Sample of Deed Indexes:

Here's a link to some deed indexes that have been transcribed. It's a easier to read than the example below.

This example is from the front of an individual deed index and is a good example of what you will usually find.

The example below is from Washington Co, N.C. and is an example of a master index that was complied from the indexes in the front of the individual deed books. This index is unusual in that the index has been set up in alphabetical order by surname and all the deeds for a given surname are grouped together and the index contains a lot of information. Note in the column that says "Deed" on the first line - the 5th item down says "Grant". This means that the piece of property referenced was issued through a Patent and there should be a Patent File available. This is the point in time you get really excited! (By the way the notes in ink were written by me on my copy they are not on the actual index).



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