner tree then along their line East 150 poles to a pine in Careys line a Corner tree of Edgar Swains Pattent, then along Swains lines So 20 E 60 poles East 114 poles to a Black Gum in Daniel Davennports line to a Hickory tree Mackeys Corner then South a long Mackeys line 240 poles to a pine Mackeys Corner and Nehemiah Spruills then along Spruill line So 7 W 54 poles to 2 pines and a Sweet Gum Robert Davis & Stephen Spruills Corner then So 17 to 200 poles along Davis and Spruill line to their Corner then E 50 poles to a pine in pearce's line then So 228 poles to a pine in Davis Corner then East 48 poles to a Maple Daniel Davenports Corner tree then South 10 W 400 poles along Davenports line to Scuppernong River to a Marked Cypress on Said River a Corner tree of Z-- Hassells Pattent then So 35 W 160 poles along Hassells line to a Black Gum his Corner tree then So 55 E 220 poles to a Birch Ruben Barnes Corner tree So 20 E 91 poles alongBarnes line to his Corner no 70 E 26 poles to a Black Laurel in Robt Cliftons Corner in Barnes line then along Clifton line South 80 poles to a pine his Corner tree So 61 E 90 poles to a Black Gum a Corner tree of Joseph Phelps patent So 15 E 60 poles along Phelps line So 70 W 34 poles to a Black Gum the Begining Corner of Cliftons Old Pattent, then Along Clifton pattent lines no 20 W 50 poles to a Cypress Clifton Corner tree S 70 W 160 poles to a Black Gum Cliftons other Corner So 20 E 12 poles to a Black Gum the Begining Corner of John Clifton Pattent So 80 W 200 poles along Cliftons line to a Black Laurel Cliftons Corner So 10 E 120 poles Along Cliftons line to a Laurel the Begining Corner of Joseph Phelps Pattent then West 300 poles along Joseph Phelps line No 20 W 24 poles to the Corner of Josiah Phelps -- Pattent that Begins at the Center Oak on the new land No 80 W 124 poles then West 240 poles along Said Phelps Pattent line to the center Oak the Old Corner tree then with a ?Strate line to Johnson Corner

Surveyd the 2d Day of Decembr 95

Chain Carriers - Josiah Phelps; Ephraim Devenport; A. Phelps

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