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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 16
March 29, 1894 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Dividing Line

Page 1, column 5

ALMOST IN SIGHT. After a long and tiresome struggle the Cherokees are almost in reach of their millions. Yesterday morning a resolution to empower the sub-treasurer of New York to receive for the Cherokees their money from Wilson & Co for the bonds was called up in the senate. Mr. Peffer tried to have it sent to the Indian committee for further consideration, but Messrs. Platt and Cockrell succeeded in defeating the indeavor. Then Mr. Pettigrew sought to embarrass the passage of the resolution by amendments, but finally it was passed in precisely its original form and the Cherokees are now in touch of their millions. This is indeed encouraging news, not only to the Cherokees but to every other tribe as well. Eufaula will get lots of this money and bright times are anticipated this summer.

Page 4, column 1

Local Notes

Mrs. Burdett is convalescent.

Kid gloves - Foley & Tully's.

Oysters - Sorbe's

Lee Atkins was in Muskogee this week

Silks, white goods, umbrellas - Foley & Tully's

Mr. Peter Ewing was in Muskogee Monday on business.

Messrs Dave Hill and Ed Martin are in from the west to-day.

Mr. S S Sanger, of El Paso was in Eufaula Tuesday evening.

Maj. Martinier bought a few bales of cotton to Muskogee Tuesday.

George Stidham is in San Antonio, Tex., this week on business.

Hons. D M Benson and Dave Cummings were in from the west yesterday.

Mrs. Dr. Rucker spent Saturday in South McAlester the guest of friends.

Editor Singleton was here a few hours Saturday evening circulating with friends.

Miss Mary Rogers, an estimable young lady of Texanna, was in Eufaula yesterday.

Messrs. W A Wallace and Theo. Stidham attended lodge in Muskogee Tuesday evening.

Hon. W A Palmer left last week for Wewoka where he will look after his interests for a few weeks.

John Simpson was called home from school at Sweet Springs, Mo., last Sunday at attend his father in his illness.

Miss Mattie Trent attended the wedding of Mr. Albert English and Miss Bessie Severs at Muskogee last evening.

Eufaula is now enjoying what might be termed a boom. Improvements are being made in all portions of the city.

Col. John F Simpson was reported quite sick the first of the week, but we are glad to report him doing nicely this morning.

Eleven converts were baptized at the West Eufaula church last Sunday, notwithstanding the bitter cold. Most of them were school children.

Mr. J H Crabtree is keeping up with the progress in Eufaula by repairing and building an addition to his residence. There is more improvement going on in Eufaula now than ever was before at one time.

The citizens of Eufaula should look out for sneak thieves, and when a suspicious looking person is found prowling around residences or business houses after night give them a dose of buckshot.

Dr. and Mrs. Lindsey were over from Texanna yesterday. The doctor is of the opinion that the Cherokee money will be forthcoming now at an early date. There are scores of people in the Cherokee and Creek nations who hope that he will not be disappointed.

A deputy marshal has arrested one Moneypenny, near Wetumka, charged with stealing Lee Perkin's saddle last December. The prisoner was carried to Fort Smith <...> ago and John Perkins went down last night to testify against him.

The Dawes commission passed through Eufaula Tuesday morning en route to South McAlester, where they will take up permanent headquarters in an endeaver to treat with the Choctaws. Mr. Jacaway, their stenographer, informed a Journal man that the commissioners would be at Okmulgee on the 3rd of April to meet the Creeks.

Mr. Price McFarland, well-known in Eufaula was elected cattle inspector at St. Louis by the cattle convention which met in Wagoner last Thursday. Mr. McFarland is a gentleman whom everybody likes, and his many friends in Eufaula congratulate him on his election. He will go to St. Louis about the first of May to enter upon his duties.

Page 4, column 2

The burglars have been getting in their work in Checotah and Muskogee this week. Monday night Mr. McClure of Checotah, was held up and robbed of several hundred dollars, and the residences of Messrs. Fount Crabtree and N B Maxey of Muskogee were entered and several things taken. They worked South Canadian last week and made several big hauls.

The cold wave which is now sweeping over the country has cut the prospect for a fruit crop down to a very low degree. For several weeks past the weather has been unusually warm for the season, and the result was that when cold snap came down on us Sunday it caught the fruit trees ready to burst the swelling buds into blossoms. It was thought the first of the week that most of the crop might possibly be saved, but as it commenced to snow yesterday morning all hope was despaired of. Most of the corn that has been planted has been killed also, as well as garden truck.

Friendship Lodge No 12, K of P, met Monday evening in regular session. The members are more enthusiastic now than they have ever been before, and ere long Friendship Lodge No 12 will be the banner lodge of the Indian Territory in enthusiasm if not in membership. On account of Mr. Geo Stoltenberg removing from Eufaula, the office of K. of R. and S. was declared vacant and Dr. G R Rucker elected by acclamation to serve out the unexpired term. Two applications were read and several knights expressed a belief that the membership would increase materially during the next sixty days. Under the head of "Good of the order" all present expressed themselves in the highest terms regarding the organization, each one pledging his earnest, active support in extending the good work.

Hon. George W Tiger of Okmulgee, member of the board of Education, was in Eufaula this week. Mr. Tiger says the people around Okmulgee, as a whole, are opposed to any change in their county, and he does not believe they will ever consent to a division. He himself speaks favorable of an equal division, as he thinks it the best thing that could be done under the circumstances.

Mr. Joe Watson of McAlester was in Eufaula Tuesday evening with his little daughter whom he brought up to let Dr. Rucker perform an operation on. The child got a grain of spice in her nose last October and it has been worrying her ever since, but the doctor succeeded in extracting it without any trouble. You may not realize it but nevertheless 'tis a fact, Eufaula has as fine physicians as can be found in this part of the Territory.

The society people of Eufaula seem to have given under completely and the few devotees left are bemoaning their fate. Balls, there have been none, receptions have been few and far between, and if a wedding should happen to be announced it would create a great sensation. What ails the young people? Are the hard times responsible for such a state of affairs?

Mr. G L Williams, living on the South Canadian, had the misfortune of losing his house and contents by fire last Saturday evening. All the household goods and every rag of clothing possessed by the family except what they had on at the time were destroyed. Mr. McNally was in Eufaula Monday with a subscription list and our people subscribed money, provisions and dry goods to the unfortunate family.

Stolen: From J E Melton by Bill Clingon and C W Compton near southwest City, Mo., last June, two mules, one black, six years old; one bay mare mule. When last heard of they were near Stonewell Chickasaw Nation. Will give a liberal reward for information leading to their recovery. Address all information to T D Smith, Cameron, I. T. or K W Whitmore, Eufaula, I.T.

CHECOTAH Checotah, I.T., March 28 -

Col. G H Campbell, Wichita, Kans., has been in town several days and has made arrangements to pasture several thousand head of cattle this spring and summer.

Mrs. Ward of Fort Smith, who is stopping with Mrs. N G Turk, is here looking out a location for a millinery shop. We extend her a hearty welcome and hope she will succeed in securing a good room in which to open.

Checotah has been under great excitement since yesterday morning when Capt. J McClure informed us that he had been relieved of $700 in cash by three masked men. Capt. McClure had been ill two or three days and been up Monday night several hours, finally stepped out on the porch when a pistol was at once flashed in his face with a

Page 4, column 3

command to hold up his hands, which he did. As soon as his hands went up the robbers gave a whistle, and his two pals who Mr. McClure said were negroes immediately came to his assistance. They ordered Mr. McClure to open his safe, which he did, and after securing the money they turned to march him out of town but in turning around one of them knocked a lamp over which they had been using, and Mr. McClure insisted that they let him go back, that the lamp would burn the house. Finally they turned him loose and he got back in time to put the fire out before it did much damage. Capt. McClure has been seriously ill since the robbery, paralysis having set in on his right side, though we hope he will soon recover.

Miss Lena Brown from Harrel Institute, has been spending the week at home with her parents Mr. and Mrs. M F Brown of this city.

Mr. Will Wisdom from the Union Agency, and one of Checotah's old boys, has been spending several days with friends and relatives in town.

Quite a storm came up this morning followed by a heavy snow, though it melted as fast as it fell. - The Rambler


John Cowingdeer spent Easter in Muskogee.

Pres. Bacone is recovering from a short illness.

Mr. Peter Ewing of Eufaula, was a visitor Monday evening.

Miss Etta Smith spent a few days at her home in McAlester last week.

Jack Riley returned Monday after a brief stay with the "old folks" at Vian.

Dr. King and Prof. Johnson, of Tahlequah, stopped over two nights at the B.I.U. while visiting Muskogee last Friday and Saturday.

Just wait awhile. Perhaps before you begin to think that you are waiting, you shall hear some excellent music by Woetcoh's glee club, which is being organized with the view to rival, perchance to eclipse the club of the "fair ones" which we itemized some time ago. Woetcoh, whenever he determin to do a thing, has something of the Napoleonic spirit in him which assures us in the prediction that his present project will be a complete success. - Chinnubbie

THURMAN ITEMS. Thurman, I.T. Mar 26 -

Zero weather and farmers looking glum.

Joe Miller went to McAlister today.

Mrs. Lackey of Reams is visiting her sister Mrs. J M Turner this week.

John Oliver, has gone to Sipio to spend a few days with his brother Lee.

Mr. Guy Wallace was up last week and spent a few days in our town.

Mr. J M Turner, our genial merchant, has a new safe.

Miss Katie Hill is visiting friends here this week.

A wedding is reported to be in our town soon. We suppose they want the Journal one year free. Luck to them.

Thurman has been a scene of festivity this past week. We have had two dances in which ye scribe was a participant and tipped the light fantastic until a later hour.

Mr. Stiteleigh mourns the loss of his best dog. Sympathizing friends advise him to advertise for his noble purp through the Journal.

We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mrs. Lively who died on the 10th. She lived near here on Mr. Bob Turner's farm. A husband and several little ones are left to mourn her loss.

Mr. John Brooks and sisters were visitors of Mrs. Thurman on the first of last week. Mr. Robert Folsom and Will Turner spent a few days in Eufaula lately. - Stick Attum.


Mrs. S A Harian is in Caddo this week.

Profs. Rychelle and Murphy returned from Lehigh yesterday.

John Toole returned from the east yesterday where he went to select an order of spring goods. They now have on hand a nice supply.

The Phillips & Co store is now decorated with a nice lot of spring goods.

George Evans returned from a trip in Missouri Saturday.

Prof. Young's school is progressing nicely. The number of scholars enrolled is about ninty-five.

S A Cope made a business trip to Checotah Thursday.

Mrs. Davis spent several days in Muskogee this week.

Messrs. T B Hulbutt and C A Mitchell attended lodge at Eufaula Monday night.

Mrs. Frank Morgan visited Mrs. Dave Porter at Eufaula the first of the week.

News reached here of the death of the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Judd, of South McAlester a few days ago. They have the sympathy of their many friends here.

Mr. Harston, living near Thurman, and Miss Etta Harlan were married at Fort Smith at 8

Page 4, column 4

o'clock Thursday last. They returned here Saturday morning and Mrs. George Raybon accompanied them home and returned until to-day. Miss Mamie Hariston will live with Mrs. Rabon and study music this summer.

Mr. Wm Morgan, of Missouri, bought the McComas property of J R Phillips last week and the family will move this week. Mr. Morgan and Miss Marie are expected to arrive to-night. - Indian Star.


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