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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 17
April 5, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Pages 2 & 3 Preprinted

Page 4 - column 1


Oysters in all styles at Sorbe's

Kid gloves at Foley & Tylly's

The latest thing in siilks at Foley & Tully's

White goods, the prettiest, at Foley & Tully's

Silk, umbrellas and parasols at Foley & Tully's, just the latest

Foley & Tully have a few dress patterns one of a kind. They are simply superb.

Ginghams, prints, Eiderdown, new laces and embroideries at Foley & Tully's

Lawn, Challies and in fact any kind of dress goods you want at Foley & Tully's

Col Simpson is so far improved as to be out again.

Mr. Pat Foley was over from Briartown this week.

Remember the Journal is only $1.00 per year, in advance.

Mr. C E Foley returned home this morning from St. Louis.

Mrs. Mary Herrod is the guest of her sister Mrs. Moty Tiger of Okmulgee this week.

If this pleasant weather continues we can soon catch the finny tribe.

Mr. C H Worth, cashier of the First National Bank of Muskogee, spent Sunday in Eufaula.

Rev Broadhead was in Muskogee Tuesday transacting business with Indian Agent Wisdom.

Messrs T A Medline and Bert Sherwood were in Eufaula Sunday. They came down from Checotah on their bicycles.

Easter bonnets made their appearance in Eufaula last Sunday - a little late but fair damsels looked pretty just the same.

Gov. Perryman, Capt. Grayson and Hon Sam Grayson are in Okmulgee this week conferring with the Dawes commissioners.

Mr. J O Barber, representing Rochchilda Bros. dealers in hats of St. Louis, is interviewing our merchants today.

Several cars of Texas cattle were unloaded here yesterday by Mr. George Sudham who will pasture them this spring.

Dr. West, Dr. Bailey and A L Baird went to Fort Smith Tuesday night to appear as witnesses against the negro burglar that was shot Monday night.

Gov John F Brown of the Seminole Nation was in Eufaula last Friday en route to Bacone. Misses Martha and Alice, his daughters accompanied him and will enter school there.

Messrs M B Elliott and S P Tallan of Lumhee, were here Tuesday morning with a colored man named Robt. Taylor, charged with whisky peddling. He was taken to Ft. Smith.

Messrs J F Mitchell and Fred Hurlbutt of South Canadian were up from that thriving town Monday night to see Mr. J H Crabtree ride the Phythian goat.

Mr. John Henderson, one of the Journal's valuable subscribers called in this morning and showed his appreciation of the paper by paying another year in advance.

Madam Rumor and one or two others say we will have a wedding in Eufaula in a short time. Of course we don't pretend to say that it is true, for that is one thing don't know.

Page 4 - column 2

The burglars should learn a lesson from what occurred here Monday night and give Eufaula the go-by from now on, for people should keep their guns handy and give them all the same dose the negro received, only give it to them a little higher up.

Mr. W H Sanger's new business house on Main street is nearing completion and will be ready for occupancy about the middle of next week. The building is 24x50, story and a half high and will be stocked to overflowing with a fresh clean stock of groceries.

Last Sabbath was a delightful day in every respect and both churches had a large attendance morning and evening. The students from the Eufaula High School turned out in full force to the Baptist church. Reves Brown and Porter delivered interesting sermons from their respective pulpits.

Rev. J M Porter went up to Muskogee this morning to attend the revival that is going on at the Methodist church in that city, conducted by Rev. Kilgore. Much interest is being manifested there and we understand there has been forty conversions in the last ten days.

The Journal job office is now presided over by Messrs Ed. B Murphy and J N Thornton; two experienced typographical artists and we can guarantee our patrons first-class work in every respect. On commercial and society printing we can give you prices that will astonish you. All we ask is that you tell us what you want and we will do the rest. Prices quoted on application.

The Burdett Hardware Co. are having their furniture room papered and otherwise remodeled. ...

Officers have arrested Jake Stanley in White River country, Ark., charged with stealing a pair of mules from Bill Robertson and King Casey, living on the Canadian river, about one month ago. Robertson and Casey have followed him closely and made the arrest themselves. Stanley was raised near Eufaula and has just served out a sentence in the Detroit penitentiary for robbing Marion Horn some years ago. He is now in the Ft. Smith jail.

A report reached here this morning that a negro burglar was shot in Checotah last night and carried to Muskogee on the morning train. We failed to learn any of the particulars.

Page 4 - column 3

Frank McMaster, editor of McMaster's Weekly of Yukon, O.T., was sentenced to six months in the county jail and fined $500 for contempt of court last Monday. McMaster is a very prominent man and the sentence has created a great sensation.

WARNING TO CATTLEMEN. All cattle introduced in this nation running on the public domain, owned by citizens or non-citizens, are subject to a tax of two dollars per head. - L M Atkins, National Cattle Inspector

A BURGLAR SHOT. Last Monday night Jake Burrows, a negro who has been around Eufaula at intervals for several months, made a raid on several residences, effecting an entrance at two or three of the places. It seems that he started out early in the night as he went to Gov Perryman's, Capt Grayson's, Alex. Sellars', Lee Sudham's, J H Crabtree's, J Burdett's, John McFarland's, Col Simpson's, S A Rogers' and one or two other places before 12 o'clock. Just after that hour Dr. West was aroused by someone in his room, and raised up just in time to see him run out with his pants. The doctor jumped up and followed him to the National Hotel where he attempted to effect an entrance through the back door, but was frightened off by someone in the hotel. He then went to the Eufaula House and gained admittance to the dining room, staying in there for some time, unconscious of the fact that he was being pursued by the irate doctor whose pants he was then wearing over his own. Dr. West went to the National Hotel and called Dave Porter, John Kinsley and A L Baird, and they surrounded the Eufaula House watching the negro's maneuvers through the windows. He failed to find anything he wanted there, though he searched the dining room and kitchen thoroughly. After remaining in there about one hour he started out through the back door, and Baird ordered him to halt. Instead of complying with the request he ran a short distance and picked up a brick bat and threw at Baird, at the same time cursing him and telling him to stand back as his partner was around the house with a shotgun. Baird again told him to throw up his hands but he started down through the garden at a 2:40 gait. Baird then filled his right leg full of buckshot and captured him. The party then carried him to Wm Sarbe's meat market and Drs. West and Bailey picked the shot out of his leg and dressed the wound. When captured he was warning a pair of John Kinsley's shoes that were stolen out of his room some weeks ago. There is no doubt but what he is the same party that was committing burglaries in South Canadian a few weeks ago, and some think that he was implicated in the robbery of Mr. McClure at Checotah recently. Deputy Grant Johnson at once took charge of him and carried him to Fort Smith on a stretcher Tuesday night. The wound is very painful though not necessarily serious, only that his leg will have to be amputated. The only thing that he got in his rounds was Dr. West's pants as he was frightened away from every place he visited.

BACONE. Bacone April 4 -

Levi Gritts of Tahlequah was a visitor Sunday.

Gov J F Brown of he Seminoles was a guest at the University last Friday

Mr. Smith of the Muskogee Phoenix spent Sunday evening with his B.I.W. friends.

(ad - Grayson Brothers, Dry Goods & Groceries - spanning columns 4 & 5)

Page 4 - column 4

Mrs. Hooper, the esteemed mistress of our culinary department, left Monday morning for her home in Kansas, where she will spend two months.

Misses Nora Brown and Lizzie Jacobs, we are sorry to announce, will not be with us this term. They departed last Friday evening for their homes in the Seminole Nation.

Inspired by the daring adventures of the early pioneers, two collegiates and as many academics left last week to catch the bigest fish in the deep Verdigris and fill the forests with the echoes of their guns. As is too often the case they returned empty-handed after angling all night and hunting all day. One of the party had, it seems, a rather rough experience during the foray. He attempted to jump across a small brook at its confluence with the Verdigris and mired up to his waist in the soft mud. Another was kicked down by his musket. - Chinnubbie.

Page 4 - column 5-8


Foley & Tully, Eufaula, Ind. Ter. Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Notions, etc.

F X Suess, Contractor and Builder, Eufaula, I.T.

Alex Sellers, Blacksmith and Wood-Workman, Eufaula, I.T.

Wm A Maddin, Muskogee, I.T., Architect and Builder

Charles VanNostrand, Piano-Tuner, Muskogee, I.T.

E F Williams, Practical Watch-Maker and Jeweler [address is block by tape]



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