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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 14
March 15, 1894 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 1, Columns 1 - 3

<ads ....

The Burdett Hardware Co ... spans 3 columns across and is quite large ... pictures of John Deere Plows

Dr D F Cronwell, Physician and surgeon. All chronic diseases a specialty. At Moore's drug store, Checotah, I.T.

Isaac H Mason, M.D. Enterprise, I.T. Lately from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and formerly assistant with <....> Ramsey, U.S. Examiner and Railroad Surgeon Mt. Vernon, Ind.

Dr J E Wright, Dentist, Will return to Eufaula about March 1st. If you need any work in his line wait for him. South McAlester, I.T.

This ad is printed sideways ... Fisher Hotel, Checotah, I.T. C W Turvin, Proprietor. This New House will be open to receive guests on January 3rd. Good rooms and good fare. First-Class sample Rooms Attached.

The C G Moore Drug Co - add spans bottom of the 3 columns and is very large

A GROCER WITH ANY "SAND" Will not put it in his sugar, but rather into business principles. Pure Sugar is a good thing to be able to sell, but much of it is adulterated these days. THE WATCHFUL GROCER is careful what he buys - then he knows what he is selling. This is the only way in which a reputation for reliability can be built up. As in sugar so with TEA COFFEE FLOUR MEAT LARD And anything generally found in a first class family grocer. If you want good goods call on me. W. H. SANGER.

Isaau Knox, President ... Chas. A. Jones. Ser. .. ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK YARDS, East Saint Louis, Illinois - Dirkctly opposite the City of St. Louis. They Have an Area of 656 Acres, 100 Acres Enclosed -- For the -- BUSINESS OF THE YARD. Nearer the Business Center of St. Louis than any Yards located in the City. THE PORT PACKING HOUSES Located at these Yards, have a Capacity for killing 12,000 hogs per day. Rest of the ad is too small to read

Page 1, column 4


The day the Indians allot their lands per capita they will be better off.

ADVERTISE! If your business is not worth advertising, advertise it for sale.

Now for the grand rush to the Kickapoo country. That will be opened at an early day.

There is no denying the fact that matters are getting very warm in this Territory. If the Indians don't do something the commissioners will "pull the cork."

There is now some hope for the Texas democrats uniting, and the action of the democratic committee which meets at Dallas on the 19th will be watched with interest.

This is a free country and every man has a right to speak his honest conviction. Don't fight allotment if you believe it will ward off statehood.

We send out several hundred sample copies of the Journal every week now, and trust that those who receive one will read it carefully and come in and subscribe the first opportunity that presents itself.

The man is certainly blind who fails to see he great pressure that is being brought to bear on congress in an endeavor to have statehood thrust upon the Indians. Better allot the land among yourselves and avoid it.

It has been currently reported in the press of the country that the Choctaws have signified their intention of treating with the Dawes commission but later developments show that such is not the case. They have never expressed themselves as being willing to treat so far, though the sentiment among some of the leading men of the tribe is said to be hopeful and satisfactory to the commission.

The single statehood sentiment, is rapidly spreading and threatens to isolate the M. K & T. - Ardmore State Herald. Don't be so sure of that, Bro. Mc., as the people on the M. K. & T, are as bitterly opposed to such a move as they ever were. When the people of the five tribes favor single statehood, or any other kind for that matter, water will go to running up stream. If something must be done they will allot their lands per capita.

The Muldrow Register, is speaking of the Indian Journal's advocacy of allotment says: "This paper cannot be accused of working in the interest of the boomer element for it has persistently opposed any measure looking to any change in affairs of the five tribes; but since the address of the U.S. representatives, sees what ever sensible person must see, that there must be a change, for the U.S. government, by its representatives, says so."

An exchange declares that california has woman tramps. That's nothing remarkable. A woman tramp passed through Eufaula not so very long ago, but she could not help being a tramp. What is a poor woman to do when her father, husband, brother or son rides off and leaves her with the children to feed? One of the most pitiful aspects of modern civilization is the eagerness with which many illiterate men of various classes desert their families and devote their time and earnings solely to their own appetites.

If such a thing was possible we might become unduly "puffed up" over the many compliments bestowed upon the Journal. From all over the Territory comes words of commendations and encouragement for the paper, which we appreciate very highly and herewith express our heartfelt thanks to all those who are so kindly disposed. We do not expect to print the best paper in the Indian Territory but we do expect the Journal better than it ever was before. If there is any news we will get it. On all questions of interest to our patrons we expect to take up and discuss, and will always be found on one side or the other - never spoiling our editorial pantaloons stradling a rail on the public fence.

Page 1, column 5 & 6

<Articles on Statehood>

Column 6


Duputy Marshals Charles Kilgore and William Collbert, colored, armed with a warrant for the arrest of Jackson Fletcher, a Choctaw Indian residing at Boggy depot, fourteen miles west of this place, attempted to arrest Fletcher yesterday evening. He resisted and the officers fired on him, killing Fletcher instantly. Fletcher was charged with introducing and selling liquor. He was tried and convicted of murder in the district court of the Choctaw nation, sentenced to be shot and was the first Choctaw Indian who failed to appear on the day fixed for his execution. He was a very desperate Indian.

"Sooner" Question Decision. Guthrie, Ok., March 5 -

A decision of the "sooner" questions just received from the general land office causes consternation among thousands of claim holders in Oklahoma and the Cherokee Strip. The decision is in a Payne county contest, and is that the man who crossed the country prior to the opening, and even though he did not select a claim nor pass near the claim he afterward took, the fact of his crossing any portion of the land made him a "sooner," and he consequently loses his right to take a homestead.

Armed Men in Charge - Enid, Ok, March 11 -

Because of an attempt to uselessly expend city funds in South Enid, Mayor Moore resigned and W H Gregg became acting Mayor. The next day Moore made attempts to withdraw his resignation, and was so requested by a large number of the citizens but the council refused to allow him to withdraw it, as they wanted to get rid of him. An injunction was issued by Judge Thompson against Gregg acting as Mayor, and Friday Judge Burford dissolved the injunction at Kingfisher on the ground that it was not brought in the proper manner.
     Boodle, corruption and fraud is changed against some of the officials, and at the meeting of the council last night an effort was made to capture the city records for the purpose of showing that all money collected does not appear in the records. When one man tried to get the clerk's books over 100 guns and revolvers flashed into sight, and it needed but the flash of one pistol to have made the council room a slaughter house.
     The records are now being guarded by a posse of men, who are

Page 1, column 7

heavily armed, with instructions to resist any and all attempts to get them even to the killing of the parties who may attempt it. It is feared that bloodshed may come of it yet. Captain Hassler, receiver of public money at the Enid land office, may be drawn into the squabble, as he is a candidate for Mayor at the coming election.
     The fight in the campaign is bitter and the editor of the South Enid Tribune has been threatened with ejection from the town because he has dared to take up the cause of the people. Every citizen of the town is a walking arsenal. Moore has deputized 500 men to help keep the peace.

<article on the Cattlemen's Convention to be held at Wagoner, I.T. Thursday March 22nd 1894>

BACONE. Bacone, March 13 -

W B Merrel and Walter Kurr returned Tuesday after several weeks absence and resumed their studies.

Frankie Sittle and Mr. Wade, two prosperous young business men of McAlester, were visitors Sunday. Frank is a former student.

Robert Alexander received the sad intelligence of his brothers death last Saturday evening. He left Monday morning accompanied by his sister, Miss Mattie and Tony Brown to attend the funeral.

Dr. King, principal of the Baptist Academy at Tahlequah, paid us a short visit Monday. Whenever Dr. King is around grave faces are changed to laughter and all the world has a cheery aspect.

Tennyson's birthday was appropriately celebrated by the literary society last Friday evening. Interesting and creditable productions on the life and character of the poet were read by several members.

Wactcah Micco spent Saturday and Sunday at his home(?) in Choaka. Wactcah says that he delights in the prairies and must forget his books now and then for the sake of this enjoyment. He, of course has other reasons, as it may be inferred.

R H Godfrey and son at Fairport, Kan., sojourned with us Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Godfrey is an old acquaintance of Pres. Bacone. They were schoolmates together at the Rochester University, Rochester, N.Y., over forty-four years ago, and this is their first meeting since that time. The father and son are traveling through the Territory in a "gospel wagon." Chinnubbie


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