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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 19
April 19, 1894 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Articles about the different Indian tribes and the Dawes Commission

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Page 4, column 1 (This page is extremely blurry and the type is even smaller than usual. It's necessary to use a magnifying glass to see most of this - I'll do the best I can)


Master Washie Grayson is right sick today.

Mrs. A P Stidham is visiting relatives in Muskogee.

J H Arnold at South Canadian was in the city this week.

Mr. Rulison, the Muskogee druggist, is in Eufaula this morning.

Mr. C E Foley went up in the Cherokee nation Monday evening on business.

Mrs. Mary Herrod and Mrs. Wm Sobe are visiting in Hot Springs, Ark., this week..

A F McKeilop (McKellop ?), W H McBride and S B Dawes, prominent gentleman of Muskogee, were in Eufaula Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. H C Fisher, Miss Elsie Weldon and Mr. J H Lynch of Checotah attended the funeral Sunday.

Rev. D C Murphy and wife of Tamaha are in the city for a few days' visit. Rev Murphy formerly lived here and has many friends.

Hon. Dave Watson returned this week from Muskogee. He has been there several months reading proof on the Creek law book.

Dr. and Mrs. Linberg (?) were over from Texana Sunday and Mrs. Sam Grayson accompanied them home and will remain there the greater portion of the week.

Mrs. Burdeu (?), Mrs. Tully, Mrs. Turner and Miss Minnie Pryor (Fryer ?) went to Muskogee Saturday evening to attend the funeral service of Mrs. Bennett and accompanied the corpse down Sunday morning.

Rev. Porter requests us to announce that there will be special service for children at the Methodist church on the first Sunday in May. Presiding Elder Bryce will be here that day and it is desired that as many of the little folks as can be present.

Mr. and Mrs. Harsha, Mrs. Redell, Mrs. Dodson, Miss Jennie Berry and Miss Alice Robertson of Muskogee, Prof. Doyle and wife and Capt Ben Bailey of South McAlester, attended the funeral of Mrs. Dr. Bennett here Sunday.

It is reported by Deputy Samphill, who was in from the west yesterday, that Dalton and thirteen of his men are in camp on Little River, about 65 miles west of Eufaula, and the people up there are greatly excited over their presence.

Rev. Wm Day, a full blood Indian and a prominent member of council of Coweta town died at his home last Tuesday. Mr. Day was a consistent honest man and his death will be greatly felt by his town. His town will never get a better man to fill his position.

Miss Kate Bailey of South McAlester came up Sunday morning to attend the funeral of Mrs. Bennett and remained over several days the guest of Mrs. W H Sanger. Miss Kate is quite a favorite in Eufaula and her visits are always enjoyed by her friends.

Alex <..> will soon begin the erection of a large blacksmith shop on the lot where his paint shop stands now. It will be a two story building 60x24 with a room in the rear 40x24 single story. Alex says he will then be prepared to do anything from sharpening a plow to making a wagon.

Messrs W N Martin, A W Robb, J S S<...>, <...> J Byrant, W Harsha, and Charlie Thomas came down from Muskogee Sunday to act as pall bears. Capt Severs (?), Col Nelson, Jack Evans, P N Jackson (?) and Houston Miller, were also <...> pay their last respects to the deceased.

Dr. Bailey returned from Muskogee Tuesday evening. He has been there for several <...> with Mrs. Bailey who has been <...> nervous prostration over the sudden death of Mrs. Bennett. He reports her doing very nicely at present and will leave with her in a short while for Hot Springs where she will recuperate.

Page 4, column 2

Col D N McIntosh was in town Monday for the first time in quite a while. The colonel is getting along in years and seldom leaves his home, though he appears to be in very good health. Col. McIntosh is a man whom the Creek nation feels proud of and one whom everybody honors and admires. He is a patriotic citizen, an eloquent orator and by his many noble qualities has endeared himself to every man, woman and child in the Creek nation.

IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Susan M Preuit departed to a better land on the 11th of April. She was taken with a congestive chill and was sick about thirty-six hours. When she died she was entirely unconscious. She lived as she died, a sincere and a true Christian, and to know her was to love her, as many can attest. She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church and always loved to associate with Christians and attend meetings. She leaves a sorrowing husband and son and two married daughters.

Last Saturday Miss Hogan, living about fifteen miles west of town, came in and had a tumor removed from her neck. After the operation she went home.

Mr. Geo B Roedrick of Wetumka was married last Tuesday evening in Muskogee to Miss Jessie Allen of that city. Mr. Roederick is a young gentleman of sterling qualities who formerly clerked for T H Scales in Wetumka, but will in a short while engage in business for himself at that point, while his bride is a <...> and beautiful lady who has been employed as a clerk in the insurance office of Turner A Bozeman for some time. They spent yesterday at Eufaula and this morning left for their home. We wish the happy young couple unbounded prosperity, and trust that nothing will ever arise to mar their pleasure or disturb their peace. We present to them the Journal one year free and if they continue to read it in years to come we can guarantee them smooth sailing over life's turbulent sea.

THURMAN. Thurman, I.T. April 16 -

Mrs. Jack Crabtree is very ill.

Mr. Wallace York's new pasture is nearing completion.

We had a nice rain on Friday night. It was a very nice rain on corn and all were pleased to see it.

Miss Katie Hill has returned home much to the discomfiture of all the boys.

Miss Alice Turner who is attending school at McAlister was at home on the 1st and spent a few days.

Owing to the wet weather farmers cannot work so they have retired to the post office to talk politics and watch Mr. Turner and Stitely, play "marbles."

The dance at Mr. J N Sterdly's was a grand success. Music was furnished by J M Turner and Harris Choate and all went merry as a marriage bell until 12 o'clock when the dance broke and we all went home well satisfied with our Saturday night's enjoyment.

Mr. Joe Miller and Mr. Turner, accompanied by their wives, went fishing last week. They succeeded in drowning a lot of worms but report their catches small.

News has reached here from McAlister that Jack Turner has shot himself through the leg accidentally. Jack has many friends who were sorry to hear of his misfortune.

Will Secoe who was shot through the chest some time ago with a 38 winchester has recovered and is sound and well. Bill says he is bullet proof.

We have heard that several sarcastic remarks were made about our sword which we got recently and prize very much as a relic of the late war. The person had better look out as we are on the grand jury of the kangaroo court and he may have to come before us, and it so we will. -Stick Attum [I haven't left anything out, this is the way it is written]

SOUTH CANADIAN South Canadian, April 18 -

Mrs. Dunn of Hartshorn visited her sister, Mrs. Toole a few days this week.

Miss Sue Sullivan was up from McAlester Thursday.

Mr. Mace Watson went to Willberton yesterday.

Mr. Standley Turner returned to Ft Worth Tex., Sunday

Mr. John Toole spent several days in McAlester last week.

Mr. Frank Neel made a business trip to South McAlester Wednesday.

The young people here have organized a lawn tennis club.

Dr. Tennent (?) of McAlester was here Saturday.

Mrs. Johnson of Indianola is visiting friends here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Rabon accompanied by Misses Nora and Dora, are visiting their sons George and Rufus. They will return to their home in Clarksville, Ark., to-morrow, and Mrs. Rufus Rabon will accompany them as far as Bokochee (?) where she will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross a few weeks.


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