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Confederate Veteran; Confederate Association
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 Magazine published in Nashville, TN. Collection found at the Georgia Room, Cobb County Library, Marietta, GA (and probably many other places as well). History of the magazine.

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Vol XXXV - Sep 1997, #9, Pg 338: Copy of a letter from I. Crawford Haas, Tacoma Park, DC. Dated 21 Nov 1905, describing the death of Lincoln.

Vol VI, Feb 1898, #7, Pg 86: Aaron Haas listed as member of the reception and entertainment committee for the Confederate Reunion Association.

Vol VI, Jul 1898 #7, Pg 31: J. Haas listed as associated with Sons of Confederate Veterans No 49 Camp in Dallas, TX

Vol XX1, Nov 1913, #11, Pg 519: Mrs. H.A. Haas VP of Louisiana Division of United Daughters of the Confederacy in Alexandria, LA

Vol XXV, Dec 1917, #12, Pg 563: Isaac Crawford Haas, Chews 4th Maryland Battery Died 1 May 1917, buried at Charleston W.V.

Vol II, Jul 1894, #7, Pg 201: Jacob Haas of Santa Clause IND has a gun captured in the battle of Wartrace, TN with "Major J.R. Stanley" engraved on it. Wants to return it to the family.

Vol VIII, May 1900, #5, Pg 221: Samual Haas listed as a camp officer in Opelousas, LA

Vol IX, Aug 1901, #8, pg 361: Samual Haas same info as above

Vol X, Nov 1902, #2, Pg 485: William Haas listed as member of executive committee of Confederate Veteran Camp in NY


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