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 During our searches for our ancestors we clutch at names, dates and places to fill in the squares on our family group sheets. To make our ancestors come alive for us we need more than these "bare bones". Knowing what was going on the world of our ancestors helps us to know and appreciate "where we came from".

Right now I don't know that I will continue on farther than 1920. Perhaps when I have time. Sources are listed below the return buttons.

Check out these moments of history, for fun, enjoyment and knowledge.

Before 1500






 Dave (the tall one) helped me out with timelines from 1900-1949. These are fun timelines - Singers, Songs, Radio, TV, Sports, Etc.







Here's some offsite links to unusual timelines

 Timeline - History of Food

Timeline - Culinary, social manners & menus

Make a timeline of your own life

Want to know what happened on a certain day?


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