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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 11
February 22, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 4, Column 1


Oysters in all styles at Sorbe's.

Ed DeLay spent a day here with friends this week.

Will Wallace, Sundayed at Checotah with friends.

Capt W C Trent was in Eufaula last week on business.

Latest styles of wall paper at G C Moore Drug Co.'s.

Landreth's Garden Seed at C G Moore Drug Co.'s.

Hons. Sam Grayson and Roley McIntosh were in Muskogee this evening.

Miss Brlnie Ashbill of Checotah is visiting Mrs. Herrod at the Eufaula house.

C G Moore Drug Co has received a beautiful line of latest styles of wall paper.

If you want reliable garden seed call for Landreth's at C G Moore Drug Co.'s.

Miss Minnie Fryer spent Monday in South Canadian, the guest of Miss Winnie Mitchell.

W H Sanger request all who want seed Irish potatoes to call on him at the postoffice building.

Grant Johnson arrested John Coppege Tuesday near Brooken, charged with introducing and selling.

C G Moore Drug Co is in receipt of an invoice of the latest styles of jewelry. Come and see something new.

Persons desiring fresh Kansas City beef can secure by leaving orders with Wm Sorbe at the lunch counter.

The editor has been attending the international council this week, consequently we are a little short on local news.

Many important items are crowded out this week on account of so much space being given to the convention proceedings.

The ladies of the Eastern Star will give a box supper at the Eufaula house tomorrow (Friday) evening. All should attend who can.

Messrs Pleas Vander (Yander ?) and J W Clounts were in Eufaula this morning for a short while. They were enroute to Brooken from South McAlester.

Mrs. Carter and family have returned to Eufaula and will reside here in the future. She has many friends here who are glad to have her with them again.

Small boy (aside) "Gee whiz, but these Little Giant Pills take the cake." Sold and warranted by the C G Moore Drug Co., Eufaula and Checotah.

Prof. Nelson Rhoades, principal at the high school, was called to Arkansas City by a telegram last week announcing the serious illness of his sister. He has not yet returned.

The farmer's best friend is the Mitchell wagon. It is not the lowest priced wagon, but when it comes to wear and tear, it is away at the top." Grayson Bros. can sell you one.

For colds, cough, asthma, bronchitis or any throat disease try Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup. It relieves when all others fail. Sold by the C G Moore Drug Co, Eufaula and Checotah.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day in every respect and the various churches in the city were largely attended. Rev Porter preached at the Methodist, Rev Brown at the Baptist and Father Reynolds of Muskogee at the Catholic.

Grayson Bros are just in receipt of a car of seed oats which they are selling cheap. This particular variety of oats are said to be rust-proof and we think it is just the kind for the farmers of this county. Try some of them and we think you will thank us for calling your attention to it.

The chief has declared the pastures known as the Oklahoma and Middle Creek pastures fortified to the nation on account of failure to pay the taxes required by law, and contracted the same to W Grayson who will at once arrange to stock it during the coming season.

If you desire a pill that will give you satisfaction and leave your bowels in a pure and healthy state, try Beggs' Little Giants. They are the best pills on the market and can be relied on. Sold by the C G Moore Drug Co. Eufaula and Checotah.

Mr. J B Crocker <very faded - think it is Crocker> and Mrs. Allen were married on Thursday evening, at the residence of Mr. H C Landown, near town, Rev J M Potter officiating. The happy couple have many friends who wish them smooth sailing over the rugged seas of life.

<ad for a patent blood medicine - too faded to read>

<horribly faded - many letters cannot be made out> Chas Nu..ler, a member of the council from T.....pache town died Tuesday night of la grippe and pneumonia combined. He was <...> and considered one of the best men in Eufaula district. He leaves a wife and two daughters to mourn his death. Peace to his ashes.

<torn & faded - the editor enjoyed the hospitality of Dr and Mrs Rucker <Reader ?> for a meal and some visiting. He is very flowery in what description I can make out>

Page 4, Column 2

ROBBERS CAPTURED Mr John Marks came in Tuesday evening in company with Deputy Marshal N B Elliott, who had in custody three men charged with robbing Mr. Marks' store at Lumhee, near Wetumka, late Friday evening. Just about sundown Mr. Marks went over to supper and left Will Anderson, the clerk, in the store. He had not more than left when a stranger came in and asked to look at a pair of boots. After talking awhile with Anderson about the boots he concluded that he would like to inspect a pair of overalls. As Anderson reached to get the overalls he heard a noise behind him, and when he turned around he was told to hold up his hands. Anderson did not think that position would be very comfortable and hesitated somewhat. Just then two others came in and insisted that he do as instructed, and that p.d.q. Then they marched him out from behind the counter and had him to take a seat on a box until Mr. Marks could get back from supper, as Anderson did not know the combination. Presently Mr. Marks walked in whistling, unconscious of what was going on until he was confronted by a six-shooter. They at once ordered the safe opened, which order was promptly complied with, and the contents taken, amounting to about $170, besides what cigars, tobacco and other things they carried off. When they got all they wanted Marks and Anderson were ordered to mark time to the woods, taking the lead, while they brought up the rear with their winchesters pointed towards them. They were marched about a mile from the store and told to "hit the grit." Just before they released them they asked if they had heard of the Brown Bros. robbery some time ago. Mr. Marks answered in the affirmative and one of them remarked: "We are the boys that did the job. Now it is you and our next victim will be T H Scales of Wetumka. You may send word to Scales to that effect if you wish to." An alarm was sounded as soon as Marks returned and a posse organized and started in pursuit at sunrise Saturday morning. They went at once to the place where they turned Marks loose and followed the tracks for fifteen miles, and arrested Tom Wynn, Tom Jefferson and Pearce Jefferson at the house of one Beckahm. The two Jefferson boys were asleep at the time, while Wynn and Beckham were away from home. The prisoners were hurried off down below the house and Marshal Elliott secreted himself in the house until Wynn came in and laid his winchester on the bed. The officer at once covered him and demanded his "hands up." The ground was so soft that they were tracked the entire distance easy enough. The gang arrested are said to be a tough element and Mr. Marks says he has fully identified them. $1.85 of the money was postoffice funds. Other people in the country are thought to be connected with this band of robbers and outlaws. None of the money was recovered.

FOR SALE. A Columbia Pneumatic Bicycle, in first class condition. Will learn purchaser its use. Apply to Nelson Rhoades Jr at high school.

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FOR SALE OR TRADE Five horses, one three-year old mule, plows, two wagons, harness, etc., etc., one buggy with harness, one mowing machine with rake, patent slice grinder. Apply to Wm Sorsk, Eufaula, I.T.

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