Copy of Jos. Brown's Surveys

20 May 1786


A Copy of the Surveys made by Joseph Brown for Collins, ?Allen & Dickinson

1786 May 20th Beginning near ?Jno ?Mase's land on the north side of the river Swamp on the west side of the road at a pine at the Bridge on Beasley line from thence No 80 W 120 poles. Joining said Beasleys line to John Davises there N 80 W joining his line 320 poles to ?Gabriel Davises corner thence No 55 W 328 poles Joining Joshua Harrison & Richard Davises to a Cypress his corner trees in the river Swamps. There N 30 W 516 poles joining -- of John Davis Robert Davis & Stephen Spruill to ?Greenland Swamp. Then n 80 W 720 poles to Swains Cowpens & joining Nanny Newman's on the west then ? W 2130 poles to Charles Johnston's Corner then S 15 E 160 poles Joining his line to a Juniper then S 45 W (afterwards altered to 75) 1600 poles joining said lines to a Juniper then S 66 W 2000 poles Joining Nan's lines Beasley's line and Gaskins lines to a Juniper Then N 85 E 2800 pole to the head of ?Fungo river to -- Martin's Corner then E 320 Joining this line to Solomon Smith's old ?pasture -- Then Joining his lineE 160 poles to J-- Devenports survey Then E 320 poles joining his line Then N 320 poles joining Devenports Line, to his back Corner then E 320 poles joining his back line W to Samuel Slade's line then E 320 joining Samuel Slade's line to Reuben Slades & Reuben ?Barths Corner Then joining their lines E 320 poles to these Corners Then N 15 E 1240 poles to the west end of the little Lake then to the first Station, Then S15 W 640 poles to the Great Lake

John ?Toland; Miles Spruill; Chain Carriers



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