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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 14
March 15, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 1, column 7

CHECOTAH. Checotah, I.T. March 13 -

Mr. Perry Murphy was in St. Louis last week with cattle.

Major Martinier of Eufaula, was in town to-day.

Miss Annie Fisher visited friends in St. Louis this week.

Mr. Fount Crabtree of Muskogee, was in the city Monday.

Checotah is gradually improving and promises to be the best town in the B.I.T. ere long.

All parties wishing to get the Indian Journal free for one year will please get married at once.

Mr. J.D. Kittrell returned Saturday from chicago, having been to market with several cars of cattle.

Mr. C. M. Dyer is building a neat little cottage opposite H G Turner's new residence in the east addition.

It is possible and quite probable that we will have a wedding in Checotah in the near future, judging from present indications.

Messrs Tom McBride and Altimon Smith, prominent cattlemen from Lone Oak, Tex., spent several days in town this week.

Master Wart Lowry, son of the affable Dr. Lowry of this city, left this morning for South Canadian where he will attend school.

Hon. J K Sherwood having completed his new residence in East Checotah moved his family into it today. We hope they will be well pleased with their new home.

Rev W M Baldwin preached two able sermons Sunday in Serblanca Hall. Rev Baldwin is an eloquent discourser and commands the attendance and attention of a large and appreciative audience.

Miss Dora Howard returned last week from Adair where she has been attending school. She has been quite ill since her return though she is convalescing and we hope will soon recover.

Quite a number of our cattlemen are in Ft. Worth this week attending the stockmen's convention. Among them were Uncle O Fuller, Hon Sam Davis, H C Fisher, capt W E Gentry, Perry Murphy and N G Turk. - The Rambler

Page 1, column 8

EVERYWHERE. Items of Interest Gleamed From our Exchange and Boiled Down.

The Indian Citizen says there is some talk of a call session of the Choctaw council.

Henry Laney and John Denny, farmers living near Akarche, had a difficulty a few days ago and Denny received a fatal shot. Laney is in jail on charge of murder.

J Smith was arrested at El Reno Sunday and had a preliminary hearing before a United States commissioner for passing counterfeit money. He was bound over under heavy bond.

Highwaymen, supposed to be part of the Dalton gang help up and robbed J A Parkinson near his ranch west of Wagoner a few days ago. Mr. Parkinson is a prominent merchant of Wagoner.

Three men held up John Fox, a merchant at Perkins, O.T., Monday night and secured $400 in cash and several hundred dollars in goods. The same men went to the farm house of Anthony Tracy and robbed him. They were evidently professional outlaws as they go unmasked.

The colored population of Little Rock are greatly excited over a ghastly discovery made by several of their color a few days ago. Near that city the body of a young mulatto woman was found suspended to a tree. On her bosom was a placard bearing the inscription, "If anyone cuts this body down they will share the same fate."

Near Newkirk Saturday night an unknown man shot two volleys into the residence of Frank Williams, killing him instantly. Williams was an Englishman suppose to have a large sum of money and the motive of the assassin was evidently robbery. Another man happened to be at the house that night and drove the robber off with a winchester.

Hon Robt. F. Hodges, formerly of Texas and a brother of col. Jake Hodges of Paris, Texas, who is now living at Perry, O.T. , sustained quite a serious accident last Thursday night. He has been drinking quite heavily for some time and on that night had a bad dream and imagined devils were after him. He saw the imaginary devils so plainly that he jumped from a two-story window to get out of their reach. He may die.

<there is a piece of scotch tape over part of this article> Henry M Ridley <...> was arrested <...> a few days ago and <...> fisher and placed in jail on a charge of forgery. Shortly afterward the young lady to whom he was engaged to be married sold her claim in the strip, went to Kingfisher and with the proceeds secured his release on bail. They went directly from the jail to the probate judge's office and were married.

A meeting was held in Chelsea, I.T. Thursday for the purpose of electing delegates to represent the sentiments of that section before the Dawes Commission at Vinita. The people of Cooweescoowee district in the Cherokee nation, are not only ready for the allotment, but hail the coming change with rejoicing as settling the most vexatious question and removing the only barrier to the advancement of this country to prosperity.

<there is a piece of scotch tape over part of this article> At Paris last Monday Joe Taylor, charged with introducing liquor, and Albert Jackson and Joe Lewis, charged with robbery, were released on bond. They are all Indians, and Jackson is one of the political <...> who <...> charged with killing <...> Marshal Bill Mccain near Tushomingo six or eight months ago, was also released on bond Monday his bond being placed at $2,500.

A recent decision of the interior department at Washington made about five thousand <...> in the town of Enid, O.T., and on claims up and down the Rock Island railroad, scattered over two or three counties. When the run for town lots and claims as made at the opening of the strip last September about five thousand men left the line at Hensessey just fifteen minutes before the appointed time set by the president's proclamation for the run to begin, and now this recent decision makes all these men sooners. When the people were in line waiting for the signal gun to fire some one discharged a pistol and the people made off at breakneck speed for a town lot or claim, consequently their claims are null and void.

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Page 4, Column 1


<this type is very tiny and very faded - I'll do my best with it - I will not try to do the ads>

Mr. John Marks is in Eufaula buying goods.

Mr. and Mrs. Martinder are in South Canadian today.

Quite a number of people were in Eufaula Saturday and business was brisk.

Dr. and Mrs. Lindsey of Texanna, were pleasant visitors in Eufaula yesterday.

W H Sanger's new <...> is under construction and is a large and roomy building.

Mr J R Danry (Dunry ?) of Wetumka was in Eufaula this week buying goods for his store out there.

Quite a number from town are on the river to-day fishing. We may have a fish story next week.

Mrs. Dr. Wright of South McAlester is spending a few days in Eufaula while the doctor fills his engagements here.

Maj Martisier was in Checotah Tuesday and bought twenty-eight bales of the fleecy staple from LaFayette Bros.

Mr. Baker the whole-souled representative of Boyd & Llage (?), Dealson, was in town yesterday taking orders for clothing.

Mr. Robt. Bartoe, one of the most prosperous farmers and stock raisers in the Choctaw nation was in Eufaula Saturday.

Owing to a rush of work Dr. Wright was compelled to remain in Eufaula this week - one week longer than he intended. He will return again about the 10th of July.

Rev T F Brewer has been assisting Rev Porter in a protracted meeting at the Methodist church this week. Rev Brewer is a forcible talker and always has a good audience when he fills the pulpit.

Mr. C H Tully returned Tuesday night from St. Louis. He bought very extensively while in that city and his goods are arriving daily.

Deputy Grant Johnson arrested one James Luster, a colored individual, on Joe Hutton's farm Tuesday evening, charged with appropriating another man's horse in Arkansas some time ago.

An unknown man fell from a freight train between here and McAlester last Thursday evening and broke his neck. The south bound passenger picked up the body and carried it north that evening.

The delightful spring weather is putting new life into every body and every thing around Eufaula. The green grass is bobbing up and people are planting their gardens, the oat sowing is being done and <...> will go to planting corn next week.

Rev Barber, a traveling evangelist delivered two very interesting lectures in Eufaula Monday and Tuesday nights. He is said by those that hear him to be a very eloquent talker and knows how to <...> his hearers. We understand that he will return this summer with a canvas tent and deliver a series of lectures.

B.B. Ellis <name is very faint and some letters are missing but it looks like Ellis> a prominent Indian living about three miles of Eufaula passed over to the dark side of death last week. He was the prosecuting attorney from this district and as council member from Tucksbeech (?) town. By his quite and unobtrusive manner, his strict integerity and upright conduct he won the confidence and esteem of all who knew him. He leaves a wife, several children and host of friends to mourn his loss.

Page 4, column 2

Capt Phillip Rayford is in Eufaula this morning and we learn from him that Mrs. Rayford is very low. She has been troubled with a tumor for several years and now it has enlarged and is very painful. The captain expressed grave fears of her conditions, but hopes for her recovery. Mrs. Rayford is an emimable lady and her friends very much regret that she is so afflicted.

A Journal scribe had he pleasure of meeting Mr. J L Jones of Georgia in Checotah Tuesday evening. Mr. Jones is a gentlemen of considerable means and is in the Territory with a view of locating and embarking in the mercantile business. He will be in Eufaula in a few days prospecting and if he can get the proper encouragement may locate here. If he is desirous of getting in a good live town among desirable people he need not go further than Eufaula.

The body of Mr. Dave Carr of Okmulgee, was found last Monday on the prairie about one half mile from his home with a bullet through his head. It will be remembered that he was called out of his house one night about three weeks ago and was enticed off under the statement that his son wanted to see him. His horse came home the next day and his whereabouts was a mystery until his body was found Monday. The parties that called him out and rode off with him claim that they only went a short distance when they were met by four men who rode off in another direction with Carr. As to who the men were we have not heard.

The cattle convention at Ft. Worth this week attracted quite a crowd of our people as well as others al over the Territory. The Fort Worth Gazette says among the prominent Territory people registered at the hotels in the city are Gov J M Perryman, Eufaula; D M Marrs editor Indian Chieftain, Vinita; Theo. Stidham, Eufaula; Geo W Stidham, Eufaula; G W Graves, Eufaula; W A Palmer, Eufaula; Dave Hill, Eufaula; Wm McCombs, Eufaula; L M Adkins, Eufaula; T W Fite, Eufaula; Jeff Nevins, Muskogee; W E Halsell, Vinita; Wm Little, Vinita; E A Halsell and wife, Vinita; Nat Skinner and wife, J.M. Taylor, Claremore; M L Miller (?) Muskogee, Dr. J B Frarler (?) Vinita; R L Brothers, Muskogee, A N Gibson, Adair, and F B Severs, Muskogee. The party will stay as long as there is anything to stay for and go home in time to attend church and take charge of their Sabbath school classes next Sunday.

Page 4, column 3

TROOPS AFTER OUTLAWS. Guthrie, Ok., March 14 -

A telegram from Woodward says the government has called on the war department, which has ordered out Lieutenant Kirby Walker of Fort Supply with twenty cavalrymen to chase the men who robbed the Woodward depot safe of $10,000 of government money destined to pay the soldiers at Fort Supply.
     The noted Indian scout, Amos Chapin, is also out with a posse of Indian scouts.
     Sheriff Love started with a posse at daylight after the robbers. The trail is hot and news of the capture is confidently expected.
     It is believed Bill Dalton and Bill Doolan were the robbers.

WETUMKA ITEMS. Wetumka, I.T. Mar 12 -

Wetumka and vicinity is quiet at present.

Miss Addie Carr and Sarah Ingram, two of the Wetumka Mission's former students have re-entered school.

Court has at last adjourned and as a result left three of the boys convicted, who are still in the hands of the officers awaiting the action of the chief.

The photographer that has been located here for some time is being pretty extensively patronized, and the likenesses of our boys and girls are frequently seen.

The one Chotke that was to have been shot the 9th inst., made his escape about 36 hours before the time of his execution and has not, as we have yet heard, been overtaken. Our advice to Chotke would be to make himself scarce around Wetumka.

<this has a very bad ink spot over the lower part of it> The visitor death made its appearance in the family of the Rev G A Alexander Saturday, March the 10th and claimed as its victim the young <...> Georgia. Little Georg<...> sick some time during <...> and grew worse <...> the medical aid was <...> till after death had done <...>. The remains of the little <...> be enterred at the old home

Page 4, column 4

of Mr. Alexander on Middlecreek today. Wm Robinson and wife of the Wetumka National Labor School visited the grief stricken parents yesterday. The writer extends sympathy. - Big Bear

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