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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 15
March 22, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 4, column 1


Mrs. Porter is quite sick this week.

Mr. Foley is in the east on business.

Mr. Louis Alexander of Wetumka was in Eufaula yesterday.

Hon Sam Grayson is in Wagoner to-day attending the stockmen's convention.

Mrs. Burdett has been confined to her room all the week with a billious attack and is quite sick.

Ed Jackson, a deputy United States marshal, was in the city the first of the week, en route to Fort Smith.

Messrs J F and C A Mitchell and Fred Hurlbutt of South Canadian, were up Monday night to attend lodge.

Mr. T J Chambless, a prominent merchant and substantial resident of Enterprise, was on our streets yesterday.

Col Simpson spent several days in Muskogee this week and returned last night. We are sorry to announce that Mrs. Simpson is still in very feeble health.

Dave Hill went to Wagoner yesterday and will attend the stock convention there today. He will also take in the ball there to-night given by the cattlemen.

Mr. O E Boyd, a prominent cattleman of Decatur, Tex., is in Eufaula on business. He and Mr. T J Chambless of Enterprise paid the Journal a pleasant visit this morning.

Most all of the cattlemen who attended the convention of Fort Worth last week have returned. We understand that Mr. G W Stidham got several thousand head of cattle to pasture this season.

The bycycle craze has reached Eufaula and several of the boys have made purchases. Dr. Moore, Ward Sanger and Will Wallace each have one while there are several others who intend buying soon.

Mr. E R Worthington, one of the substantial farmers of the Creek nation, was in town yesterday and reports that he has his corn planted, and that the late rain will have no damaging effects on it.

Dr. C C Savage, a specialist of the ear, throat and eye, is in Eufaula for a few days to practice his profession. Dr. Savage is a pleasant gentlemen and comes highly recommended as a physician.

<the next three paragraphs are covered with tape and most of the words are blotted out> ... The executive mansion of the Cherokee nation occupied by Chief Harris <...> was totally destroyed by fire Monday night. <blot>

<completely blotted out>

<a repeat of the announcement of coming marriage of <...> English & Miss Severs - mostly blotted out>

Mr. J M Lambert, late of Arkansas city, has located in Eufaula and taken charge of Alex Sellars' paint shop. Mr. Lambert is a good painter and solicits the patronage of the citizens of Eufaula. He has just completed painting the Journal office and his work shows that he is a man of some experience in the painting business.

Fred Williams, the negro horse doctor who has been treating horses around Eufaula for the past month, was arrested out west of here this week by Deputy Marshall Selvidge on a charge of selling whisky, and has been carried to Forth Smith to appear before his honor. Williams has been here flying high for some time, treating horses and selling whisky on the side. He will spend the dull season in Fort Smith.

Page 4, column 2

A strange story comes from the Seminole country which shows very plainly that the people of that nation are zealous in behalf of the temperance cause. A young Indian named John Short, who knows whisky when he sees it and never fails to drink it when he has the opportunity, was taken out in the woods a few days ago by the same "reformers" and strung up to a tree while in a drunken stupor and left in that uncomfortable position until the next day, when it was discovered that he had shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to his home on the celestial shore. The "reformers" have not been apprehended at the present writing.

For several weeks Friendship Lodge No 12, K. <...> of Eufaula has been discussing the question of removing to Checotah on account of her limited membership, and had asked permission of the grand chancellor to do so. After considering the matter the grand chancellor sent Deputy Grand Chancellor W M Harrison down Monday night to meet the lodge and discuss the matter, and as he was so bitterly opposed to the contemplated move it was reconsidered by the lodge and they agreed to remain here. Mr. Harrison made an interested talk to the ledge that evening on Pythianism, which was well received by those present and Pythian stock immediately jumped above par. This lodge has a good membership but unfortunately the members are scattered around promiscuously, thereby making it difficult to get together. However, the lodge will still remain in Eufaula and the prospects are that it will double its membership before the close of the present year. In the language of Mr. Harrison, he came, he saw, he conquered; and he left feeling as good over his work as the small boy feels when he gets this pair of suspenders.

Reward. By virtue of authority in me vested by law, I hereby offer a reward of $.80 for the capture and delivery of Wesley Asbury, to the Lighthorsemen of Eufaula District. R C McIntosh, Judge Eufaula District

BACONE. Bacone, March 20 -

News is as scarce as money.

Miss Emma Cunningham, of Pryor Creek, was a visitor here Tuesday.

Pres. Bacone was absent two days last week visiting different points in the Choctaw Nation.

It is rumored that Senior Meigs not so very long ago, received (greatly to his surprise, for it came a week before it was expected), as he terms it, "a box of something nice from the south." We are darkly in ignorance as to what his sumptuous box contained, but, by stretching our imagination, we may hit close to the mark when we say that is contents were frosty cakes, in rich variety, tulips and fresh blown hyaciaths, sweet and as fragrant as those woven in the epie of the "grand old bard of Chios rocky isle." Chinnubbie

Page 4, column 3

Arkansas Storm. Little Rock, Ark., Mar 19 -

The storm which began in Arkansas Saturday night has not yet abated. The average rainfall from Eufaula, I.T. to Memphis during the past forty hours has been 4 inches. The Arkansas river is rising rapidly, and will, it is expected, to reach the danger point by Thursday morning. Reports indicate that the storm has been very severe throughout the state. Two washouts have occurred on the Iron Mountain road south of this city, and no trains have arrived from Texarkana since morning. Several hundred feet of Cotton Belt track is washed out between Tyrone and Kedron, and trains are delayed forty-eight hours.

In the Chickasaw Nation. Gainesville, Tex., March 20 -

News reached here last evening that a cyclone passed over the Chickasaw nation, twenty miles northeast of Gainsville, between 9 and 10 o'clock Saturday night. Several persons were injured but no fatalities are reported. The residence of J. B. Putnam was blow over. The family at the time were safely domiciled in a stormhouse and escaped injury. His barn was also leveled to the ground killing two horses and three head of cattle.

The house of D L Slayton was swept away and all the furniture was demolished. Mrs. Slayton and little son were injured.

Mrs. C H Miller, sister of Mrs Slayton received dangerous wounds. The <blotted out - tape across this section> ... with the scene of the disaster only by parties coming from there.

SOUTH CANADIAN. South Canadian, March 20 -

Maj Martinier has purchased a lot on St Charles street and is talking of building and making this is future home.

Master Wert Loury came down from Checotah and entered school the first of the week.

W G D Hinds, editor of the So McAlester Capital, was in town Saturday.

Messrs. George and Rufus Rabon, Lucius Wynne, Dr. Crowder and A Leww were out on a hunt last week.

Jno. Toole made a business trip down the road Tuesday.

A box supper was given at the National schoolhouse Friday evening for the benefit of the M.E. church. A delightful time was reported.

Miss Minnie Johnson has recovered and was in town Saturday.

Geo. Evans, who is drumming for the St John & Adams brokers, spent Sunday at home with his family.

N B Guy found his old safe too small for the increasing business and bought a new one.

Quite an entertainment was created here Wednesday evening by some unknown robber breaking into some houses. He paid a visit at Dr. Crowder's, Joe Tucker's and then called on Jas Foster and there secured about $125. - N.C.

<report on the resources and liabilities of the National Banks in the Territory>

Page 4, column 4

CHECOTAH. Checotah, I.T. Mar 21 -

Our little city has been very quite the last week owing to the recent rains having swelled the creeks so people could not cross.

Little Oscar Whedon, son of Mr. T J Whedon, died at his home one mile east of here Wednesday morning. This is the second child Mr. Whedon has lost in the last six weeks, and Checotah people extend sympathy to the bereaved family.

Mrs. E H Lerblance spent several days in town this week visiting friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Moss Lafayette were in Muskogee Friday.

Mr. Billy McCombs of Eufaula, was up on business Tuesday.

Mr. A Lebow, a prominent cattleman from San Antonio, Tex., in company with his son Mr. Dan Lebow, arrived here this morning. Mr. Lebow was with us last summer and liked Checotah well enough to come back this year. He informs us that he anticipates moving his family to this place. We extend to them a hearty welcome and to all others who see fit to cast their lot with us.

We think it would be wise indeed for those who have lots and can build to build houses on them to rent. They can be readily rented at reasonable figures, thus encouraging and accommodating people who are wanting to locate here.

The G C Moore Drug Co have built an addition to the rear end of their drug store. This will add much to their convenience and to the looks of their elegant store.

Mrs. M F Brown returned Saturday morning from a pleasant visit to Galveston.

Mr. Joe Little of Denison, has purchased the restaurant property belonging to Mr. F B Gloss and will continue the business at the old stand. Mr. Little has many friends to welcome him. He is a thorough business man and we trust will be will pleased with his new business.

Miss Annie and Mrs. Wm Fisher were in town shopping to-day.

Mr. H W Moore is in Eufaula to-day on business. -The Rambler

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