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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 13
March 8, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 4, column 1

Local Notes

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<Oysters - Sorbe's>

Mr. Pat Foley, of the Cherokee nation, was over Tuesday.

<Wallpaper - Moore Drug>

Messrs Dave Hill and Ed Martin are in town to-day.

Hon. Sam Grayon was in Kansas City several days last week.

<garden seed at Moore's Drug>

Mr. J C St. John of South Canadian, was in the city last night.

The Journal building has been treated to a new coat of paint.

<Wallpaper - Moore Drug>

<garden seed at Moore Drug>

Mr. W F Crabtree and little girl, of Muskogee, were visiting Eufaula this week.

Mrs. A P Stidham spent part of last week in Muskogee, the guest of Mrs. Dr. Bennett.

Messrs. J M Suddeth, Will Ransom and Marion Harn rode the Masonic goat at the last meeting.

<Irish potatoes at W H Sanger's>

<County butter at Sanger's>

<Jewelry at Moore Drug Co>

<Fresh beef at Sorbe's>

Dr. West is erecting a superb little residence on his lot just south of the parsonage and in a short while will be occupying it.

Messrs. W A Palmer and Charles Alagett attended the hop at the Fisher hotel, Checotah Tuesday night and reported a delightful time.

<Little Giant Pills at Moore Drug Co>

Improvements seem to be the order of the day, and in consequence many portions of the city present a neater, cleaner and more substantial appearance.

Dr. Wright, the popular dentist of South McAlester, is here this week filling his engagement. The doctor is well liked here and the people always wait for him.

<Mitchell wagon at Grayson Bros>

Jeff Simmons, a Seminole Indian, who has been living near Fishertown for some while, died last week. He was a good man and the Journal extends its sympathy to his wife and little one.

<Beggs Cherry Cough Syrup at Moore Drug>

Dr. Rucker has just received a fine Parker gun from the factory which cost him $150. It is one of the finest guns that is manufactured and he is very much pleased to be the possession of it.

Mr. G N Richy, of Texanna, one of the Journal's esteemed friends, was in town Saturday. Mr. Richy informed us that his family had been sick for several weeks, but are now getting along nicely.

Mr. F X Suess has been awarded the contract to build a <...> room residence for Mr. Bailey, west of the National hotel. Mr. Suess is an excellent workman, and the residence will be a credit to the town and himself.

The Eufaula Skating Club will give a banquet to their friends one night next week. As Eufaula never does anything by halves it is safe to say that all who are in attendance will be royally entertained. Invitations will be sent out in due season.

Mr. W H Sanger will soon begin the erection of a store house on Main street just south of the National hotel. The building will be 24x40 single story, and Ward will move in his stock of groceries as soon as completed. The postoffice will also be moved there.

Mr. C H Tully left Tuesday evening for St. Louis and while in that city will lay in an enormous stock of spring and summer goods. Mr. Tully knows just what his customers want and the most fastidious can be suited in any thing they want. Watch out for his announcement when he returns.

<ad Grayson Bros>

<ad for the Journal's printing dept>

Page 4, column 2

<list of ads ....>

<Beggs Cherry Cough Syrup - Moore Drug>

<Bicycle for Sale - Nelson Rhoades>

<Flour at Sanger's>

<Beggs Little Giant Pills - Moore Drug>

<Oats & Potatoes at Grayson Bros>

<Buckle's Salve - Moore Drug>

<Beggs Little Giant Pills - Moore Drug>

Mr. H C Fisher of Checotah, has been granted permission to practice law in any court in the Creek Nation, having taken the oath before Supreme Judge Esparchecer. Mr. Fisher is a gentleman of sterling ability and will make his mark as an attorney in this nation. He and Hon. Roley McIntosh will defend Harv. Lindsey in the murder case against him. He will be tried in the Eufaula district court.

<Beggs Cherry Cough Syrup - Moore Drug>

<Dallas News & Galveston News to club with the Journal>

<Beggs Blood Purifier - Moore Drug>

Mr. Dave Carr of Okmulgee has been missing for over a week and his friends are exerting every energy to find him. It seems that on last Wednesday night two parties awoke him from his slumbers and informed him that his son Israel, who is scouting from the officers, was near there and wished to see him. Mr. Carr got up, dressed, saddled his horse and started out where Israel was suppose to be. He failed to return that night, though little was thought of it until the next day when his horse was found loose in the woods. Search was instituted for him but up to the time of going to press he has not been found. It is a very mysterious disappearance and his friends fear foul play. Several theories have been advanced as to his fate but they have no fourdader. It will be remember that Walt Grayson was assassinated at Carr's house Christmas week and now Mr. Carr's disappearance deepens the mystery.

SOUTH CANADIAN NEWS. South Canadian, March 6

Dr. Murphy has a new piano.

South Canadian is on the improve at present.

Judge Connors went to McAlester yesterday.

J D Tignor's brother from Colorado, is visiting him this week.

Mrs. Crowder will visit her sister, Mrs. Kelly, at South McAlester tomorrow.

Frank Morgan is having the hotel enlarged, and the building adds much to our city.

Miss Addie Hodges left yesterday for Muskogee, where she will attend school until June.

Mrs. Wilson Massie died at her home, three miles east of here, of pneumonia to-day. Her departure will be mourned by many friends.

The foundation of the new Methodist church is completed. It is on the new street, one block south of St. Charles street. It has the name of Woodland avenue.

Married - At the home of the bride's mother, Thursday 11 a.m. Miss Maggie Bradshaw to Mr. Robert Dodd. They are both very popular young people, and the congratulations of the community are extended. N.C.

Page 4, column 3

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<article - Gainesville, TX - attempted train hold-up went wrong. Robbers put ties on the train track and a freight train hit them instead of the passenger train>

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Bacone News - Bacone, March 6 -

M M Morton, of Okmulgee, visited his brother and sister, Walter and Lillard, last Friday evening.

John and Tom are caving, as they term it "a lovely pastime" replanting forest shrubbery on the B.I.U. premises.

T B Wesley went home last week to spend a week or two with his parents. We are lost, as it were, without Tom and shall anxiously await his return.

F G Alex is exhibiting his plausable industry in readjusting the fence around the "old switch garden," and putting things in shape for an abundant harvest of onions, peas, potatoes and so forth.

H M Durham, to our regret, concluded that he was getting to old to be at school; that the student's life was too monotonous, and so packed up his effects and departed for his home in Chisenville, Ark., Monday evening.

It seems that "spring time, gentle Annie," has really come. Quotations from the poets on that delightful season are beginning to appear on our black board. Even the professors, one or two at least, have betrayed inclinations to write delicious rhymes in praise of her for the coming violets and redolent breath already. Do not be surprised if you should see a book issued by the B.I.U. press ere long, entiteld, "Spring and Other Poems." Chinnurbie

<ad - trial bottles of cough syrup at Moore Drug>

<article - Ceylon Tea - reaches London market>

<article - Chinese to try branding petty criminals>

<article - Albert Denton Pullman, George M Pullman's brother (of Pullman train car fame) - died near Chicago. Article has a large back smudge over most of it and can't be read>

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For Sale or Trade. Five horses, one three-year old mule, plows, two wagons, harness, etc., etc. one buggy with harness, one mowing machine with rake, patent sicle grinder. Apply to Wm Sqree, Eufaula, I.T.

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